Meldrum's + 1 - Calgary Family Photographer

When my life long friend asked me to do pics for her sister (also a friend) I couldn't be more excited! The more I edit these pictures the more I see you, Diana. She is just so beautiful! I love her little wild streak of hair, and Suzanne, that snow suit is very possibly one of my favorite things!! I'm so glad that I could be part of capturing your memories of this little one and your beginnings as a family. Diana and Bryce you make love seem easy. Here is your first peek.

* P.S. The pics are ready!

I'm this pretty girl's Aunt!

Lola is my sweet little niece. Although she was not in the best of moods this day, her favorite Aunt was able to bribe a smile out of her with some delicious cupcake (made by my friend Dorienne, thank you!). Lola your out of this world voluminous curls are to die for! And your perfect vintage look always melts me! I love you pretty girl!

Sisters- Calgary Family Photographer

Kiera and Kaley, (I hope that I spelt that right) You two girls were so darling!! I loved taking your pictures, even if it were a tad cold out. Here is a quick peek for your Mom and Dad! Enjoy!


Topilko's - Calgary Family Photographer

Coby and Lance are friends of mine. The cute dimple boy below is the same age as my oldest, Evan. I think taking pictures of friends is one of the funnest things to do, taking pictures of good looking friends, even better! You four are such an amazing little family! We really don't see enough of you. But thanks to my crazy trigger finger I couldn't stop shooting pics of you all, and now I have hours all alone with your beautiful family. (Does that sounds creepy?) Anywho, We need to get together more! We love having the Topilko's as friends, see you soon!


Zanna - Calgary Baby Photographer

Little Zanna just turned one and made my dreams come true! Not only is she a little doll, but she also has those big blue eyes, and the icing on this cup cake was teal and messy all over. See for yourself!
The cupcakes were conveniently made by my friend Dorienne fairbanks. She is fabulous and so are her cupcakes! Just ask Zanna.