Sepia Love!

I just wanted to brag a little! This is my super cute niece Lola. you've met her before, but...... it wasn't in sepia! I'm in love!Plus One in living colour!!


Home made!

This Christmas we did some homemade crafting. I forgot to take pics of some fabric embellished shirts I did for my SIL and a peacock brooch I did for my other SIL. But here are a few of the bigger projects. (WARNING: picture overload!)
This first one was a blond wood DVD holder I got on Kijji for $15 and then converted to a kitchen with real taps and all! The taps came out of the rafters in my sis basement and we had the paint left over, and I made up some 'food' to get them started. Cookies and eggs. This went to my adorable Nephews! Super fun and I couldn't have done it without Kent's help, we were on a super time crunch!
These checker board quilts went to my nieces and nephews respectably. This was super easy to do! The tutorial was one that I found last year and you can find it HERE.
I did up some custom wipe containers that a friend taught me how to do. These were for my two newest nieces. Gotta change diapers in style!
This one was the big under taking! A crib set for Lola! You may remember the girly room I did for my SIL Daria awhile ago HERE. Well this is the crib set to compliment. I did it in the same fabric series ( Darla by Tanya Whelan). But a different colorway. So I patterned the quilt after my Pink-A-Boo pattern. I made scalloped bumpers, with breathable batting, and a tulle pleated bedskirt! I had so much fun doing this up. I set it up on Felix's crib to get the full effect so please ignore how absolutely wrong that blue wall looks next to all of this pink! But that's what kept me busy and away from this blog all December. Next year I vow to start these projects sooner!!
My Helper Evan! Sorry these are not great shots! I was in a hurry with a lack of lighting.


Stone's- Calgary Family Photographer

Stone's always know how to have fun! This crew was large, cold, and brave! We got some great shots despite the chilly day. Way to be troopers! Next time lets do Spring pictures! Here is your peek, enjoy! So many more great ones to come......


Christmas bells rang!

Christmas bells rang loud and clear at our house! I think the best part of christmas morning, was Evan. He ran into the room and went right past all the Santa gifts and went straight to a tiny little box. He grabbed it and run back to me and exclaimed " Mom I made this one for you!" That's the spirit of Christmas, the gift of giving, and he got it! My Mom went to great lengths this year to have a 'Nana club' to help the kids make gifts for one another and few others. The kids begged me each and everyday to go to 'Nana club'. Thank you Mom for making that happen! Here is a peek at our home this past christmas. Happy New Year to you all!