wild child!

So Vienna has some wild hair! She has some portions that still resemble her newborn locks of little tight riglets and then she has portions that could not be straighter! Vienna has a coilic (sp) and a very specific and stubborn part. In short her hair is a bit unmanagable. We have taken to doing aloooot of pigtails! Like most things though I am getting bored of the same old and so I got inventive this morning and did a weaving/ netting effect with her hair. Too much time on my hand you say. Well it probably wouldn't happen everyday. but I htink it looks kinda cute!

busy summer!

Well this summer I believe will prove to be a busy one! We are doing a paver extention on our driveway the next three nights until we leave town. We have plans to make our "garden" actually resemble a garden. We need to Get rid of our car!!!! We still have 2 years left on our lease and are looking to have someone take it over, so we can get a minivan!! the sooner the better! So if anyone knows anyone!???!!! And amongst all of that I am trying to sew more, do more art and growing this massive (in my mind anyways) baby and trying to keep the other two rascals out of trouble. Which by the way isn't working! While I was doing Vienna's hair this morning Evan spread for the millionth time crackers all over the living room!! When will he learn! He was however very helpful cleaning up and apologetic! Gotta love the sweetness they have when they get in trouble.

I'll post pics of projects later.


yummy quilt!

So this is my latest brainstorm. I made this quilt for a friend who just had a baby. i thought that Vienna's descriptions was perfect, she sat on the blanket and said " yummy, mommy". I totally agree, it is just so bubbly! So not only is this a cute quilt but I must brag a little! I finished this quilt in record time! I let my kids hold me back a little sometimes. i don't start things unless I can finish them and i just proved to myself once again that i could do more!! I started this quilt Monday night after putting the kids to bed and had it completely done and quilted except binding that night! I spent a couple hours hand sewing the binding the next day here and there and wala I was done!!! I couldn't believe that I cranked this out in my old style of when I just had one little baby and not only that but it was actually the most sane quilting project I have done. The world didn't stop and yet it was so quick to do. Now I am ready to take on a world of projects.

P.S. i was snooping around on the usual blogs and came across a friend of a friends blog. She was painting and had a couple pics. Reminded me that with this new found sense of accomplishmet I should really find the time to fit in my drawing. I miss being able to call myself an artist. Look for projects to be posted in the future.


Do you need a tetna shot for toilet water?

My dear little Vienna is so excited about Evan potty training that i think she may just do it at the same time! Bonus! However I think that i need to explain the process to her a little better. Most of the time she is fine with sitting ont he potty fully clothed, you know just getting a feel for the whole thing. She mostly sits ont he little potty next to the toilet, with the exception of the other day...... I was giving Evan a timeout and dealing with that, when i realized I ahd left the bathroom door open. I ran as fast as I could knowing that Vienna is very intrigued by toilets. IT WAS FAR TOO LATE! Vienna was using the little pot from the training tiolet to scoop water from the tiolet and then drink the water!!!! EWWWWWWWW! I had just cleaned the tiolet literally an hour ealier luckily, however I don't know if bleach cleaner residue is much better for the system?! These kids crack me up! What doesn't kill them makes them stronger right?


High Five!!

I am well beyond extactic!!! Evan has finally after much adoe, joined us in the world of potty trained! Well close enough anyways. Evan WASSSSS potty trained just after he was two, then i added child care to our mix and he changed his mind. Ever since there has been ZERO interest despite all tactics. Evan does not care to be bribed, treats not doing it, rewards shamards, and threats good luck! UNTIL yesterday! i know that i am still really early into this, but I knwo that he has the skills already and he just needs to be willing and he is! Evan went yesterday 3 times, sometimes even initiating, that's right he WANTED to go! And today he has gone 5 times, only having a slight leak in the pants and a poop accident. But you can't win them all the second day.

Now here is the funny part, most kids would like a "woohoo!" or a " you did it!" But not my kid. he tells me to " stop it Mommy!" He will only concede to a high five for congrats! This kid cracks me up. talk about preferences! Well here is hoping that it continues and that things are well established before this baby comes! I can not can not can not do 3 in diapers!!!



Laughter can be absolutely infectious! Evan and Vienna are the greatest testament of that. This is an old picture because I didn't ahve the camera with me last night, but, the same is true of them today as it was then... those two can get eachother giggling like no tommorow! We went with kent last night on one of his bobcat jobs. We don't normally make these a family affair but it was out my inlaws and their neighbours. Well i don't think we got out of there until 9pm or so and I thought that the kids would have fallen asleep on the ride home, but instead, they giggled. I mean uncontrollable fits of giggling! It was so great to listen to. I am so glad that they get along so well and are such pals! This also gives me new hope for our upcoming road trip! keep giggling!


If only!

If only Evan's monsters were this nice! Evan is absolutely terrified of the monsters under his bed. I have mentioned them in previous posts. But this little "issue" now deserves it's own entry! Evan's monsters are waking me up in the middle of the night and keeping me awake for 2 or more hours!! How rude! Every night for several night now just as Kent and I head off to bed Evan wakes upa nd it take sus that long to get him calmed down, or scared into calming down and back to sleep. I ahve tried everything I can think of!! We still have one more trick to try. My sister suggested having Kent or I dress up as a monster and stow under his bed. Then The remaining parent can take Evan on a monster hunt. He gets to kill the monster and whala! If this doesn't work I don't know what will! Evan has a very legitimate fear of having his door closed which also adds to all the trama as he is tired and irrational through all of this. I need hi to sleep through the night so that Kent and I don't go insane! PLEASE HELP!