My three kids

My 3 kids. Yes that is right, still no baby! I am 39wks tommorow and I refuse to take pictures until it is official, I still have a few more hours for something to happen! I know this post is just begging for people to laugh at my stubborn and overly optimistic thoughts of going early, but can you blame me!? So in the mean time we have been going to the park on l-o-n-g walks and dressing up for church while I know I can still put in that effort. My parents are out of town and I thought these might pick them up too! These are mostly from me playing around with my new lens on my handy subjects! The colour is off, because I took these straight from iphoto with no editing and blogger doesn't seem to like that..... but you get the idea.
Seger looking sauve
Vienna with day after curls
Serious Seger
Joyful Evan!
Springy Vienna
The three, so cute matchy!
Saying cheese
Little perched lip Vienna
Seger is just beyond cute in these short-alls. you have no idea~
Who wouldn't love to end on this note! Evan you can always make me smile! You handsome little devil!


Family photography

This is a recent shoot I did for a great family! Thanks Schow's for a fun shoot. It started to rain so we managed to grab all of our shots in 45 min! Not bad for a family of four kids, four well behaved kids at that! So here are a few of my faves.

Such a happy colourful bunch! Enjoy your pics you guys.


38 weeks and counting!

I am 38 weeks and COUNTING each moment that passes! I have been early with all 3 of my babies and really that has set me up for nothing but bitterness if I don't go into labour soon!
As you can see I am getting much more round (understatement) but at least baby Felix has dropped. I say that as if it's a good thing.... but really it means that his head is just lodge nice and low for added discomfort until he decided to come. I mean I'm not trying to complain, but some how the last days of counting down brings it out so naturally in me!
I am sporting this super cute tee my Mom had made for me, it says " I due, in June" A little apple obsessed fun!
So to pass the time I have been sewing up a storm! I will have pics to come! I have been finishing off curtains around my house that were long over due! Seger's cowboy room, my master room, and I am hoping to start the kitchen nook ones this afternoon! I'm in nesting mode and trying to tie up all the loose ends. This has also led to a very strict bed making schedule for some reason. I know the kids are just going to nap in their beds in a matter of 3 hours, but I just want it all neat, all the time! (Like this is a surprise to anyone that knows me)
So send happy dilating wishes my way, and hopefully I get to have this baby soon! My water breaks on the start of labour everytime, so I hope that I have the same luck and happen to be at home. Different scenarios of being in a store or at church have been running through my head. I have this great desire to stalk the van with towels just in case!
So this is as bad as it gets folks..... I hope I won't be posting pics at 39 or even worse 40 wks+

If your looking for the GIVEAWAY RESULTS go HERE. There are still unclaimed prizes. I'll give you winners a few days, and then it's redraw time for anything unclaimed. Really who wouldn't want any of those patterns... for free!!


Big Wins!!

First things first, thank you everyone that entered the contest! All your comments really did lift my spirits! I was even able to make it to almost everyones blogs, still have a few more to go through. 

For those of you that didn't win Pink-A-Boo will be available in just a couple of weeks. It's being printed at the moment. I am so excited to have another pattern to offer through Lizzy Anne. Look for an updated website at Lizzyanne.com very soon!

You can however pre-order your pattern if you like! It will be sent out to you as soon as printing is complete and payment received. Pink-A-Boo will be $10 a pattern or if buying 5 or more $7 each or for the wholesales of 10 patterns or more $5 each.

These were picked totally at random, by the random generator thingy online. So you all are very lucky little ducks! Can't wait to see what you each make from the patterns.

The winner of the QUILT was:

Entry # 209  Sweet funky vintage:
Comment: Soooooo beautiful! I have put on my blog sidebar and twittered about it!

The winners of the patterns were:

Entry #411 Thistle Cove Farm
Comment: So AAAdorable a quilt; you do beautiful work! God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart!

Entry #354 Bonnie
Comment: Oh my golly how cute is that! I'm off to blog and facebook and then I'm posting the button!

Entry #147 Bren
Comment: My granddaughter would love your quilt! I will put your button on my sidebar right away!

Entry #791 Sinta Renee
Comment: HI Elizabeth, I just heard about the giveaway and hopped over here. I love your blog & the giveaway quilt is absolutely adorable! The other prizes are great also...please count me in. I put the link on my sidebar and blogged about it also. Facebook will be next! Any points for shouting from the rooftop?

Entry # 66 J
Comment: This is beautiful. I have posted your button on my sidebar and blogged about the giveaway. 



To claim your PRIZE, just email me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com

Hurry, unclaimed prizes will be re-drawn!

Well this was Fun!! I can't resist a good giveaway, so look for more here on my blog in the future! You all rock!


My first baby is 5!

I can hardly believe that I have a FIVE year old! Evan is getting so grown up. He's been a smiley happy, go lucky, let it roll off your back kid most of his life. Evan started out with so few fears of anything, it's almost been sad to see reality take it's hold as he develops little fears here and there. Still he is my handsome "little man" as we call him. Evan George Cranmer we are so thankful to have you as a huge piece of our family! Can't wait to see you as a big brother... again.
Happy Birthday Bud!

