Larsen's do like to have fun!

Exhibit A:

Larsen family! i have not forgotten about you please go HERE to see your lil (actually large) preview! the shoot turned out great as per exhibit A.


Okay, so I have been deceiving my readers! yes all 3 of you! I kinda have a photography blog too. i just started and I am still learning the editing side of things so go easy on your judgements. but just thought that you should know. Some of you have already found it (sneaky sneaky) and well you didn't flog me with insults, so thanks!

I have been given such a great opportunity to do some photography with brad and shiela Heninger. both great photographers. The wedding most recently posted on my 'other blog' is my first wedding shoot solo! Nerve wracking!! Luckily it was just a mini shoot! Anyways if you are interested go HERE.



So the basic senario: 

We're at the cabin, we went into town for dinner and we were at a buffet. Seger is eating watermelon to his little hearts content!

me: I think that I'll cut Seger off after this last slice!
Evan: (Genuinely concerned) You're going to cut Seger???

I just couldn't help but giggle at that one.


my Nieces

These are my two lovely neices, Freyja and Cora. We had them over for a visit last week and i just couldn't resist taking some pics. Cora was especially cute! The kids were calling her to play and she would sit perfectly still for me while telling them that she couldn't, she was getting a pretty picture taken. Freyja just "lost" her front tooth and is quite fascinated with that new little hole in her smile! you girls are so fun! We'll have you over again soon.

P.S. The pics of them together, i think are the kind that keep you going when they are both fighting and trying to kill one another. You look at them being so sweet together and think okay i haven't raised rotten little children.  


New addiction!

So, I have found a new love! It's no secret that i like to quilt, buuuut, while i was in washington i was able to try out my good friend Gail's pro. long arm quilting machine. I'm in heaven!!! if I were even slightly rich, i would totally buy myself one. All i want to do is use this machine again and perfect the skill. So thankyou Gail for letting me play around on your amazing machine! Your a great teacher, and just so generous. Below is the finished product. you can see the stiching kinda in the second one. 

In another note. This week we are going to have our first trial "sewing club" yeah! 
And i also have an amazing quilting opportunity in the works that i will have to write about later! ( always leave them wanting more!)


"You're rude too"

So today I am in the car and this little 'discussion' unfolds.....
Evan: (yelling) I said I want noodles for lunch!!
Mom: You do not get to talk rude to me!
Evan: yes I do, you're rude too!
Mom: No I am not rude, you do not be....
Evan: yes you are you get mad at Daddy 
Mom: I am a grown-up and you are not you do...
Evan: Weeelll
Mom: not get to talk like that to...
Evan: Weell
Mom: grown-ups, you talk with respect!!
Evan: Weeelll, I'm Grrooowing!!  
Also my Mom recently was trying to get the kids to listen to me, and so she says to them " one, two... spank you!" with a clap of her hands! Well my kids began chanting it immediately. i had hoped it would be momentary and if we never mentioned it it might be forgotten, but my sis calle dme on my cell while I was at superstore the other day. She asked what that chanting in the background was and sure enough, Evan and Vienna are running ahead of me in the store chanting " one, two spank you" and clapping their hands! Thanks MOM!

Tutu overload!

So our little vacation to Moses Lake, just me and the kids, and my ever so important little brother who came for the trip to help me out with the kids ( and to have fun!) went very well!! We had a blast with our old friends as per usual. We were actually spoiled rotten, homemade... bread, muffins, raspberry almond waffles, strawberry and raspberry jam, scones, creme brulee, oreo/strawberry/whipped goodness, amazing chicken, steak, salads! all from scratch! I am telling you the Earl family does things up right! During our stay Nena, Mandi and I decided that the little girls NEEDED tutu's and Nena had just the ticket! She even did up bedazzled shirts with princess crown, and said fabulous! Here are some of my faves from their photo shoot. Tutu heaven ahead people! 


Have you ever felt so spoiled that your cheeks just wants to blush forever? Well this is exactly how I felt when my husband decided to do something special for me because he missed me while I was gone with the kids for 5 days. I don't believe that other then being proposed to and being given the most gorgeous ring ever, has anyone ever made a gesture this big for me! Kent had gone out and rented an helium tank and filled over 300 balloons to cover our bedroom ceiling, there were 2 dozen roses onthe kitchen counter and another 2 dozen roses on either side of the bed, with candles lit, and rose pedals sprinkled onthe floor and all over the bed! Divine! It's one (of many) moments that you just stop and realized that you married the perfect man for you! Thankyou for such a beautiful homecoming Babe!

P.S. the whole house was spotless too!


Paperdoll Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Katie, my sis in-law is the best at passing on links to incredible things... this is one of them. The woman of this blog 'Grograin' does bi-weekly giveaways! WOW, generous at it's finest! This weeks giveaway is the most precious and adorable little white slip of a dress, please don't eat spaghettie while your wearing this dress! Check it out for your chance to win it too! It's simple just link it on your blog as I did and your in the running!
Paperdoll Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!