smallest to tallest!

Oh hello there! I just needed to do a quick update of these little pokes!
Felix, oh this dear little cuddler, you have stolen my heart! As if I haven't gushed enough about this little one. But Felix keeps proving day in and day out that he is the MOST perfect note to end things on. Felix continues to insist on the 'army crawl' even though he can get up on his knees and move. He is standing up on things and moving along them. And Felix started to do STAIRS! I don't know if I am ready to have him grow up just yet. He is doing a great job at staying 'baby-ish', he weighs in at 16.5lbs these days, he's 9.5mth old. This one is skinny! What a contrast after having our chunky Monkey Seger! Oh and he doesn't hesitate to steal a snuggle as often as he can. Felix can make anyone feel happy!
Oh and he loves his food! Felix is however particular about what to eat and when. He will let you know when he wants solids and when all he wants is some good ol milk!
SEGER! Go big or go home! My sweet chubbers is all about chit chat, copy catting, airplanes and his letters and sounds. Seger can identify any letter and it's sound, any order. I think he's brilliant ( isn't that what all mom's say) Seger is still a little obsessed with water and playoing in it. He is suddenly getting taller. I haven't noticed him thinning out so much, just that his pants are getting shorter. Seger is polite and well He totally keeps Kent and I in stitches! I can't stop cracking up over everything this kid does. He woke up with a night terror the other night and was up till midnight with us being cute and lounging, and asking for kisses! Oh and he gets GLASSES in about 2 weeks! ( how cute will that be)
Oh and he's really getting the hang of his strider bike ( bike without pedals, forces them to coast on balance to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler) He's outside everyday keeping up with the big kids! This is how badly he wanted to go outside the other day!
Vienna, well I need to dedicate a whole post to this little miss later just to make up for the lack of pics! Vienna got new glasses! She just started ballet and is SO cute in her bun and leotard and leg warmers (pic to come). Vienna is so the ultimate girl! She just started to ride a 16" 2 wheeler bike. She outgrew her old one. She is still highly emotional! And SO ME! I had to laugh the other day because it was like hearing myself talk as a child. Everything she said was just exactly what I would have said to my Mom when I was 4+! I am in a world of trouble! Heaven know that I love this little girl though! I couldn't live without my Vienna!!
Evan lost another tooth, his third, and we have a fourth one loose! This one was pulled before it had expired in a bus incident! He had a back pack strap in his mouth another kid pulled..... honkin tooth ejected! He took it like a champ!
Evan also outgrew his bike and got a BIG kid bike 20" with gears and the whole deal! Evan is proving to be a really great rider! This was an early birthday present, we'll see if he understands that come May 21st!? Evan is doing really well in school, which is a huge relief for me. I have been working with him to get caught up and it worked, he's excelling! I didn't realize how much that would mean to me. I am so proud of him. Evan is reading basic books, sounding out, and 'teaching' his siblings anything he can! Evan is sensitive and yet really capable. Evan your awesome kiddo!


Squeals and crocodile tears- calgary baby photographer

Oh Holly! I love you! This is a major picture overload, but this little darling is MY niece. enough said. Besides I gotta edge in as her favorite Auntie somehow, when I have such great competitors! Well Holly gave us such a range, if I could show you all the funny, cute, serious faces I would! We had a bang early on in the session, growing baby in a little bowl you do the math. Sorry little girly. Oh my, but that gave us THIS, great big crocodile size tear. Too sweet,Oh and Holly, you and your Mommy are so super pretty together. I'm so glad that we had time to do this.
And then you were done! You hung in there for so many scene changes. Thanks kiddo!


Oh those Brows!- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little guy is my very newest friend! He smiled and pretended to know how to sit up, just for me! We did an in-prompt to shoot and boy I am glad that we did! Alanna, you have such handsome little boys, but this one, I have a major soft spot for! Enjoy your sneek!


My sister loves me!

My sister loves me! A bunch of other people love me too. I had my birthday back in Feb. I am now the big 2-8. I had a great birthday! I went shopping with my Mom, my Sis, and my closest friend Mary Ann, and birthday money, yay! This is probably my most favorite group of women to be with. We went out for lunch after, all child free, which was a heavenly break. Kent put the kids to bed while I got Chiante take out. It was perfect! What was especially fun was that people really know me! Mary Ann gave me Martha's encyclopedia of crafts! and My husband was so brave and so Awesome because he ordered a dozen or so BATHING SUITS from Victoria Secret for me to try and pick out the keeps for our vacation coming up this May (our first real one ever, and without children)! He got sizes right and everything! Babe your the best!
But this year I was especially touched by my sister's gift for me. Nicole you got this one completely right! I have made a lot of quilts but never really for myself. Plus it's just not the same making it yourself. Well my sister made me a quilt! It's totally bohemian, bright, fun, with a vintage sheet on the back that is SO wonderful! I am so proud of you Nicole for how you have immersed yourself in sewing and quilting and just so pleased that you included me in your gifting of such talent. You know I love you! So this quilt got a post all it's own!

Now that's quite a break!

An entire month of no blogging! I never thought I would see the day! But none the less. So on with it. I fell in love with this cabinet just before christmas, at a little local shop called ' Honey B's' It's charming and owned by the nicest people! Anyways, it stuck in my brain and I mentioned it to Kent daily and looked at it every other day online, and only fell deeper in love with this piece. Finally i had to have it and it was just in the nick of time!It's made of reclaimed wood, has a wonderful aged smell and well look at it! So this is a latest love of mine! I still need to decide on the perfect accessories, well and things to put in it. You can see into them quite well! My colander collection looks cute in there, but I only have so many colanders, yes I do collect colanders, it's weird but they speak to me! That's another whole post!
This is the second new love in my life! My sister found this on Craig's List for a steal. I loved it's beat up look and I think it's just the ticket for taking on Photo Shoots and bonus, I love it at my front door in this perfect little niche. P.S. babies look so cute sitting on this little darling, you'll see.
Oh and we Finally made our barn door! We meaning my Father in-Law made the door, and Kent stained it a bit, and I stained it and sealed it a lot! But the track is up and it is a thing of beauty! Barn door on and now we have a way to close off the office from the hooligans!
I feel so much better having that out there! More updates coming your way! I've been saving!