Madigan's - Family

These are the faces of people I love. They are not my family on paper, but when I'm counting, their on the list. Julian and Sharla you are amazing, and you have made some amazing little people. Thanks for letting me capture your crew!

Love you!


McNeil's and a few Muirhead's - Family

My little brother is grown up with this family of his own. It's incredible to watch their distinct rhythm and movement as a unit. It was an honour to witness my brother in his other role as brother/son in-law. I don't see this side of him often, but it is neat to see him lead his family and be independent and blended with others he loves. It's equally neat to see my sis in-law in a setting more familiar to her and see the people that helped shape who she is. Holly and Greta float between it all effortlessly with giddiness and joy that so many people love them. Enjoy.



Layton's - Family

Kim has quickly become a very good friend to me. Kim is a woman of integrity and love. She genuinely loves and cares for those around her. This of course includes her darling family. These two kiddos have personality in abundance, I don't think I stopped smiling for hours!! Enjoy.

Love, Liz