Self portraits

So over spring break, we took a family trip out to Kananaskis country and it was so fun! More on that later! On the way back I couldn't resist taking a few self portraits of me and a few close ups of Kent. This was harder then I thought, in a confined space with my 50mm lens, let me tell you! But isn't Kent handsome!! I love this man SO much. He knows me so well and can handle my ups and downs like a pro. He's always done that well, but I think he's gotten even better in the recent years. I love You babe!


Handsome Sol - Calgary Baby Photographer

My bestfriend and Sister Nicole.......

Had this cute little belly, until recently.

When she had this handsome, little slice of heaven! Solomon James Larsen. Oh this baby is melting my heart, and here is why......... enjoy! I'll be the puddle in the corner!


Tiny Chet- Calgary baby Phototgrapher

Baby Chet, you were perfection for me! This wee little guy was so cooperative, and well... tiny and cute, a great combo! Thanks for letting me play with him. You guys were great at not wincing as I put your first born in all kinds of crazy positions, way to be chill! Enjoy!


Toby- Calgary Baby Photographer

Toby, dear sir, you had me working hard for my money! This little sweet boy liked to eat, a lot, and well he peed a lot, pooped on things a bit, and even spit up. BUT..... once dear Toby was done with all of that, he settled right in. This is for you kiddo! Enjoy the peek!