not to forget the former post

Not to forget the former post because that still isn't over, but a new challenge has arised in my daily life.

Keeping Seger safe! I left Seger on our ottoman which is huge on his playmat ( he can't roll off I promise) and I left the room. When i came back i found him on the floor on his playmat! Evan and or Vienna had moved him without a peep! Scary! About an hour later Evan came to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up " Mom Seger needs you he's sad" I said sure and I would be there in a minute when i heard Seger very close by, cloder then I had left him. I ran to the top of the stairs to find Evan had carried him and proped him up on the stairs. " Mom he's heavy!" He attempted to pick him up and put him in his bumbo not to long after that! Evan ahs found a new playmate and Seger doesn't know it.


blog envy

This post comes to you from a joint complaint. It seems that Daria and I both have blog envy. Dad this ones goes to you. It appears that You frequent Katie's blog, as we all do. However we know this because you comment on Katie's blog. Now is it that perhaps you don't frequent Daria and I's or just that you don't comment? Daria noticed that Katie writes alot about food " maybe we need to blog about food?" She says. I had to agree food has always been an integral cog in ways to make my Dad feel special! I have made countless lunches for my Dad and always get a fair response, but We want more! Dad, Daria and I are desperate for your blog love! Share the wealth!

(True test is to see how long it takes for Dad to comment! He He)

P.S. Just to insure the deal I thought I would add in something about meatloaf....... If you recall you had a delicious homemade meatloaf the other night served with a side of garlic mashed potatoes (similar texture of your Mom's) and a delicious sweet garden salad. Does the mouth water? Are your fingers reaching for a keyboard?


Get away!

This past weekend was Kent and I's 6TH anniversary! How exciting! So Kent as per tradition booked our weekend get away at the Baker Creek Chalet's just outside of Banff. We have gone almost every year for our anniversary since our first visit on our honeymoon. They are these amazing little cabins in the middle of the forest right on the bow river. No phone, no cell phone service, no TV. It is a true get AWAY from everything! We had a great time! It was amazing to rediscover our adult conversations that don't involve diapers etc. Seger was in tow, but he is such a perfect baby we almost didn't notice him!

OOOh and Earl's, when you are in Calgary next, we have already decided that a drive to banff to have dinner in the amazing Chalet bistro is in order!! Food you would appreciate!!!!! They have this amazing world class chef in this tiny little oasis. The prices are seriously reasonable and huge portions and the fancy shmancy flavours and food! i mean my steak came with a side of "pomme frite" otherwise known as the most amazing homemade fries you will ever have! The stuffed mushrooms, Kent's salmon, homemade bread, homemade icecream etc. We are doing it!

Anyways, aside from the atmosphere, I was so grateful to get away with Kent, the love of my life! I enjoy him so much and never tire of his company. Thankyou for spoiling me Babe! i love you!

whirl wind!

So lots of things have happened to bog about and now the question is just where to start!?

I just got a new calling as achievment day leader and I am really looking forward to serving inthis capacity. i think it is one of the best callings to have. i have watched my Mom and Katie ahve this calling and it seemed like fun!

Also i have been sewing up a storm, (pics will be later as we need a new camera!) But I have been making aprons and paint smocks for preK kids and tutu's the cutest ever! and blankets and baby slings etc. I am enjoying so much getting things accomplished! It has been a real boost!

Vienna, Evan and Seger have been growing like crazy!! Seger in particular is Gigantic!! My milk supply actually dropped and the chunk was almost hard done by for a day or two! I am on medication now to up things and Seger is back to eating mass amounts of food! It take s alot to sustain a body mass like that!

More to follow....


7 things about me....

Okay so everyone else that Daria tagged is doing it, so i guess i am jumping off the bridge with the rest of you!

1. I eat candy in even numbers only. I know insane, i am a little OCD about everything in my life and this is aparently no different. kent took a candy out of my hand which left me with three and I think that i yelled something like " don't i have to eat in even numbers" He looked at me with that " you freak" look and well i guess that's when I discovered that i am OCD even when i don't realize.
2. I remeber almost every Phone # I have dialed. Every now again one gets away from me, but usually you can ask me for any number I have dialed and I could tell you off the top of my head. Comes in handy!
3.I don't do My art work as often as I should because of fear. I am totally terrified that one day I will ppick up a pencila nd that i won't be able to draw anymore. Totally panics me!
4. I don't allow Kent's clothes on MY Side of the room. that's right I have a side! Crazy I know and it totally makes kent laugh when he does put something on my side becasue he knows I can't help but let him know what he has just done!!
5. i love leftovers for breakfast. Cold pizza, cream peas, mashed potatoes, are just a few things that fall into that catagory. Although i don't do it mucha nymore, becasue Kent totally thinks it is disgusting!
6. i laugh like a village idiot when i am pregnant. i totally get a different laugh when I am pregnanta nd laugh uncontrolablly for no reason, although Kent would say that i am laughing at myself laughing most of the time. it's true and wierd and it toally freaks Evan out. He tell me to stop it and gets scared! oops!
7. I love to have my ears played with. It's not a fetish or anything but I think it is because my dad use to play with our ears when we layed our heads on his lap in church. Something odd i know.

