Eternal Love

Bernie and Sharon Wynder are like family to me. I am so blessed to have their daughter as my sister in law. They have raised a beautiful family together. Recently we had the chance to celebrate Bernie and his legacy that he has left behind. I took these pictures in the fall with the purpose of preserving what was quickly being lost with Bernie's Alzheimer's. These pictures were a blessing to take. I am so thankful for stupor of thought, and beautiful relationship's and people to photograph. 
Bernie is a treasure to all those who knew him. His loving wife Sharon has to be one of the most generous and thoughtful persons I know. We continue to love you both.

With love,


Moments in Between

This is a happy family. The giggles were outrageous, entertaining and delightful! Three amazing, cool and adorable children. The cheeks on this sweet baby are almost as cute as his gummy grin! Sheryl you and Matt are doing something…. a lot of things right. All the moments in between the other moments are sweet and worth capturing. Thank you for letting me spend the afternoon finding your moments in between.



Thomas - Birth Story

This sweet Thomas delivered in just a few hours. Mom was graceful and strong and Thomas is beautiful. The anticipation and energy in the room those moments before, and just after, a sweet spirit joins this world, are beyond describable. It was such an honour to capture your birth story and be in the presence of a miracle.

With love,


09.18.14 - Maternity

Such a beautiful couple….. sure to have a beautiful baby. It was all my pleasure to capture this sweet time before baby arrives. Tender moments of giggles, date nights and prepping for the unknown. There is certainly love awaiting this new arrival…..

With care,