Me and the Kiddos - My Family

We are keeping the fun alive this summer. Trying to make memories, work on goals and be happy! Preferably together! My kids are exceptional people. Every summer I am reminded again of all their ins and outs of everyday, all day, and I get to see just a little better, how incredible they are. We're enjoying the moments, loud and quiet. The lazy days and sleep ins. It's all exhausting and I wouldn't have it any other way!



The Frogley's - Family

I am blessed enough to consider this group my family. Myca and I grew up spending our summers together. Through awkward haircuts, crushes on boys, saturday cartoons and push pops…. family is the only term appropriate. I love you guys! It was such a pleasure to visit and watch our kids start a third generation of friendship. Seriously cool! Enjoy your little preview, you are all beautiful! Jared really brought it!

Love you,

Him and I Forever

Kent got us a baby sitter and arranged to tag along on my photo shoot. Before we got to the date stuff, he gave me 10 min to take as many couple pictures as I wanted. I'm not kidding he timed me! Thank goodness for my remote! I'm loving these messy in prompt to pictures of us. He really is the love of my life. I can't wait to be in his arms each day, he makes me smile, he calms my fears, he challenges me, he makes me laugh, holds me when I'm a mess, and he loves me when I'm a disaster. Kent and I have grown up together the last 12+ years and It's all turning out so much better then I ever dreamed.

I love you Kent,
Love me.


Lilac's and love - Maternity

This is the second time I've had the honour of photographing this beautiful family. They really are lovely! Stay tuned… because I'll have that fresh baby on my blog in the early Fall!

Thanks so much again for braving those bugs!