So that's me, well 7 things about me anyways, reallyt he tip of the iceberg if you know me. But hope you enjoyed the sneak a peak!


when it rains it pours

So the kids got lots of gravol after thurs/fri throwing up fest. And I am happy to report that they are back to their regular antics! However kent started to throw-up last night and now isn't feeling so good! It seems to be running it's course! I just hope that Seger and I don't get it! I mean really I don't have time to get it!

So on Sat just as we recovered from sick kids, my sister in-laws water broke! Yay! However that also meant that their little guy was joining our troops for the night and next day. he's a great little guy don't get me wrong adn in fact was very well behaved, however when the three kids are all together they are WILD!!! So I had little energy that night. By the time I was done putting The four to bed I was a bit tearful. Evan caught me and said:

Evan: Mommy you sad?
Me: yeah i'm sad kiddo
Evan: Mommy do you still love me? (ouch!)
Me: Of course I love you! I love you very much (hug)
Evan: Mommy your mine... And your Vienna's... and your Seger's.

I love that my Son reminds me that i have a support team, and that i belong to each of them, just like I always tell him that he's my boy when he's sad. the kids brilliant and sweet! Now if he would just go to bed!

In seperate news. Lindsay (my sister in-law) had her baby boy Tommy, ( Thomas Ephraim ) Sat night 7lbs 12 oz i think. Congratulations to them! he is very sweet and will be a special spirit in their home, as he has downsyndrome. This news came as a shock to everyone. We are thankful that he is here safely, but there is alot of adjustments as you can imagine. They are doing so well with it so far, but can use as many prayers as possible I am sure.

Cute moment with evan tonight. he has stars on the front of his pullups that tell you when he has peed. We were changing into them for bedtime tonight when he says "stop, i want to see if they match!" And then he ran to the window and opened the curtain and held them up to the sky. Too cute!


funny and not so funny moments!

So yesterday was a bang! I mean a hum dinger!! So Evan is STILL choosing wetehr or not to be potty trained. the last few days have been good however! Well yesterday Vienna decided to join the fun she stripped down ( not that uncommon these days) only this time she took off her diaper too, while I was on the phone. I knew I had a couple of minutes. i started to go on the hunt for her when I realized she was in my room. i entered just in time to catch her as she was about to fly over the side of the toilet. She had one foot in the bowl and was attempting to mount the seat for her own potty time. I helped her do it properly and then she pretended to go pee.

Then I went to help Kent out at our storage yard in the middle of nowhere with our sander for snow, when I ran out of gas. So I stayed in the creepy yard with the kids while Kent went to go get gas. The temp dropping by the minute!

Then, (yes there is more) I put the kids to bed alone while Kent goes to help his Dad build his garage. And at midnight as Kent and I are just getting to sleep We here gagging and puking! Evan is totally throwing up all over his bed! I clean up, we bathe him, get everything changed. then he come sinto our room a few minutes later, and throws up in our bed. This is no longer an isolated incident!! Kent leaves for gravol, while I clean up again!! Then I hear a familiar gagging, now from Vienna's room. She is totally throwing up all over herself and her bed! I start to clean up and get her in the bath. She stays in the bat until I get gravol in her.

BUT..... We have to get them to stop throwing up long enough for gravol to kick in!!! Vienna throws up on her new bedding, I change it again, Evan is throwing up again but at least in a bowl now. Finally gravol saves the day and at 2:30 we get back to sleep.

6 am gravol wears off and we start all over again!! Welcome to my day!

At least Seger just has a cold!



Halloween is so much fun! The kids are getting older and it's not me just dragging them to the doors and telling them what to say anymore. Evan was a speed demon going from house to house. Vienna did retty good once she got the hang of it. Her little "trick or treat" was so cute! Seger slept the whole time in his little pea pod! There were some parents going on about how cute the three of them were ( I liked it!) and they exclaimed " these ones deserve more candy then the rest of us, they are so cute!" A fun proud Mom moment! No to tame the sugar highs that wil ensue for the next few days! Vienna's a duck, Evan's a tiger, and very proud of his face paint ( not make-up, he insists) and Seger is a pea pod. Not the best photo, but our camera is dying a painful death and so we are lucky to even have the pic at this piont. Somehting we will have to remedy!

P.S. The skunk is thier cousin Talon