So I am sitting here thinking of goals that I have for myself and also which of my goals do i want to share. I find myself thinking do i get real and honest or do i  just share the candy coated stuff. For soem reason this seemingly makes me emotional. Like I have been hiding out for awhile or something. i often hold things in and for the most part deal with them privately. but I am finding that as I get older and life gets more complicated that i need to rely on others around me for support and friendship, etc. I'm not sayign that I am having a crisis or anything like that. But lately i have been feeling tender and so there must be something bugging me. I started to cry the other night when I was saying goodnight to Vienna, she must have thought that I was losing it! And well alot of this  could have to do with the hormone rollercoaster my body seems to have me on right now. but generally I am feeling well a mix of "wow things are coming together!!" and " holy, if i could just remember what I am suppose to do next"
Today my goals are 1. get to the grocery store for activity day supplies 2. get to the dollar store for a prize 3. finish making phone calls 4. buy a notepad or something to start writing all this stuff down. ( i have become my Mom, I need to make lists!!) In fact I almost couldn't remember what that goal was it took me a second to rememeber! what number am I on? oh! 5. make dinner 6. go to activity days 7. spend time with my husband!!
Long term goals: well there are lots of personal ones, but these are the ones that i wil share 1. make a baby quilt for a tiny klittle girl 2. start a sewing club, where we teach others to sew 3. get my body BACK! it used to be mine and now I don't know who's this is but I want MY body back. 4. make a quilt for a giveaway, you heard me! Hope that peeks your attention!
Now I just have to stay focused!!



Last night we had a wonderful family dinner down in Fishcreek park. Organized by Katie. We roasted marshmellows and hotdogs and had pop and juice and amazing salad! Oh and the dessert that Katie made, banana, pineapple, creamcheese graham heaven!! Then we packed up and went on an adventure walk. The kids loved being outside adn here are just a few pics from the night. I love the one of Kent I think that he looks very handsome! I on the other hand look a little lets say "outdoor-sie" to be nice. Oh and the baby in the snuggly for those that don't know is my nephew Finn who the blanket below was for. A handsome little guy for sure!

This is my little project form last week. i made a summer weight quilt for my little nephew Finn. It's all jungle-y and I htought it turned out cute!


They bend!

Seger has just discovered that his knees bend! He has decided as of yesterday to crawl like a "normal' child on his hands and knees. he still uses it very selectively... like he starts to army crawl and then I tell him "No" and he stops dead in his tracks and look at me and then I say "up" repeatily and then finally he lifts the bum and takes a cupple little crawls forward. i am toally impressed that he knows what to do when i say "Up" though!

Also I finished Seger's bed skirt and this is a shot of part of his room too!

This is just a cute shot from father's day of Kent puting the kids to bed. Kent you're and incredible Dad. You are so great with our kids and you know I love you Babe!

Oh and one more random... Vienna has had her glasses like what a month and this last week she has gotten a huge gauge in the lens (with some help from Evan) and today she lost the screw out of the arm. So tommorow we get our first repair of many I am sure!!!


Just finished!

So I now I should give the post below a little more time in the glory light, however.... i just finished Seger's quilt and well I had to share. So do me a favour and read the post below too! Oh and I don't know if I have mentioned lately, But I LOVE comments on my blog. So feel free!

So Seger's room is a whole retro vintage cowboy feel. And his bedskirt (do you still call it that on a boys bed?) is going to be made of hanging bandanas is a couple colours. i'll post pics as soon as it's done! I have a few finishing touches to make before I reveal the whole room. But that seems to be the story of my house at the moment. If my wallet could just keep up with all my wants that would speed this all up! oh and time... if that were just a thing I had in spare that would also help!

P.S. Evan came running into my room today and was yelling " Mommy come look, I made my bed!" I took a look and this is what I saw. What a total prostar! The kid has skills. Now that I know I will have to put him to work!

One more P.P.S. I also just did these letters with the kids the other day. They helped me pick out papers to go on them and we painted the sides together. it only took a couple of hours and the kidsa re so proud of our little creation. I just have to figure out placement and then we are good to hang them up!

Holy smokes! Long post. But I just couldn't resist!

Some Evan-isms

A few funny things that Evan has said lately.

I tell Vienna to put her glasses back on. Then Evan pipes up with "I don't need glasses!" I tell him that's right your eye's are perfect. To which he pulls his eye sideways and on a slant and then says "now their broken!"

"I not handsome!! I Evan"

" Mom... I miss you" He says this all day long. Even when he has been sitting with you the whole time! I thin k to him it also means that He loves you.

We were watching So You Think You Can Dance last night and he would NOT go to bed so i let him join me for a bit. On a commercial break he told me that I should practice and then he really wanted me to dance on the show.

And his most classic... Whenever we get upset with him, or act dissappionted he starts saying (usually through welled up eyes and with a frown) " But your my Mom, Your LIz... But your my Mom, your my Liz"


Chunk -a - Lunk

So Seger is 9 mths old. Well this is late actually so he is 9 mths and 2 wks old. Apperently I am behind the 8 ball on this one. So my little chunky Monkey is still just that! He is weighing in at about 23lbs these days. And the rolls are still just as cushy! I am amazed just about everyday, by the sweetness that his spirit brings into our home. I have just had such a special feeling about this baby since he arrived and he lives up to it everyday. Seger is super smile-y and I think maybe my cuddliest baby to date. He sleeps SO good and is just so happy all the time! He's a little bit sick with a lung infection and can barely breath and still when I walk into his room he just lights right up!! And I think that my favorite thing right now is that he is staying a baby the longest out of my kids. He doesn't full on crawl yet, but rather does the fastest one arm army crawl you ever seen! He still lets me feed him more then willingly (actually i don't think it has occured to him to do it any other way). He still cuddles. He only has two bottom teeth. He "talks" up a storm, mama, dada, nana, papa, baba, etc. He still gets swaddled for bedtime (that's more me then him). And He is just my "Baby Boy" light and sunshine. (that's what my mom always called Conor. And it seems to fit. I feel very blessed to have such a darling baby. And I am so gald that he is staying my baby for so long.(Evan was walking by now, to compare). Heavenly Father I think knew I needed that this round. So there you have it our little Joy baby!


A giant or Jesus?

So it's totally raining. There are a couple flashes in the sky and then some really rumbly thunder. Evan is upstairs yelling out " it's a giant Mom it's a giant!" I go upstairs... Evan again " Mom I htink that maybe a giant did that a really huge Giant!?". The kids then come downstairs and watch the storm from the front window. I over hear Evan explaining to Vienna that the thunder is a really huge Giant. then he has an 'ah-ha' moment...... " Or Vienna, maybe it's Jesus?" I couldn't believe my ears! How adorable!!

Dancing the night away

So me and my siblings all went out for my mom 's birthday this past saturday. We surprised her with a one night only dance lesson for us all and then went out to dinner with time in between to kill so we took alot of pics while we walked around downtown. It was great because I don't think any of us get pictures with our spouses much. Most of which are on facebook if you're interested?! Anyways it was sooo great to go out dancing with my husband. We learned Samba and meriuenge (sp) I believe. It was soo much fun and I definitely want to do it again. here are a few shots of me and Kent and one of the fabulous birthday girl my Mom. Isn't she gorgeous!! In front of a cute little Vespa we saw. And one of all the girls dressed up for the men in our lives!