Clara Marie - Baby

Sweet.I was so privileged to be at this sweet ones birth. I'll be doing a post on that later.... but for now, I thought everyone would love to see a little bit of Clara's first couple days. Doesn't Lindsay look radiant!

Brenda - Maternity

Brenda magnifies beauty. Her belly is so sweet and round, a perfect vessel. Her petite frame is holding this new baby so well. Brenda I can hardly wait to see your new addition.


Presley - Baby

Little Presley came with smiles, giggles, and personality! We tried a few new things together and Presley was patient with me. What a sweet temperament. More to come!

Prescott's - Family

O! Those gorgeous blue eyes!! These kids were just perfect and scrumptious! I had so much fun with the Prescott family. Thank you so much for letting me do your pics, the pleasure was all mine! Enjoy your peek.