We sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it's C/S until April 4th. but all should go through. Ia m so happy beyond words!! It sold for a little less then we had hoped but all in all we made great equity on the house and it gets us that much closer to our new dream house!

So now I am not cleaning until we move! Okay maybe that isn't a very accurate statment. It'll probably take me several days to pry myself off of the clean freak train. And then lets face it I am kinda OCD. Okay so I am at least going to try not to clean up the toys while the kids are playing with them, and take away the dishes as they finish thier last bite, anymore. But here's the confession, I love how clean my house is when i come home each day. And I so am stragely proud that I got me and my three kids to 9am church, not just on time, but 4 min early leaving my house show ready all by myself today !(Kent was doing snow removal, side note, it sucks that it snowed!!) Anywho, I will have to find other things to praise myself over.

So now here is the kicker. they want us to include our window coverings and accessories. This means I have to say goodbye to my curtains! My nook cutains were originally $34 a meter and I got them for $3.99 a mtr! I will never be able to do that again and they are gorgeous! But at least the house is SOLD!!

So I am happy elated a ton lighter and relieved. we move April 29th and I couldn't be happier! Now I just have to say goodbye to all the happy memories here. That's gonna be a tough one!


Introducing Finn!!

Okay so he's handsome and adorable and I just want to snuggle him all day long!!! Finn Ragnar Larsen is officially here! He wieghed the exact same as my dear Evan! It was so fun to see how small that really was. 8lbs 2oz 21 inches long! Finn sleeps with his mouth open ever so slightly with his chubby tongue just playing around. He has a great cry and man he is just even cuter in person that words and these pictures can describe! I can't wait to put Seger with him! Nothing like making my baby seem like a gorilla! Anyways enjoy your sneek peek at my most amazing new nephew!

P.S. Congrats to my sister for her third natural birth!! Way to go Nicole! I am so impressed with your inner strength, and you always look amazing after you give birth!! I love you!


Thank Heavens!

Yesterday, was a growing day! I thankfully have a very helpful Mom who took my kids graciously for several hours yesterday. I went for lunch with my two closest friends (Nicole and Mary) I am so grateful to have friends that can see me for who i am, know me almost better then i know myself and and can tell me anything. I had a great opportunity to grow! Sometimes, i can't help but just be flabberghasted by the way my Heavenly Father takes care of me. I have so much work to do on myself but I am thankful to be doing it in such great company. Friends is where it is at!

P.S. Kent Mary and I watched "I am legend" last night with Will Smith (Actually a perfect movie for yesterday) . Two things one the movie was so scary and cool! i was totally jumping out of my seat! Creepy in a good way! And two, Will Smith is so freakily ripped in this movie!!! his wife must of been in awwww. Holy cow! Oh and Will Smith can we just say he has come along way since the days of fresh Prince! okay more then two thing..... I also loved that the movie was this whole journey in discovering that there is a purpose and your not alone. Go rent it!


Recent favorites!

Evan puddle jumping. A bit blurry but I liked the action.

A somber Seger. I swear he is the happiest little smiley baby, but I seemed to only post serious ones today. i love how fat he is!!! He's 20lbs now.

Vienna just has that glow

Seger looking very picturesque

Evan my bright little light! This kid has such a tender loving heart and is totally rough and tumble all in one!

This is Vienna and cousin Cora. This is from our weekend in Lethbridge. Love the shot!

And another.

Seger fell asleep in his highchair for the first time. had to capture it. He totally drooled his food all out his mouth!


My new Banner!

This is my new amazing banner by Nena a dear friend of "This is Life". It's too perfect! I love the personality of it and it's so perfectly vintage, which i am in love with these days! Classic and wonderful! I am so glad that finally someone helped me with imporving my blog and making it look more ... me. Thankyou for taking the time Nena. i so appreciate it!!! The other's banners turned out great too, you are so talented!


I WON!!!!!!!

I won I won I won!!!!!

Okay so it wasn't the really big prize. That amazing quilt!! But I still won! There were 3,132 entries and only 5 names drawn by "mr" random generator thingy, and Apparently it loves me! I was so lucky! And really I had a horrible night with the kids last night . Hardly any sleep and really needed a pick me up today, and this definitely worked!!!! So thank you to Dana from Old Red Barn Co. for doing the draw in the first place! Talk about generous and fun and just such a lovely idea! I can't wait to try out my great products from there fun site! The kids stuff looks neat but I might just have to put my gift certificate all towards myself! I'll let you know what I get!



This is Finn's crib quilt. Nicole picked all the colours, and had me whip it up for her. It turned out cute. Very grown up and teddy bear-ish at the same time. Can't wait for him to get here to enjoy his cozy soft blanket!


going going ...gone

I am slowly going crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6- switch crazy going slowly am I 6-5-4-3-2-1- switch!

