Coco Rose Couture Part II - Calgary Product Photography

So our first try at doing these shots was 'special'! It was windy, and starting to rain and these little girls were such troopers!!! It was a long afternoon and all the balloons popped, my intended backdrop mural had been sandblasted away, not much was working in our favor. But despite all that we still got some really great shots, and when everyone came for the reshoot, we got AMAZING shots!! I'm so thankful for all the cooperation of the parents. Again if you belong to one of these beauties and would like a disc for yourself of their pics e-mail me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com and we'll arrange that for a small fee. Enjoy!
Please visit COCO ROSE COUTURE for your very own head piece, fascinator, or headband. Think how fun these would be for your daughter's next party!?:)


Coco Rose Couture - Calgary Product Photography

Coco Rose Couture is an amazing accessory shop where you can find fascinators, headbands, and all things pretty, even birthday party packages upcoming! My new friend Bree does an amazing job at hand making these. Enjoy a peek at the upcoming and current pieces. More to come in the next post......
* A note to parents that may want a copy of the pics featuring their child, you may purchase a disc from me. Please contact me if you are interested at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com
This is Bree the fun and beautiful face of Coco Rose Couture. This woman is seriously great!
Oh and I'm biased but my daughter makes a great little model! It was so fun to see her in action, she totally hammed it up!
Thank you for all the models cooperation and beauty! The little girls are still to come, and they are so sweet! Stay tuned.


Pure Glow! - Calgary Maternity Photographer

This is a woman that I hope to be friends with! Andrea is with my sis in-laws brother Brett. And boy are they cute together! I cannot wait to see what their little girl is going to look like! I'm betting GOR-G-EOUS! This shoot was so fun, and Andrea is just pure glow. Congrats on being a very good looking pregnant woman.


It's babies like these - Calgary Baby Photographer

Oh this scrumptious bit of heaven is what fills all those baby yurns. Little Oliver has the most creamy skin! He's so handsome! More then I love this little boy though, I love watching his parents more then anything. Ashley and Mike, it is so neat watching you two support one another and meet Oliver's needs. This is why I love taking pictures of maternity, birth stories, and newborns. I love witnessing this process of new life, and really this gift we have to experience this in our lives. I hope I never stop seeing this magic.


Father's Day 2011

Father's Day is a great day! We so enjoyed having so much time with Kent. The kids and I woke up early to make eggs benedict (a family tradition) for breakfast before going to church. Felix was asleep when we got back home, but I still took a pic of Kent and the other three. And Kent was nice enough to take a few shots of me too.
Kent is this incredible Dad. I often admire his patience, or his calm with the kids. He loves them so well, and balances me out, in the parent department with ease. Kent is fun! He is always greeted with hugs the second he hits the door, and often begged not to go! The other thing is this man gets up more in the night with the kids then I do! What a blessing. I adore this man, the father of our children. I think he's super handsome too! Thanks for making beautiful kids with me Babe. They sure are spectacular little people.
Then we headed over to my Dad's place with his gift from my Mom. A new bike. He loves it as you can tell!
Isn't my Mom Cute?! Aren't they even cuter together?! (My Mom just got her bike this month too)
This is my Dad's racing game face! I love that my Dad does everything whole heartedly!
And of course the kids wanted to ride a little too. Here are my kiddos in action! P.S. Seger has not stopped wearing this jacket except to be washed (against his wishes) since APRIL! He calls it his soccer jacket and even wears it to bed some nights. He's a little attached!
Before we left my folks house, my brother and his clan showed up. What a treat! My Brother is an amazing father too, and loves his Five kids. I only managed to capture the oldest and the youngest, and their good looking Mom too!



Hi everyone! I can't even tell you how happy it has made me each time I opened my blog to check the entries, the number just kept climbing! Thank you for all the interest and support for both myself and J.A.C Photography. We know only 2 of you won, but of course we would be thrilled to photograph any and all of your children! So please do contact us with any interest, questions, and pricing. We are always up for anything and love to explore new ideas. Plus I see all of you have adorable children!

SO now the good stuff! The winners are......

J.A.C. Photography blog: #61 – ELAINE BAKER “Love your idea- pick me! I like both pages too!”

Lizzy Anne Photography blog: #25 – REBECCA HILCHIE “I liked both pages on FB:-)Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Sounds like fun!

Congratulations to Elaine & Rebecca! We are really looking forward to an afternoon of fun & extravagance with your little ones! We will contact the winners in the next few days to finalize the session details.

(**Due to a multiple comment error, the numbers differ slightly and have been counted manually as well to reflect the difference.)

And just for fun, here is the cutest baby ever….I’m not biased one bit.

Stay Tuned fro more from Lizzy Anne Photography, my website will be up and operational very soon! Pricing, galleries and a new blog are all on the list! I'm so excited!!

Here is a little eye candy for you. My little guy helping me in the garden and building the fence. He melt me!