B Girls- Calgary Family photographer

Little Benson Girls you just became my two new favourite people!! Oh these girls were all charm, giggles, and their best behaviour. We played and TALKED a lot, at least Little 'R' did anyway! Thanks for letting me into your world for a little bit, please let me visit again when your mommy has that sweet new baby! Little 'E' and little 'R' you both reminded me so much of me and my sister when we were little, all great memories! Enjoy each other, and your pics!


Me and Me

As it turns out, I am the Mom, to, ME! Vienna is me all over! I think she may be smarter, and possibly cuter, but none the less she is me. This could be a really good thing (after all I'm not half bad), but I think it may drive me insane! Last night I spoke with a friend of mine, and I was trying to analyze what might be 'going on' with Vienna and causing her recent behavior? My friend suggested, that maybe I just had a 'Spirited' child. Perhaps this is true. I have been known to be 'spirited' about a thing or two.
Truly though I quite like that Vienna is SO much like me. I love that she is feisty, fearless, and such a girly girl! Vienna is bright and I think her freckles (which I never had) are just about the most scrumptious thing to adorn her face! Those big Brown eyes are right up there too!
Vienna is one of those girls that wants to keep up with the boys and all that tough fun, but do it in a girly get up! She would love to hunt with her Dad when she is older, but she wants a pink gun! Vienna's favorite outfit right now is her yellow ruffle bathingsuit, or maybe her ballet outfit, or really any dress, with tights preferably.
Vienna loves to Write! She is really enjoying reading some easy reader books, she is taking some beginner dance lessons. Vienna really enjoys her one on one time right now and quite frankly doesn't seem to be able to live without it at the moment. Vienna is sensitive, and concerned for others, especially her brothers. Vienna loves her long hair and still has her glasses (even though she doesn't have them on in these pics).
Vienna is highly emotional! All the girl that I need! I am still learning how to role with the ups and downs of this little girls world. But I hope to get it right. I really hope that I can figure out what makes this little girl tick so I can enjoy my only girl, through all the teen years and everything in between. I love this sweet, complicated little girl.
'Little Miss' is her current nick name. Vienna is such a great big sister. And I am pretty sure she is Evan's best friend. Those to are just the cat and jammer kids. I love watching all of my kids interact, but Evan and Vienna together are something special!
Vienna can be briefly shy, but mostly she is VERY sociable, and willing to be a friend. Vienna, you are 2 in a million, since your me! I love you so much. I love your company. We'll figure out how to make sure you always love me too! You are the cutest 4 year old ever!!!


Family Outtings- Calgary family photographer

This is a bit overdue, but over spring break we took a few family outings. This day we went up to the mountains and explored a bit! I brought along the tri-pod and tried to get a few family shots. Ultimately it reminded me that I like to be behind the camera, and I need to hire someone to take MY family pictures this spring! But at least I have a couple from that day! Have you booked me to do your family photos this spring/summer? e-mail me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com for more info!