My favorite Cousin Ashley just got married this past weekend. I love this girl! We were the very best of friends growing up and I am SO happy for her and Mike! Your wedding day was perfection! There was the greatest spirit present the whole day. Thank you for letting us be a part of such a magical day full of LOVE! Here's just a few pics from my vantage point. Love you cuz! Love you too mike!


Juliet Evangeline - Calgary Baby Photographer

Juliet Evangeline, what a beautiful, romantic name. This little girl decided to arrive earlier then Mom and Dad had planned! But boy what a welcomed surprise! I was able to get down to the hospital before the little girls came to meet her. I love capturing the excitement of this new little life, a bigger family. There is something so magical about it all.
I am available to do your hospital pictures too! It's nice to have pictures that you love of those first moments in babies life. Pictures of you and husband. The pictures you can't get yourself, but whenever you see them, it will take you right back to the miraculous feeling of giving life to that special baby of yours.
You can see another one of my hospital photo shoots HERE . Please contact me for more info.

Tracy- Calgary Maternity Photographer

This woman is such a trooper! Tracy is 38wks pregnant with her fourth baby and out letting me drag her around taking pictures. I tried to keep a slower pace, because I know what it feels like to have that 'little' head wedge down there and then walk a mile! Tracy I can't wait to meet this little baby girl. Good luck with the delivery! Enjoy your sneak!

Macy 6 mnths- Calgary Baby Photographer

Macy-Loo! Oh your little smile, is anything but! You my dear are so super special! Let's make this a regular thing! Enjoy your peak little dolly! ( Macy 6 months)