Greenwood's - Family

As we pulled up to the beach, there sat a sweet family already relaxed on 'their' beach. As I approached them and got right in with the building of castles with sticks, and digging with new found treasures, the kids let me in. There is such a magic that comes with little ones on a beach. Truly this session was a pleasure. I found energy as I entertained, climbed and kept up with these kids. Lily Greenwood, it was such a pleasure to meet you and your family. Let's be friends.

A special thank you to my sweet sis Daria for lending me this cute quilt for our session. It really is just beautiful! I'm so glad we went back to that cute shop and snagged it. Your pics with it next!



Victoria - My Family

The very best part of Victoria was family. I cooked, ate, drove, shopped, Kayaked, walked, read, and loved with this family. I love my brother Nathan. It was such a sweet experience to visit your family and just be. So amazing to take in and be taken in by your children, to connect with your eldest right down to your youngest. I felt fulfilled and blessed. Everything about this trip, not just the scenery, was beautiful. Thank you.

I love you,


Almost Family

These are practically my nieces and nephews. And I love them. I love their character, their bright faces, their sweet voices and freckles my goodness. Lola and Felix have been hitting it off lately, it's still a little fragile, but there may be a future there!

Seger James

 These sweet pudgy hands and cheeks forever, they just get me. Seger may have it the easiest of all my kids. I just have a hard time staying upset at this sweet little boy. He looks a lot like my Dad, and I was always a Daddy's girl. Seger is adorably obsessed with being handsome! Nothing but collared shirts and preppy clothes if he could. He actually slept in this white dress shirt. The hair must be parted with product, and he's so polite when you tell him he's handsome "thank you Mommy" is a sullen humble voice. Oh Seger you have me smiling everyday. I love you!

Mommy. xoxo

* I'm still going to Victoria on Wed and I'm still accepting sessions while I'm there. Details in the below post.


Lizzy Anne Goes to Victoria

Lizzy Anne Photography is going to Victoria B.C. on May 23rd-25th, and I want to photograph People that live there! See Details below.......

I am looking for 1-3 families to photograph, and/or seniors who want to have a stellar grad session!
*to view a Senior Session click HERE

Family sessions are $250 (disc can be purchased) 
1-2 hour session on location.
Editing of images up to 75
Online Gallery to share with family and friends

Senior sessions are $250 including disc.
1-2 hour session on location
Editing of images up to 30
Online Gallery to share with friends and family
Disc/digital negative of images
*Note if you and a friend book senior pics (2or more) then you will get $50 off.

If your looking for portrait ,maternity, newborn etc. just drop me a note and I'm sure we can work it out!

Leave a comment below and/or 'like' my FB page to book a session. Times listed below.

May 23rd - 4pm             6pm             8pm
May 24th - 4pm             6pm             8pm
May 25th - 4pm             6pm             8pm