Cute things and such!

So I know I promised project pics first, however, it's my blog and I decided that I needed to get down some cute moments first. Projects are still on there way.

So Cutest thing yesterday besides seeing our chesty little man in 3-D, was, catching Vienna trying with great concentration to put a stuff bear under her shirt to make a belly like mine. I grabbed the camera, but just a moment to late! But so cute what a little Mommy she is wanting to be. She goes on about what order birthdays fall, around when "the new baby is born" and when "her baby is born".

I was in Super Store grocery shopping with the 3 hooligans in tow. I decided to let Evan AND Vienna both walk along with me (always a risky move). I get a phone call from my sis Nicole that I had been waiting for and so I am walking talking and every now and again giving a little "come on Evan, come on Vienna" shout out. When I look behind me, to see in horror! My sweet Vienna is walking along the bulk bins and snacking on fallen 'treasures'. I catch her and so she shoves the orange floor cheesy in faster! Gross!! Then I look forward, to find Evan puting the fallen 'treasures' from the floor back into their respective bins. Oh so helpful, and still totally Gross! So if your buying from the bin in the near future, dig to the back!!

Seger in general is just really cute and into trouble!!!!! Wow he is busy! Seger is climbing and pushing and man is he strong!! I can't carry him much anymore with this preg body, but the little lugg just really wants a good pack along sometimes. Evan and Seger have started to 'wrestle'. Mostly Seger just dives/belly flops onto Evan and then Evan spends a few minutes trying to get out from under Seger's tubby little self. Cute and scrappy, while they both giggle away!

okay, now I'll go get on those projects!!


Coming soon!

A project post of fun things I am working on coming soon!


So we went for our final ultrasound today. I'm 21 weeks and things look great! Baby is super active, and looks healthy and cute! Baby is also still a boy as they told us at an early ultrasound. We are still deciding on names, I should say, I have decided on a name and I am trying to convince Kent of it! Anyways here is a couple of the clips from our ultrasound, enjoy a peek!


Kinda pregnant.

So I haven't talked much about being pregnant lately. I still am. And well things are going good. The first little while I was super sick, then that turned into massive headaches/migrains depending on the time of day. I finally had my cure all massage by my beloved orthopedic massage therapist, who took care of my headaches, and now I can think again!!! I feel like I have been without my brain for so long now, and I am sure my kids have wondered too! So hopefully I can be a 'Happy Mommy' again. I am now 20weeks and counting! I had to upgrade to preg pants today, sad. I can still wear my regular jeans, I just can't sit in them! I have an ultrasound next week so it'll be fun to see this little guy again, he certainly is an active one! I'll post a clip from our 3-D peek. Other than that I am feelin good and enjoying that I can still do most things. I haven't yet begun to slam my belly in any doors, I just bump it from time to time, finding that it meets my husband for a hug before I do! So here are some bump pics. I never did the progressive pics with the others, so I told myself, last chance, do it!



Christmas has come and gone and I have taken a very long blog break. But there is updates below and here is the big event! So this was our little christmas morning. Santa brought big things to share! The kids were excited! We had a great christmas morning at home as a family. Then inthe afternoon we went to my families home for a gifts and fun and dinner and more gifts! I think my favorite thing about christmas with my family is watching everyone in their habits and excitement! The kids had a blast and we got to meet 'little miss' a precious little girl my brother and his family are adopting! I fell in love with her!!
Evan and Vienna got camera's that they love!
this one is blurry but it showed Seger in sheer delight over his music drum set.
Seger didn't even hesitate he just dove right in!
Sorry about the reverse order here. The kids coming down for christmas.
The display of goodies that was left out christmas eve.

We also went to the live nativity that our church puts on for the city every year. It was wonderful! They have real live sheep and donkeys and it's  tradition for us to go every christmas eve. Well I had hyped up seeing baby Jesus all day to Vienna. She was so excited! We went we saw. But poor Vienna, she took that nativity so literally. To her that was the real thing she witnessed. She left in tears the whole way home that she didn't get to 'see' baby Jesus. She wanted to get up close and personal. We had talked that night at dinner about gifts we could give Jesus and she decided hers was to smile, this would make people happy. Well Vienna was so distraught that she never got to smile for baby Jesus. How sweet that she truly got the Christmas spirit and felt so strongly about what an amazing thing it would be to see baby Jesus. A good Mom moment.

So all in all a great holiday, with lots of snow!!! Thank you for everyones prayers that Kent would have lots of work!! He did!! We barely saw him! 

I'll get to the new year in my next post!

Catch up!

So over the holidays we celebrated Vienna's 3rd birthday. What a grown up girl she is these days. She's potty trained, into anything 'mommy' or 'princess', has a huge opinion about her fashion, and loves to help me whenever she can. We really think that we'd be missing out if we didn't have this amazing little girl in our family. Here are the highlights from her big night!
She got a trunk full of princess gear, a purse, clothes, cash register, baby carrier etc... Her cousin Freyja said in the most polite way "she's spoiled"
we had the kids make their own door knockers as their prize to take home.
And Vienna was tickled pink over the moon for this tinker bell cake.

We also had a momentous occasion when Evan had his firstever school concert. I am sure that these will one day be mundane to me, but this year it was adorable! They did the nativity scene with some christmas songs after. Evan was the cutest little sheep!! He kept the production details a complete secret. He was so excited to show us his little performance. the set up was bad for pics but here's a couple.
sheep with a 'tude.
pretty darn excited to be a humble little sheep!