2nd time pirate!

So this is the second time I have done this in the last 2 weeks!! After my dental surgery I had a temporary tooth bonded in. Well bonded teeth require A LOT of care when eating. Zero biting on that tooth. Well you would be surprised how much you use your front tooth until you don't have one! I have broken the bond twice! I even had to go out in public, the store, the zoo, a party with friends new and old! The first time my Bro came to town and bonded me up again in the comfort of my own living room, now that's service with a smile! However I did it again while at Costco tonight! Nothing like public embaressment. So I am once again a pirate! Luckily my Bro hooked me up with an appliance that is on it's way to me as we speak, so hopefully I will no longer be a toothless wonder by the morning! I am just so mad I was being soooo careful! Anyways, here for you all to see everything but the eye patch, Lizzy the pirate! Or white trash, take your pick!
2nd time

1st time
I don't know why my glasses are all off kilter, and I think I have a deranged look in my eye. This one is definitely the white trash one!

Dear Heavenly Father....

Vienna while saying bedtime prayers, among many other stimulating thought provoking things prayed..... "thank you that Seger could be chubby"

What a loving sister accepting her little bro in all his chunky glory!



So this is getting to be an old post. I have been trying for several days to get these pics to upload and it keeps going to error on me. Well here are the few that I could get up! We went to the Zoo last weekend with the whole Muirhead fam. Conor and Katie, Nathan and Daria and crew and my parents and even Bjorn with his 3 kids and no Nicole! Props Bjorn! The Zoo was great! I have been missingout on the North American exhibit all this time because I never made it that far into the zoo from the tiger entrance. The kids were in heaven! We even saw 2 bears go for a tussle with one another. Anyways I didn't get any pics of the animals uploaded but here are some of our cute crew enjoying wildlife and being outdoors!

P.S. You can see my preg belly in the reflection of Kent's glasses! Oops, but it 's proof I was there!

Sweet Cora!
Little Miss (love that smirk!)
Dylan playing with Seger. What a great cousin!
Seger glued to the glass at the gorilla exhibit! They had the cutest baby gorilla!



I'm PUBLISHED!!! I haven't written about this earlier because I was waiting to see it in print myself. Well here it is.... I have a 3 page spread in Quilt Mania a european magazine. My pattern is actually published for the making in the back section and It's gone out to subscribers internationally!!! I sent the actual quilt to them back before christmas for photographing and they proceeded (with my permission) to show the quilt in France, Belgium, Milan, and Italy. I feel so famous! Anyways just had to share a little dream that came true. Here's a peek at the spread, I think the pic is so cute and they even put a colinder in the picture, which is like a " how did they know" moment, because I secretly love colinders and have a small collection started. Enjoy!

I was also shown on Quilt Home, in their newsletter back in january, which was really fun!

If you are new here and love the quilt, you can still purchase your very own copy of the pattern! Go to my website lizzyanne.com for pricing and shoot me an e-mail with your order request. It can be your in no time! The pattern is an easy to intermediate pattern.

Some people have been wondering where to get this amazing fabric line. The fabrics are from the Andalucia line, by Patty Young for Michael Miller Fabrics. Patty is a wonderful designer and has a new line coming out soon as well. You can visit her blog for a full list of retailers that carry her line.



Some of you may remember the 'Lola' quilt I made recently for this sweet babe. Well She's growin just to darn fast and I just had to capture a few hundred pics of this little beauty!! These are just a couple of samples, and oh so many more to come! You were an absolute angel for me baby Lola, I'll take your picture anytime!


Had a little work done.

So I had all that dental work done finally. Monday was the day to get her done! My Big Brother was very good to me, in the sense that he did the dental surgery as nicely as he could. The freezing wore off a couple times, apperently I go through it fast because he really had me numbed up! So basically he pulled my front tooth that was trying to 're-absorb' from the inside, gross! And then he cleaned things out from the infection and put in a bone graft and membrane. Stitche dme up and bonded in a fake tooth! Don't I look lovely!? I think I look a bit like a rabid dog unfortunately. However my brother assures me I will look normal again. I go back in a few month after the baby is here to get an implant put in. Until then I have to be very careful with this temp tooth, it's not so permanent! Wish me luck, oh and sorry for the nasty pics in advance! Today I am more swollen and look like a woo-vilian from Dr Suess.


Quilting Post!

I know I said I would post this today. Now it is LATE today but it is still today! I have been getting phone calls asking when this is going up.... well wait no longer!

This is an original Lizzy Anne Pattern done by Moi of course. I designed it for my sister in law Daria's 'Little Miss' that she and my brother are adopting. Daria has opened me up to the world of designer fabrics and I just can't go back. So thanks Daria for providing me with such inspirational materials, and giving me creative license. You know how I like that best! This is a double size quilt. I had so much fun!!! The fabric is by Tanya Whelan, with a tidbit of others added.

Now lets keep in mind this is just the top of the quilt. It hasn't been quilted yet, and the outside edge will still get a scallop trim to it and the binding is going to just "pop it!!" My goal is to have it done for March 10th when I go to Lethbridge. So stay posted for the actual finished product!

If you like this quilt keep checking back because I am going to do a similar version in a baby quilt size that will be uber cute!! I am so excited to get the pattern out! I still have to decide on a name and stuff, but it will be out and available sooner then later. I am going to be doing a giveaway of the baby quilt too! SO you'll want to come back for sure!

Enjoy this sneek peek!


Getting Bigger!

So here I am at 27 weeks pregnant with baby #4! As you can see there has been some definite 'popping' since my last preg shots 7 weeks ago. I feel so huge and yet I know that there is a much bigger belly in store for me. I glanced at some pics last night of right before I had the other 3..... I definitely get MUCH bigger! This baby is healthy and kicking though, mostly in the night. We'll have to get him straightened out before he comes, "night time is for sleeping, little baby!"

Oh and it seems that we are mostly decided on a name for this little guy. I think it flows well with the other names. I have a thing about the names of my kids sounding good together. Weird, but necessary to me. So it looks like his name will be FELIX. Middle name to be announced. See Evan, Vienna, Seger and Felix! Doesn't that sound nice. Seger is a tough act to follow!

Well enjoy these pics of my baby belly. A preview of my quilt top to come tommorow..... and some other delightful projects! See you then!