I know some of you can't get the link to work. So here's directions:

If you are coming from Deerfoot or somewhere there abouts you would take the 22X marquie Lorne Trail exit heading west towards Mcleod Trail.

Take the Mcleod Trail south exit.

About 30 seconds, up on your right hand side there is a farm yard with a red barn. Pull in there!

*If you have gone to the lights at Chapparal you have gone too far. Turn around and you'll see a lead through in the meridian to drive straight into the yard on your left now.

You can call me on my cell if you need help with directions or have any questions


See you then!!


Back to school Giveaway update- Calgary Photographer

Well, it looks like I forgot to pray for no rain on Sat. The forecast has it good chances of rain in the evening and higher winds in the morning. Not what we wanted! This year has been the pits for weather! I think it is best to reschedule in this type of situation. Kids just don't do well when asked to take pictures in adverse conditions. So here is what I suggest.....

Just in case there is some miracle break in weather at your designated time slot and we can still do your pictures as scheduled, PLEASE CALL ME 30 minutes BEFORE your session #923-7131. we will decide wether to go ahead or not. (I'll give you directions then too or check this LINK little red barn yard)

In the event of rescheduling I suggest that we move this to the 25th which right now has a good forecast, in fact it has the highest temp over the next to weeks, if it stays that is. SO we can all pray this time for good weather and go from there. I have just found an indoor solution in case the weather is not favourable next week as well. So there is a plan B option if it comes down to it!

Now I realize that this changes peoples schedules, this may make it easier for some and more difficult for others. I will post what time slot you have, and if you could comment if that time still works for you the following week that would be great. If you want an alternate time slot please specify
Original time New time
10:00 Kristen Kristen
10:30 Kristen Kristen
11:00 Sharla
11:30 Johanna Stacey
12:00 Hughes'
12:30 Hughes'
1:00 Hughes'
1:30 Johanna
2:30 Cooper's
3:00 Stacey Cooper's?
3:30 Ingrid
4:00 Cheryl
4:30 Ingrid (I will need to reschedule this one on the 25th for sure, I have a previous engagement)

As you can see there are other slots to move your time too, as well as room for some that were going to be out of town the this weekend, to fit into! Please let me know what works for all of you!

Giveaway: I just picked my favorite number and that session got the freebee! Stacey your lucky number 5!!! You get your session FREE!

We will make this work ladies! I promise! Can't wait to hear from all of you.


Back to School Giveaway - Calgary Photographer

My 'little Man' and my 'Missy Pie' have gone and grown up!! Evan is in Grade 1 and Vienna started Kindergarten. I really can't believe it. They picked out their own outfits, packed their snacks and were ready to go! I must say I do miss having Evan home so much and it's only been a couple of days with him full time. The only down fall to kindergarten that Vienna has mentioned is that it isn't in the same class as her brother. She was actually very upset that they are separated, we're talking major tears! Two peas in a pod!
All of this back to school talk though, well it just reminds me that the 'school picture day' is coming. And more then that it reminds me that I HATE the pictures that come home. I didn't even order the pictures last year, (how bad is it that I didn't do that for my first kid his first year?) But honestly the blue/grey back drop and the fake smile, I just can't do it!

SO..... I thought I must not be the only one that despises these pictures. Thus I am offering a fun 'Little Scholar's Photo shoot'

Imagine if you will this scenery (minus the large good looking family).....
Then add this adorable vintage school desk.......
And a stack of lovely vintage books like these, maybe even add a ribbon around them for the little girls.........
And last but certainly not least, put your undoubtedly gorgeous child in it!

The 'Little Scholar's Photo shoot' includes: my talent, Session at predetermined location above, the editing of your images, and guaranteed 15- 20 images on a full resolution disc.
The cost: $50 for one school age child
$25 for each additional child (due at time of session. cash or cheque)

Oh and as per my usual. There is a GIVEAWAY!!!
I will be drawing one of the booked sessions at random to receive their session for FREE! So get signing up for your chance to win!

The Sessions will take place Saturday Sept 18th from 9:30 - 5pm
Times are listed below. To book, just leave a comment with the time you would like.
Please check the comments to see what times have been taken already.
And leave your e-mail or phone number so I can contact you.

9:30 10Taken 10:30Taken 11Taken
11:30Taken 12
12:30 1
1:30 2 2:30Taken 3Taken
4Taken 4:30Taken 5

If you are booking 2 children please advise. If you are booking more then 2 please book two time slots.

(This could also be made into a fun one on one date with you (or your husband) and your child)

I can't wait to see your little Scholar's!


We shall call her strawberry- Calgary Baby Photographer

The Mulholland family has been texting about this little girl ALL DAY!! They didn't have a name yet when I came up to the hospital to capture a few moments for them. But, good news, Cohen thinks we should call her "Strawberry or Lola" Whatever name you get little baby girl, you are beautiful! All 8+ lbs of you!
They see "the new baby girl my Mom's gonna have"
And Cohen immediately shows everyone "That baby girl is this big"
Steele observes, from a distance at first.
And this is what all the fuss is about.
Baby Girl Mulholland
Tickles for baby.
And this makes 6
And just look at all those toes! Made by the young couple above!
And this is the baby.
I am available to do your hospital pictures too! It's nice to have pictures that you love of those first moments in babies life. Pictures of you and husband. The pictures you can't get yourself, but whenever you see them, it will take you right back to the miraculous feeling of giving life to that special baby of yours. Available for labour (done PG), and/or meet and greets like this.
You can see another one of my hospital photo shoots HERE and HERE. Please contact me for more info.

Juliet 8Days Fresh- Calgary Baby Photographer

Baby Juliet, we met again. My darling, you just got even cuter! Look at those tiny toes and tell me your not in love already! Here is your 8 day old photo shoot. Till we meet again!
How much do you love this little bunny!
Oh and Sarah, you are looking super amazing!!
Proud Daddy! What a guy. Alan LOVES all his girls.