things I couldn't live without

This past week there are a few things that i could not, would not, live without. We have been sooo sick all five of us, and now possibly Kent too. I could not of lived without,

My Mom
The nasal irrigator my Mom got me
The humidifier my Mom got me
The throat lozenges my Mom got me
My Mom watching the kids while I sleep
The heat pad that my Mom got me

my supportive husband
And the meals from the relief society!

But overall mostly my Mom. Apparently you don't outgrow needing your Mom when your sick. Thanks Mom for all that you do for me. I love you so much and I am so glad that you care for me and sacrifice for me still. I love you!


Death knocking at my door!

Death very literally knocked at my door yesterday! Okay so that's kinda dramatic, but I really did feel like I was going to die!

On wed night we had my Dad come over and help Kent give us all blessings. Seger Vienna and myself were all getting sick. Vienna liked what they did to Seger so much that she tried it too. She put her hands on his head and muttered a few words and then exclaimed " I did it!" Then it was her turn. Then Evan was feeling left out and wanted one too. So Kent gave him a fathers blessing, and it was actually a great one at that. Evan has such a love and understanding of blessings. Then it was my turn and there wasn't any more oil. Kent and my dad went to consecrate(sp) some more and while they did Evan put his arm around me and says "Mommy I'll take care of you, your mine" " Sorry mommy there's no more you don't get one" My sweet boy sympathized that i might not be able to get a blessing and thought that was not fair at all, so he broke it to me gently.

I did however get a blessing and it was great it said I would recover quickly. So I was a little surprised to wake up yesterday feeling like I had been put through the ringer!!! I had a fever all night and was 101 when i got to the doctors. I was wheezing, my throat felt like it was closing up, and I had a migrain. Of course the doctor couldn't do much, but my back is worse then ever as well, and he thought that he would test that for me and so he had me lye down and he put my leg int he air. As I screamed in pain , then he let the leg down and did it to the other side, as I screamed again! Needless to say he hurt me more! I did get some tylenol 3's out of it though which are helping! The Pharmacist which is a long time friend of the family "stan" helped me out with a few things that are making my life heaven compared to how I felt yesterday. Thank goodness for him. I'm on the mend sick wise, and hopefully I get get my back taken care of soon. Thanks for lettingme complain a little bit.


Thank goodness!

So I don't normally try to complain on here, however I think I have earned this one a bit. So back in Nov I got sick for like 6 weeks with a brutal nasal something!! Superbug! I thought I was rid of it and since kent, my Mom, Seger and now Vienna have all gotten sick. A week or so ago I fell down the stairs carrying Seger and toally bruised my tailbone. OUCH! Then I stupidly workout and moved furniture that same week, now my back really really is hurt! I mean just about everything hurts and if it doesn't hurt right in the moment then by the end of the day it's all aching anyways. I am teaching Evan's pre-k at my house this week, and now, now, I am sick AGAIN!! This sucks!

The silver lining however is Vienna is watching TV with me and this scene of a guy daydreaming of Cindy Crawford walking towards him comes on and Vienna says " that's you Mommy!" She thinks I am pretty like a super model (which if you saw me caughing up flem too, you would not think) At least i am pretty to her! My boost of the day when I seriously needed it!


Me and my gang

I never seem to get many pics of me and my kids, just us together. So I did something about it and these are the results.....

Seger is so mellow and chunky and yet I think he's a sleeper, this expression says it all to me. There is a huge personality in there about to bust out! He's been an angle to have around, he really glues the other two together. I love his sweet smile and the way he just looks like he's in heaven when my hair tickles his face.

Evan my big grown up boy!!! Wow do we ever look a lot alike! Those eyelashes are killer! He reminds me regularily that he is "growing" the other day our conversation went like this...
Evan: papa I'm growing
Me: dad he's trying to tell you he's growing (my Dad has a hard time understanding the kids sometimes)
Papa: you're growing evan!?
Evan: yeah I'm growing just for you!
Evan is our protector. He takes such good care of Vienna and Seger. Well when he's not wrestling or trying to jump over one of them anyways.

Vienna, she can be so sweet and somber like here, however, most of the time she's full of sass and personality. I don't know what we would do without our little sassy cat! Vienna is all girl, with the princess tutu's and baby dolls. But has shown that she can put a good lickin on Evan when she body slammed him the other day. She's a perfect mix for our family.

I love these kids and what a priviledge it is to be their Mom!


UPdate read all about it!

Christmas at our house was amazing!!! kent and I went into this year with a promise that we would not get eachother christmas gifts. Now I don't know why i always trust him to stay as committed to the pact as me, because he always breaks it! Then I am the shmuck that didn't get anything. This year I decided to be a real "rebel" and get him stocking stuffers in spite of the pact i didn't want to be empty handed. Well 2 days before christmas Kent gets his bonus at work and low and behold he has an early christmas gift!!! At least he didn't get me on christmas right. He shows up with the Canon Rebel XTI with an amazing lens I think 17/85 with image stabalizer. Anyways I am loving it and couldn't be too mad. Thankyou babe! Now I'll just have to get him back on his birthday

And HAPPY NEWYEAR! We started out the newyear preparing to list our house. we have been taking care of loose ends around the place and organizing all christmas break. We redid our backsplash to help the place sell since the old one was beyond hideous!!!

Also Seger got his first haircut!!! people were starting to say that he had a comb over because he just has one long patch of hair on top and just a scuff everywhere else. He does look a little more grown-up but at least he doesn't look like he is imitating an old man! Enjoy the pics!

P.S. Miss sassy cat Vienna herself has taken to answering everything with " I think so!" And now this morning has added " what you talkin about?" with this furrowed brow! Too funny! And Seger is almost rolling over!