The other highly anticipated....

So I am not ready to be doing this totally. But it has been requested to see a bit of my new house. Well here are some of the corners of my home that I love. Bear in mind that I have not finished decorating and that these spaces all have to grow up still. but here is the rough firsts of the Cranmer residence. We love it here! It's very bright and cheerful and suits us to a "T". Enjoy your sneak peek.

This is our kitchen of course. I am loving all the space!! I can't wait to find the perfect thing to accessorize the counters

Our pretty nook. The table bathes in sunlight all through the day.

Kent designed the fireplace. We are in love with the detail!

This is our master bedroom. It's light and ethereal and still int he works. But we love the vaulted ceiling, our bedding, the light!! And all those windows! It's a nice serene space.

This star adorns Seger's wall above his crib.it will grow up to be his vintage cowboy nursery.

This is a vintage ironing board that I found hiding in a corner waiting just for me. This sits under Vienna's bedroom window With the perfect shades of pink and undertone Green paint chipping around the legs. I love this treasure!

This nesting garland hangs above Vienna's closet. we are doing birds/nature/vintage/quilty in her room.

This is a peek into things to become Evan's nautical room. we're collecting and thinking on the perfect placement.

And this is Evan's "hide away" otherwise known as his closet. It's huge! and so he gets to play house in there with his kitchen. He's domesticated!! And it's a great place to hide all his treasures from the younger two.

So there you have it. Some favorite spaces!

The highly anticipated!

I know you thought photos of the house with that title! Those will be coming! We get out new couch on Tuesday!!! Then i can start hanging pics and making it a home. But the really anticipated factor for today is my cute little monkey in her glasses!!! She loves them and we love them! They are kinda Zebra-ish and funky and neutral and great! Evan has been a little jealous. He says "Mom I need glasses too. I'm sick too" * cough cough* he totally faked coughing thinking that he could get glasses. In the meantime he has been going around the house this morning in his safety goggles form his tool kit, trying to be like Vienna! I think it is so cute that He is trying to be like HER. They must love each other. Copy catting is the greatest form of flattery right?! So here she is happy little angel!



Well I have finally found a pair of glasses for Vienna!! Can I get an Amen! I have searched and searched, i have been to about 15 places. and finally the last ditch effort at an office close to my parents i find several cute pairs! Of course I couldn't have tried this place first! This office was so kid friendly it wasn't een funny and the galsses were the best lookign and most extensive collection for kids that I have found. I would love to post a picture of the frames but..... the website post every style but hers! So you will have to all wait in great anticipation for a picture of them on her darling face! To come in 5-7 bussiness days. Picture, extreme cuteness, nuetral and funky, in the meantime.


Shingles, not on the roof!

(This is not a picture of me, but it's what shingles looks like)

So the other day, I am complaining about baby flub. Say what you want, I know I have some and i am dealing with it! So I am complaining to my sister and lift up my shirt to show her my trouble spot. That's when she points out that I ALSO have a freaky rash to worry about! What the! I look down and sure enough. I call Dr.Mom and she thinks it COULD be heat rash. i take this diagnosis even though it's over the phone and really we are basing it on vague description and the pics on the internet. So Sunday i ask Dr Larsen (B in-law) when this heat rash is expected to go away. he finds this fishy. i show him the suspected area, which has now spread across my stomacha nd wraps up on my back, and gotten uglier. Yeah, he says that's not heat rash go to the doctor you have shingles!!

So I went to the doctor the next day and sure enough i have shingles! What are the chances!!! So now I have this ugly and getting uglier, itching to no end, rash with stabbing pains that resinate in my side freaky illness! So it's basicly the chicken pox virus becoming active in my body again in the nervous system, thus the pain. So this last awhile. More then a weeka nd I am irritable! This sucks. you don't want it! meanwhile I just want to itch itch itch all the time, but I don't think that looks very appropriate. Wish me luck!


Where's the Poop?.......I ate it all!

I hear a noise upstairs. it is unmistakably Vienna running around up there. I head up to discover Vienna in Seger's room giggling (he WAS asleep) Vienna know she is caught red handed and explains. "Mom I pooped" Okay that ones legit. "lets go change you, but stay out of Seger's room" (he'll go back to sleep). I pick her up. No diaper!! "Vienna, where is your diaper? where did you poop?" Vienna exclaims " It's all gone I ate it all!" No way! There is no way she ate. I ask again," where is your diaper?" She points " On my drawers" Sure enough to my relief the diaper is "folded" up on top her dresser. i go to fold it properly. NO POOP! just a skid mark. Where is the poop!!! "Vienna where did you put the poop?". She says annoyed " It's all gone i ate it all..... in the toilet" Fianlly an answer I can handle. Sure enough she has smeared poop on the seat so i have proof of where the poop ended up. We had a little chat about pooping and keeping our diapers on!

So do you think it's time to potty train her? I thought that parents were suppose to be the ones to start flushing the poop down the toilet to get the kid used to the idea, not hte other way around. But we are getting some clear signals now! I just am not ready for it yet. i want to wait as long as possible, until she is doing it herself and I can't stop her. Oh wait that is happening!



