NY Love!

My family lived in NY for a few years growing up. I haven't been back but boy would I love to!! Well my parents and one Bro. went recently and brought us back a little NY Love! I wish you could all see the 150 pics I took of these boys! They are so cute and the whole series just shows off their personalities so well. I have the cheesiest smiles that Seger can muster up and fake smiles of a classic 5 yr old from Evan, and well there are a mix of happy ones from Felix and ones where you can tell he is just trying to survive all the 'love' from his brothers. Here is a smattering of pics. I love these boys so much!!! I can't wait to see their bond as they grow up. Evan and Seger have really started to 'hang out' with one another, and it is just too cool! And of course both of them LOVE Felix! I'm gushing I know.


Sweet Angel- Calgary baby Photographer

Macy Loo! I love you! This sweet little bundle is just over a week old. She's still in hospital so I came to her. What a JOY!! I think Macy has the sweetest little tiny nose, I must have commented to her Mom about a hundred times while taking pics. Here is a little sneak at some of the fun we had. Macy I hope you get to come home soon.I can't wait to take pics of her with her siblings!


Baby Blues- Calgary Baby Photographer

Harrison, you and those baby blues had me in a happy mood! Oh this little boy has the milkiest skin! Thanks for toughing it out with me little guy. This session was fun with all kinds of help from my Son Evan Photographer in training. He had out his v-tech camera working all the angles! Super helper! Enjoy your peek.


Felix my boy!

FELIX! This little guy is the most independent, happy, cuddly (oh the cuddles), smiley, patient baby!! We are all in love with him...still. Vienna thinks he is her own personal doll, which leads to a lot of prompted "put him down!" responses. Seger just wants to love and be with Felix. He gives us all the updates on Felix " M-ooooo-m Felix is crying, awake, burped, smiled" etc. Evan is super helpful and just likes that he can hold and carry him places for us. Felix started this army crawl thing at about 51/2mths. He does very well with it and has just recently discovered how to get on his knees and rock. He has also pulled himself up to standing a couple of times. This crazy kid want to MOVE. Felix also has 2 teeth now! Finally! And has his third plowing through as we speak, just a corner showing so far. Well here's just a sampling of his photo shoot at 7mths. LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby!