09.18.14 - Maternity

Such a beautiful couple….. sure to have a beautiful baby. It was all my pleasure to capture this sweet time before baby arrives. Tender moments of giggles, date nights and prepping for the unknown. There is certainly love awaiting this new arrival…..

With care,


Leavitt Family - Family Portraits

Matt and Pam are so sweet together! They recently had an their 7th anniversary, but they look like newlyweds to me! If these 2 boys weren't such a perfect mix of the 2 of them I might not believe it! These little boys are so sweet and I love seeing them year after year! Holden made me work for it a bit, but ultimately I think we became friends. Thank you again Pam and Matt!



Aneca's - Family Portraits

The Aneca's have made a lasting impression with our family. Kevin is Seger's best friend, I want Seger to marry Gia, Vienna and Jacey are friends, and who know's maybe Birdie and Felix could end up together…. she's is such a beauty! Basically we love the Aneca's!