Baby Baby!

Some have wondered if I have dropped off the face of the planet. I'm still here and doing great! I have just been taking a break from the blog to fully experience these first moments as a Mom of 4 kids. I prepared myself for great uncertainty and perhaps the worst as far as making this transition. But to my pleasant surprise, it's been great! It's true! Once you have done three you can do anything. We have such great family and friend support, and the kids have been amazing! Vienna's emotions do run quite high... she cries about alot of things. But we are trying to spend some one on one with her. Seger has done fabulous! We are still working on conveying fragility to him, but all in all he just wants to love that baby! Evan of course is a pro at being big brother and tells us constantly how cute he is and that Felix "smells so good", adorable.
Our first week I learned that life does not stop at all when you have baby #4. I had Felix at 3am and was home for dinner that night. We took it a little easy Sunday, but I still got the bulletin for church ready and printed and sent it along with friends. Monday Kent was feeling sick to his stomach and I drove Evan to preschool, showed off baby, then stopped at the grocery store for a few things, back home to bath children, have grandma visit, then off to pickup Evan and to a doctor's appt. made weeks ago............ on it went and it was only 11am. Life does not stop when you have 4!
Lucky for us this baby understands a pecking order. Felix is calm. He only cries very minimally. really we hear him crying in the car only. I think he gets scared or something. Felix is a dream, he sleeps so well waking up only once in the night around 4 ish. He is I think the most alert baby I have ever seen!! It makes it so fun to see his bright eyes all the time. I don't think I have many, if any, pics of him sleeping, a couple of shots he blinked and so it looks like he might be, but it's all show. Felix has been bright eyed since the moment he arrived. He tracks and will strain to turn and listen to my voice. He's so smart already. Felix is a stretcher too, he must be sick of being all scooched in tight places (ie: overdue) because he likes his legs straight out and/or spread eagle.

Okay so I am sure you can tell from my senseless details that I am in love with this little guy. I am letting him sleep on my chest at nap time, and cuddling him, and carrying him in the sling, and smelling him every chance I get. He's my last and I just want to soak it all up! I can hardly believe that he's here, that I am done being pregnant forever, and that some how I got so incredibly lucky to have 4 of the best babies ever. I look at my gang and still am in awe that they all surely belong to me. WOW! I feel so blessed to have all these spirits finally here. I got them all four safely to our family. Now I just have to raise them. I am so blessed, so loved, so happy!


He's Arrived

Felix Keith Cranmer
8lbs 3oz - 21" long
Born June 13, 2009 at 3:03 am
More on the newest love of my life later........ For now enoy a few random but sweet pics of this handsome little guy.


This day would never come!

I really didn't think that this day would ever come...... But here I am 40 weeks. I have never been pregnant this long! I know that you must be sick of my NON- updates. But here is one more. This is "the belly" as I am affectionately calling it at this point. Bigger and shall we say better (for my sake) then ever. I may be pregnant forever.... so I woke up this morning trying to be very happy about, like as if that would somehow trick this baby into coming out. Well Felix, I must say baby, you have me very intrigued as to what your little personality holds! I am going to spare you all from any further NON- updates, and this is my last post until this baby comes. I'm making a stand! So next time I blog (hopefully not too long) I will have pics of a beautiful little boy. Until then my husband is distracting me with a planned out date night..... see you all soon!


Still here...

This isn't Felix, but I imagine him being just about as squished! Looks uncomfortable!

Yup, no baby! 39 wks and 3 days.... feels like I am about a week over though. Those other 3 kids of mine gave me a false sense of earliness! I am trying REALLY hard to believe that there is a blessing in disguise here. That there is some great explanation why my body is being put through this torture, I'll keep you posted if I ever figure that all out.

In the meantime my kids have not asked about how long this whole baby growing stuff is going to take, for the entire 9 months, but today even, my 3 year old Vienna is aware that this is a long time! I have been hearing.....
" What's taking Felix SO long to get here?"
" Let's go to the hospital, and just do it"
" Just do it Mommy" " Get Felix"

So yeah..... I'll let the doctor know, we would like to 'Just do this' please! COME OUT BABY FELIX!

P.S. if this baby is still going to insist on a couple of more days, I have a couple requests..... indulge me.
1. Be small!
2. Stop faking me out with good contractions
3. Be small!