My dear beautiful little Vienna may have to be a dork. I am so sad. i thought that Vienna would be able to wear a cute fashionable pear of glasses, but as it turns out, the optic world has destined my two yr old little petite girl to be a dork! There is nothing out there!!! We have found lots of round glasses, which make her look sad, I know it sounds funny, but you put them on and it's like you just slapped on a frown. Her eyes lose their smile factor. And then i finally found the above glasses in pink and orange. They are cute a little bit bright and SUPER expensive. Like we are talking more then my D&G galsses with nikon lenses! And she'll only wear them for a year maybe two if she doesn't destroy them.
Needless to say I just don't want her to look back at pictures and think, "what did you do to me, Mom?" I don't want people to just see the dorky glasses, I want them to see the beautiful Vienna that i love! I just want her to look like her still! So anyways wish me luck on the hunt to find SOMETHING! I have been to 15 places and I am runningout of options. Vienna your Gorgeous no matter what!

(This is her "happy face" this little girl is never dull!)


Growing up

My little Evan is growing up! I have said it before and I am sure that i will say it a hundred times more. Next week He turns 4! I can hardly believe it. But I have been noticing lately that more and more he is starting to have quite the social life outside of me. Weird. I mean i like that he is independent and that he is not a clingy bug. But it is odd to have my child, need me for o long and now just suddenly be on his own in some respects. He has his soccer team now and his preschool group and church friends. I am so glad that he is showing promise at turning into a well functioning adult one day. I just wish he would cuddle a little more often while he is still little. Here are some pics of his preschool friends, which we adore!! Thanks for being part of the gang!







Mother's day

So I had a great Mother's day!! Saturday we took my Mom out for Gilato at a new little place we love close by, and exchanged gifts My Mom got me the cutest gum boots. Now I can splash in the puddles with the kids, and now I have my very own weapon of defense against all the mudd outside my door! i can't wait for just the occasion to wear them. I also meant to get Kent to take a picture me dressed up for church but I toally forgot. I had the perfect accessory! Evan had made me a colourful pasta necklace. It looked like the rainbow in giant penne noodles. I actually got a few compliments on it and may just wear it again! Our ward finally got the mother's day gift right! In the past they have done plants and such, which for me really is just one more thing to keep alive! All I want is a treat, choclate actually. Well this year they got it right! Callebeau choclate bars for everyone!! made my day! kent was amazing with the kids all daya nd le tme take the longest nap ever! Whilest he made us dinner. Steak, mashed potatoes, and cesear salad, with Lemon frizzante to drink! I was feeling quite taken care of! All in all it was a wonderful peacful and very enjoyable day. Thanks Babe for making it happen!


This gets personal!

So, the sad day has come to wean Seger. It's a bitter sweet moment in time for me. i am really in some ways excited to have my body back to myself, i'm excited to be able to wear the rest of my wardrobe, i am even a little bit excited to be flat again (although I am sure that will fade when i look down and just feel pathetic!) But Seger might be my last baby. We don't know yet but if he is, then, this is it. I will never do this again. I know it had to end sometime, but I just guess I was never prepared for the whole having, fedding, providing for your infant thing to end. It's as if in my mind I was going to suckle a baby till I died or something. Ridiculous and depressing I know but the alternative is NEVER again. Seger however is adjusting just fine!!! He's like bring it on! I don't think he cares where it comes from as long as there is lots of it! i even let him hold his own bottle today and feed himself. Freakin out! He's not a baby anymore! Sad.

This is something someone made out of their old bra. Maybe Vienna is getting a new toy! hahaha.



Okay so i am loving my new beautiful home, however, and I know there shouldn't be a however but there is. I hate the mudd! We are surrounded by dirt/ mud, oh and it's raining. We are the first house to move in on our block i think and therefore have a long time coming in this stuff. I don't even have a driveway or sidewalk for that matter, just dirt and more dirt! Our landscaping can't go in soon enough. But we have to wait for them to do our final grade first. In the mean time..... the day after we moved in we hadn't put the safety locks on yet and evan let himself and Vienna outside. Evan showed some self control, were as Vienna within seconds was in the biggest sink whole of mud she could find and then lost her shoe and then stepped in it with her sock. This was the result! YAY!


I have no patience!

Okay so i wonder if it's not actually that i don't have patience or if it is rather that I like praise? I am so proud of how cute this quilt turned out for Vienna's room. It's not fantasticly complicated but I really wanted to use a real plether of fabrics, so i kept it simple. Pictures of her room are still comiong I just couldn't resist a little tease. Lucky for me vienna loves her quilt to and it is really helping bring htings together. These were taken late at night before i put it on her bed so the lighting isn't great, but enjoy your peek none the less.


been a long time!

So we are officially moved!!! it was a long day april 29th but we were able to make it happen with help from all of our family and some friends. So the unpacking is in full force and I have even found some time to finish Vienna's quilt!! So we are that much closer to some unvieling pics of the house. i think I'll do it one room at a time, make it more dramatic! maybe just one room per week even, really create a cliff hanger situation! Anyways Vienna's will be the first to be revealed, hopefully in one more week! It's gonna be gorgeous!!!
In other news my baby boy isn't so baby anymore! Evan had his first soccer game on sat. And despite the disorganization of a U4 soccer league, e managed to score a goal! He was so proud of himself!! I wish you all could have seen him adjusting all of his equipment and grinning from ear to ear running htat ball down the field. It was about half way through the game that he realized that there was an objective and that he was gonna get himself a point no matter what. Towards the end of the game one of the other teams players grabbed Evan around the waist when he was on a roll down the field and it completely brought him to tears. " that kid tried to stop me!!!" poor guy!

More blogs coming your way. i have so many saved up in my mind, now I just have to remember them! Stay tuned!