So the big winner to celebrate my 200th post is......
Commenter # 52 Lori Said: My daughter's baby is due end of September. I bet she'd love one of those.
Thanks everyone for reading my blog. I have really enjoyed putting my thoughts down into such a friendly format. I love reading your comments and have enjoyed so many of your blogs too!

Now enough of this giveaway stuff... I need to get back to work! I have another adorable quilt to come. I can't show it to you until Sept 17th though, because it's for my newest niece and her Mommy reads my blog. They're coming for a visit though and so that'll be the big reveal!

Slings are coming.... I have some new fabrics. You can e-mail me if your interested in one. elizabeth@lizzyanne.com The adults are $25 for average size $30 for large. Kids slings are $18. I'll post fabrics soon!

Oh and my Baby Rode the bus to his first day of school today~ More on that later!

Lori Just contact me via e-mail elizabeth@lizzyanne.com to claim your prize!



So this is my 200th post!! I've been waiting for this post for awhile!! So I have been schemingas to what to do for some of you loyal lurker or commenters out there. I wanted something that wouldn't just be for the locals, and well the next person on the list for a quilt is my new Niece Holly, and we just found out that my Bro. and Sis. in-law are having a girl after 4 boys!! So you see where my priorities lay. Don't you?

So all you lucky people out there get to comment away for a chance to win a sling set! I make slings on the side. I also use slings ALOT. That's my other secret to going in public with 4 kids. Felix is a big fan and I carried Seger in his until he was 25lbs. They are a life Saver and super convenient. They fold up super small and flat to fit in any purse and they open up to act as a blanket if your in a pinch or need a nursing cover. They slip on in seconds and best of all Baby is super comfy!! They ride a little different then these pics once they are older. The winner will get a ful set of instructions. They go hip slinging as they grow and can even be slung around to the back. Felix falls asleep in his everytime. I find it comfy to wear and it distributes the weight well. I've converted many to the hippy/modern way to carry your baby. 

So this is a set for Mom and daughter. Vienna loves to do as I do and so I made her one up for her baby dolls and doesn't she just look so cute!!!! This set here could be yours if you just leave a comment you are entered to win. Nothing fancy just a good ol' give away! The Mom sling is a brown based plaid with a streak of orange and teal and the Daughter sling is champagne with orange/cantaloup and black.

Random commenter will be picked on Monday Aug 31st. Check back to see if you won! If you don't happen to be the lucky ducky then I do make them in various fabrics for  $25 Adult size or $18 kids size. Good Luck!


Jam packed!

So we have had a jam packed week or so! So many new and exciting things going on. I seem to be finding time to make slings, in between entertaining kids ( who by the way are soooo ready for the scheduling of school). But the other morning Evan and Vienna were having a 'snack' before we got out of bed. Evan suddenly comes in our room with blood down his chin holding his apple and hands us his tooth!! " What happened? Did you fall?" Nope he just lost his tooth! So we take a closer look and he actually already has an adult tooth coming in already. How did I not know this? I didn't even know his teeth were loose!?? He's too young, I'm too young! Now I have to be the 'tooth fairy' what's the going rate anyways? We also noticed that he actually lost 2 teeth, so we went downstairs and found his other tooth on the carpet. Crazy!! My little boy is growing up!
As you know we also blessed Felix this past Sunday. It was great! Kent and I's grandma's both travelled to be there, my Aunt and cousin were in town and family and friends from here all came to be with us. It sounds like he's going to be a pretty great kid! I have better pictures coming of the day. Felix was a perfect gentleman and looked so handsome!! We had a brunch before hand and that went off without a hitch! Thanks for everyone that helped out!
Also Ms Vienna was able to go for a meet and greet at her new preschool. She was so thrilled to be able to wear some of her new 'school clothes' that Nana had given her. She loved the school and loved the teacher!! Vienna's going to be a star!
Vienna ALSO learned to ride her bike withOUT training wheels!! She's only 3 and a half for goodness sakes! Kent held the seat while she got started, he let go and she never looked back. She's so excited to be able to keep up with Evan now. The only down side is that Vienna has taken this new found confidence and has gotten a little on the sassy side of things! But we are so proud of her! She's such a go getter. (P.S. she just wore the pads for the first day just in case!)

So that's us in a nutshell! More to come in the next post! An exciting announcement!! See you then!


Elly B

Baby Elly, I heart you! Today I did a fun little shoot with Elly Bourne, what a doll. Mom and Dad love this tiny (noisy) little bundle. She has the most stunning head of hair, and once we got her cozy and asleep she was a dream to work with. Here is a little sneek peek of this angel. Enjoy!!


People are asking

It isn't all that uncommon for me to get comments when out with all of my kids at the mall, grocery store, or good ol wal-mart. I get alot of " Are they all yours!?" followed by " How old are you?" (thank you by the way). I also get alot of " Your Brave... I would never, if I had that many" 

So yes, I do take all four kids under five, to the grocery store etc. But not always. I do also enjoy a trip to the store by myself when I can think clearly. Those would be the big shopping trips. You can only fit so much food with 3 kids in the cart and one on your chest. And yes we did have them close together. That makes them best friends (worst enemies) and great at entertaining one another. Having them so close also means that I could get my body back sometime in the future while I am still young. As far as being brave, well I guess I feel like I am some days! It does take some courage to go out and expect to get something accomplished with four kids. There are some times that it feels perfectly normal to do such things too. Whenever I go out (almost everyday) I am always glad I did, because it means that I CAN.

I tell friends that I do a 'Do or Die' trip in the first week after having a baby with all the kids. I make a trip out of the house to do what seems to be the impossible. After Evan it was go to wal-mart for a nursing bra at 4 days old. After Vienna...( I can't remember everything) After Seger I went to the mall at 5 days old. After Felix I went grocery shopping at 4 or 5 days old. I do this because chances are I will make it through, and once I have..... da,da,DA, I can do anything!! ( I still cry sometimes but that's healthy)

So here are some pics to enjoy of the crew, otherwise fondly known as the hooligans!



Felix the great! This little babe has been such a blessing to our home. Felix brings out the sweetest sides of our burly Seger (who is secretly our best little cuddler). He has the ability to put the proudest big brother smile on Evan's face and Vienna is just like her Mommy around Felix, every morning she asks to hold him. But she quickly lays down in our bed and puts him on her chest and hopes that he will fall asleep (most often he does. He seems quite cozy in fact!) I think that Kent and I have by far declared him our best work yet! (we love the others too). Those BIG eyes can only make me smile and melt into a hopeless puddle.
Well the time has come for us to give this baby his 'name' and a blessing. Were blessing him this Sunday in the most adorable little future heirloom outfit. I can't wait to hear his Daddy deliver his blessing, and find out what's in store for this little guy. I certainly think great things are in his future, but I am totally bias!!
My sweet Felix, stay my baby just a little longer! I love you Baby Boy!
I'll post pictures of his special day after Sunday! I have a few more post just waiting to get up here too and a big surprise coming in a few post also. I gotta go the hooliagans are getting loud in the background here. Wish me luck!


Bright & Bright!

So here is one of my brightest quilts to date. I did this one up as a wedding gift for a friend. it a great quilt for her to cuddle in or to rope her new hubby into cuddling under with her, flowers and all. It's Bright and colourful and bohemian and earthy and that seemed to suit. The best part was that this gorgeous floral was only $4 a meter!! How could I go wrong? I did a little raw detailing.... it's well.... a little more oragami (sp) then I had originally planned, but I like it! It's still branchy like with little florettes. This was a simple and fun one to put together! Hope this one brightens up your day!