Another fun one!

So this quilt is for a friend of mine. I thin kthat she is fabulous and fun and that her and her gorgeous daughter could pull off this baby quilt. It's totally off the wall and bright and I love it! the pics don't so it justice, but at least you get a taste. Some of the fabric is actually scraps from a twirl skirt that my Aunt Maggie did. I added some others and I htink it made a great reinvention. Anyways just a little of what i did this week!


Evan George!

Evan working with Mom and Dad on the pavers. Quite a strong little boy!

Evan has been quite a character lately. i think it's ever since he hung out with all the big kid Earl boys. He is all of the sudden Mr Independence. He was already well on his way with his "I do it myself"'s But now not only does he say that but he is doing it too! The other night he stripped down as he usually does on hot nights for bed, only this time he included his underwear. He came into our room saying" I have to go pee" we rushed him off to the potty quickly and then sent him back to bed, insisting htat he put his underwear back on. he wasn't impressed, but gave his standard response these days "alright" with great reluctance. Then inthe morning he didn't want to get out of bed (totally new) and instead stayed in bed an extra 1/2 hour while the rest of us had breakfast. When he finally emerged he had gotten his naked self dressed back into his pajamas and informed me of it and asked for his cereal. I was cracking up that he didn't want to sleep with clothes but knew that it was inappropriate for coming downstairs. Too Cute!
Evan's other thing is that i ahve noticed that he doesn't really say his "L"'s and so i thought I would test out a few words with him.
Mom- Evan can you say... Liz
Evan- iz
Mom- can you say little
Evan- widdle
Mom- can you say lemon
Evan- Moooom, I can't do this game. It's to hard!

And now when he doesn't really want to play or it starts to challenge him he lets me know just like that." I can't play this game"

Anywho, just revelling in my handsome little guy!


ever have one of those nights?

Well last night was one of, THOSE, nights! As I mentioned in my previous post our house was beyond smoking hot last night. I am prego but not even a prego version of me has ever sweat that much! And kent was suppose to goa nd get slurpees for us to relieve the discomfort and decided to get our windshield chips fixed which took forever and left me with a toally melted slurpee, not as tasty as the slushy kind! Things did look up ofr a moment, we started a movie, which was great and my slurpee recovered in the freezer for later consumption.

But then Vienna woke up with a persistent fever that she had earlier in the day and with the heat int he house was too miserable to sleep. We medicated her and let her cool down with us in the living room and with a little slurpee. But then she didn't want to go back to sleep!!!! I was up until 4:30 am trying to get her to bed, little monkey! But as I was going back and forth between the bedrooms I noticed a tiny wet spot. I thought maybe from bath time or whatever. But by 4:30 it was clear that it wqasn't my imagination and that the spot was getting bigger. i woke up Kent and then we discovered......

Our bathroom in the hall was completely flooded!! The water was about a 1/2 to 1 inch deep! It had been flowing into the hall carpet for several hours from what i can gather. The carpet was sopping wet! I used about 15 towels to soak up the water as I didn't want to wake the kids with the shop vac. What a mess! Kent emptied the tanka nd shut off whatever valvie thingy and we cleaned up as best we could and tried to get some sleep which was hard to do since it was already getting light outside.

So today Kent's Dad has coem to the rescue and is going to fix it while I try to dry out the carpet somemore! What a dissaster!

So grown up!

Okay so i know that it is probably lame to post a blog about my daughters hair... again! But last night it was so hot!!!!! Our house was cooking and Vienna had a fever too. We gave the kids baths to cool off before bed and then I french braided Vienna's hair. It worked! She looked sooo cute and totally sat still for it. When I was done though, i realized that she totally looked grown-up! Had to take a pic to document her first braids. I tried to call my usuals to have a moment ( Mom, Nicole, Daria) but they were all at Stampede. So here it is arriving on my Blog!



ever been inspired to the piont of overload? Well I have been and I am so pleased about it! We just got back a day or two ago from visiting friends in Moses Lake. We stayed with Ryan adn Nena earl. If you snoop around on my list of blogs I read then you already know that she is talented! I Walked in to thier home at a very late hour the first night we arrived and very much felt at home. I felt at home in a way that i don't even feel when i am home. This is such a compliment, and one that I would love to have people feel in my home. But how can they feel that when i don't even feel that i aksed myself? Well i am changing that from here on out!! We are building a house again. This time abit bigger but still close by and I am so excited about the basic structure changes let alone the decorating i get to do!! I am starting on some projects that will be permanent and move with me, but I am also squirlling in my mind as to what i can do cheaply once we move in!! It' s a ways off still so the waiting will drive me crazy i am sure of it! However Nena decorates for her and it reflects and so must I! Thankyou for awakening that part of me again. It has been something that I have itched for.