Oh I think that I might just literally lose my mind this week. I know that those close to me are probably concerned with the level of stress that they see so evidently oozing from me. Mostly because that is probably just the stuff that they know I couldn't hold in and that there is actually a huge pile of it hidden behind what I like to think is my organized, put together exterior. Scary I know. (what that I think I have an organized exterior? or that I have more stress?) Anywho! I do think that I am going insane. My children don't listen to me. A common complaint I know. However mixed with whatever deadly stress lies within, this is driving me to mental imbalance. I really could not recall, and I tried, a single word that came out of my mouth that was responded to with any sort of obedience today, and not only that but was met with great resistance. I am trying to be super Mom, but I find myself sitting in front of cryptonite. My powers are failing me!!

I do know that this is just a phase. At least that is what I tell myslef 20 times a day. I luckily have such a great husband that is trying when he is able to give me breathers and back me up. And Heavenly Father. I know he is there. I think I just need to humble myself a little bit more and turn this one over to him. Because this, this feels bigger then me right now. Any other Mom's going through this, any brilliant advice? Nena you had a fourth! You must know something?!


I like to win too!

katie posted about this too. And if I don't win it then i certainly would love for her to. but really i just want to win!! It is a beautiful quilt and I always give mine away! i would love to have a quilt for myself. So her is the link.http://oldredbarnco.blogspot.com/2008/03/giving-away-quilt.html enter if you like! I rather see it go to someone I know. It's quite cute!


SOOOO mad!

So Vienna today has apperently decided to express her true feelings. i guess she is catching onto her emotions a bit. This afternoon i wouldn't give her more juice and so she turns to me and with only the attitude of Vienna says " I's so mad at you mommy!" And it totally hit me and hurt my feelings. Then i realized she got it from me! When i am really upset with the kids for hurting one another in a major way or they have just crushed doritos into my carpet I say " I am so mad at you" well that hasn't happened in a long while apperently it has stuck with her. Oops! Watching what I say more carefully. She also proceeded to say that same phrase the rest of the day over and over again and started to say it to her cousin Talon. I drew a line. She cannot say that to other kids! Their poor little hearts will get broken. So here's hopin we can get that one out of the vocab soon!

Actual Tally

So the actually Tally on the shave your lid event Kent did was just over $600,000 raised! That's right!! And it was apperently more like 60 people that shaved thier lids. Anyways a very successful event and it was fun to be part of it!

Oh and Evan of course doesn't like kent's new hair because it's different. He keeps tellign him that he needs to water it so it'll grow. Too cute!


part 2 of 2 /look below

(The boss's daughter) below.

Jared murray kent's buddy came and shavved his head too!

Shave your Lid!

So Kent's boss was recently diagnosed with leukemia. he has lost all his hair due to treatments. So a "shave your lid" event was planned in support of and to raise money for cancer. They had 30ish people shave thier heads. 3 girls shaved thier heads one being the boss's daughter and 2 girls cut 10inches off. And one girl cut off 2 ft and still had waist length hair! There was also a silent auction and some spur of the moment funds raised for men shaving legs etc. i haven't heard the final tally yet... but the boss Bill Beattie was going to match dollar for dollar up to $50,000!! Anyways so here are some pics of Kent and some of the group. Kent we are happy to say does not have nearly the mis-shapen head we thought he might have. In fact I think he looks pretty sexy! But I am his wife!

Just a few things!

So today for the very first time I put my boys in matching shirts! i can't believe that I went 6 months with not doing that. this is actually thier first matching anything! Yay! they look so cute all big boy and little mani-sh together! anyways i just think it's one so those things. I was quite often dressed matching with my sister and it seems that when you grow up those are the pictures and outfits you remember. so we have begun the tradition. Not to say that they will be mini me's all the time, or anything.

Also they put the first coat of paint on the interior. Now alot of you are going to think that we are off our rocker!!! But I am telling you there is a vision and it will be beautiful when complete. So the colour is called pod. in person it is yellow with a green shot to it. Once the casings and cabinets are in it'll make a little more sense to those of you that think that I must be colour blind to have picked such a colour. Oh and they are starting the finishing work today so we will have baseboards very soon!! YAY! So hears a pic of the walls and a pic of the cushions I just picked up to flavour up the living room.


let there be light!

So I am now convinced that the interior of this house is going to be pretty darn close to our dream home! We have just picked out our interior lights and I have to say I am so jazzed! They are a thing of beauty and appererantly my family thinks alike becasue nathan and Daria's new light are similar and my Mom wants to copy one of ours in her house! The fmaily that lights together stays together. Anyways here is a link to the series. We'll have various lights from the picks throughout the house suiting to the space and room. Hope you like! http://www.feiss.com/1910/F20836GBZ-Chandeliers.html
P.S. tried to add it as a proper link and I don't know why it's not working properly so I guess just copy and paste!


Glasses for the beauty

So my beautiful Vienna is following in her parents footsteps and definitely isn't falling to far from the tree on this one. The little darling needs glasses! Not right this second but within the year the doc wants her in them. He just needs her to be old enought to focus for the test to give her the proper prescription. So we are officially on the hunt for the cutest little girl glasses that are fit for our gorgeous little girl. She'll be cute, but it is sad that she needs glasses before she's even three!! Just thought that i would share. By the way she needs them because she has a major stignatism (sp) in both of her eyes. They aren't urgent on it becasue she is still using both eyes equally.