Evan 2 days old
Evan 5 years old

P.S. the tally is coming along... winner to be announced super soon!! We just had to take a break to do a birthday party up right for this handsome little guy!


Pink-A-Boo I've got eyes for you!

For The results go HERE!!

The giveaway has ended, thanks for entering. Give me a couple of days to do a final tally and I'll announce a winner as soon as I can! Stay posted!


This is it! This is my next giveaway. I am so excited to introduce you to 'Pink-A-Boo' my latest quilt for Lizzy Anne quilt designs. This quilt may look familiar if you saw my last post. It too is done in the Darla line by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit. This is her yellow colour way, and I love it too! It's fresh and garden-ish and makes me think of lemons, which always make me happy! I was able to get my hands on this fabric through Lanie Jane Fabrics. Great gals there! They were helpful, very reasonably priced, and very quick! Thanks Sandra and Jane for all your help. You can check out all their fabric, patterns and more HERE and the blog HERE.

This is a Lizzy Anne original design and that in itself makes me smile ear to ear! The pattern will soon be available, more on that to come. 

This quilt measures 42 inches square, making it perfect for a sweet little baby, that special english rose in your life! It's all 100% cotton and has been washed already for that scoochie feel and ready to love!
The roses are a raised raw applique that is frayed to perfection! The button center is secure and cute as all get out!

Ways to win you ask??? Well all you have to do is leave a comment! (Preferably one. Last time there were some doubles and it can make the tally hard to add up.) But this only gives you one single little chance to win!!! Well of course I wouldn't do that to you. You can earn bonus entries! Just note the bonus points you are earning in your comment! (button and code below)

Single comment = one entry
Single comment and blogging/twitter/facebook about this giveaway = 5 entries
Single comment, blogging/twitter/facebook about giveaway, and posting button in your blog sidebar = 10 entries
Copy and Paste the code from the box below. 

This is so completely fun for me! I love to create these quilts and I love even more to share them with you! I love to do giveaways and hope to make it a more regular practice. Now if you should NOT be the lucky person who wins the 'real deal' that's okay never fret! I will be selling the pattern in a few short weeks. You can always pre-order as well by e-mailing me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com, with your request and I will get you the specifics and an invoice. Or go to my website www.lizzyanne.com 
'Pink-A-Boo' will be $10 a pattern or $5 per when buying 10 or more.

Now I couldn't send you away without offering a glimmer of hope...... if you should not be so lucky to win the little beauty (let me just say you are all lucky this baby in my tummy is a boy!) then you will have a chance to win......
A Tanya Whelan Pattern or a Lizzy Anne Pattern. There will be 6 runners up in total. I just want as many people to win as possible!  The patterns are all spectacular! There are aprons, bags, and a quilt pattern up for grabs! You can click on this link to get a better look at Tanya's Grand Revival Patterns . So enter, enter! International entries are of course accepted, afterall, I am Canadian, we love everyone!

The Giveaway entries will be accepted from now, until Tuesday May 19th at 10pm. Then i'll take a day or so to tally up the entries and we'll let the random generator pick the lucky numbers! No bias here, after all this is serious business! Good Luck!

Please note if your comment does not show up right away, I DID get it! I moderate my comments and it may take me awhile to get to yours, but I will get to yours. I love getting to know the other bloggers out there, but it takes time to get to all those blogs! With a busy house of little kids, I only have so much time to myself!


It's here!!

Be prepared for picture overload here! This is the big project I have been working on. I finished awhile ago..... but haven't been able to make it to Lethbridge to set it up for my soon to be niece. Little Miss will hopefully be joining the fam permanently very soon! She is just barely 2 and needed this bedset in all it's girly glory! So I started with the  quilt but then it needed a great bedskirt, and then the window needed coverings and then I had to make some more of those adorable birds, and while I was waiting to take pics, why not finish off with some pillow cases to match! So here it is folks.......
Me making a bed pregnant... kinda funny.
Here are those cute birds, see this post for more info on where you can get your hands on the pattern, for FREE.

The quilt with it's 'raw rose'

Scallop edge! I love this detail!
Pillow cases, and more girly scallops
The rose detail over the side of the bed
The valance and curtains, and yes more scallops!
bedskirt and quilt edge
Arial of the bed. I was so happy that the quilt fit perfect when it finally ended up together!
The whole kit and kaboodle
It even looks nice folded at the end of the bed!
So this gorgeous quilt is done almost entirely of the Darla line by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit. A fun girly inspiring line. I so enjoyed working with these fabrics. This quilt is staying a one of a kind for my new little niece. But if you like it, or hopefully LOVE it, then keep your eyes peeled because I am going to be doing a GIVEAWAY, that will be posted up in the next couple of days, by the end of the week for sure. It'll look familiar and wonderful in it's own rights. 

See You Then!!


A giveaway!

Not my giveaway yet! But soon I promise. This giveaway is at Grograin, a new blog that I stumbled upon. Really fun! They have a guest giveaway by one of my fave creative people Suzanna at Art Nest. Go Here and check it out for your chance to win!