Fall special!

Lizzy Anne Photography is taking flight! I have been so thankful to the Larsen family and others for their help with my portfolio work. I do mostly weddings. but would love to up my family portrait sessions. So with that in mind I have a crisp fall offer! This is a great time of year to get your picture taken in the fall leaves, in a cute sweater you have been dying to wear, or just get a leg up on that christmas card assembly, cute family pic complete! 

This Fall offer includes:
1 to 2 hour family session with me
Up to 3 locations
& a disc of your top 20 images
All for $150

First 5 bookings get a complimentary 8x 10.
Bookings will be early evenings and weekend Oct 1st through 31st.
e-mail me at lizzieanne@shaw.ca

P.S. I do weddings! 

What's in a name!?

Okay so I was just reminded by Dorrienne that I never really addressed the company name post below. So I appreciate all the participation in coming up with a name. Although most of you  agreed with Daria. And well so did I, but Elizabeth Anne sounded too formal for me. So I guess Daria was kinda a winner and so were the rest of you that agreed with her. And well I decided I liked studio added on there so Katie kinda wins too. And since Daria and Katie are family, and will one day get a quilt anyway, and I can't make 10 other quilts to giveaway...... I made an executive decision!! All who commented in the name entry automatically get 5 bonus entries in the quilt giveaway coming up!! So you get a leg up!

As for what I decided on for a name...... drumroll please........

Lizzy Anne

(Possibly to be spelt with a 'y' instead, we'll see)

Thanks for asking! and you should see my first original Lizzie Anne design very soon. And with better graphics!


long break over!

So thanks if your one of the ones that has checked my blog everyday waiting for me to post something!! Wellll wait no longer. i have been madly working to get my test quilt made and my pattern finalized. That's right my very own design published! well by myself... but still, I am excited and hopefully so will others be.

So here is a peek at my project........ The fabrics read totally bohemian/ retro. And i love it! they actually remind me of a batik blanket my Mom once made that i am in love with!!!!!! And always have been. So you know what this means don't you? You must all be guessing by now. or hoping anyways. That's right there is a quilt giveaway coming your way!!!! It's off at a master quilter getting it's final touches. So check back... because it's just a matter of time before i list up the giveaway and your entries begin!

i can not even begin to tell you how excited I am that this is coming to fruision. I have been dying to giveaway a quilt for awhile now. and the fact that it is my own original design just makes it that much sweeter. But really i am always so happy to see my creations go to good people. And I hope that they get loved like no tommorow! I think that this is going to be a highlight experience for me. I can't wait to share it with all of you! So be sure to come back and enter, enter, enter!

Flip Flop!

My sweet baby is becoming a toddler!! So I hear a thud from upstairs..... I wait for the cry....... nothing. So i assume it is one of my other hooligan children jumping around. 30-40 min later I here Seger chirping/crying. "Oh good he's awake" I go upstairs, but as I get closer to his room i realize that he sounds like he is awfully close to the door considering where his crib is. I open and behold.......

He has totally flipped himself out of his crib and has been trashing everything he can reach! What a little stinker! 


Good things to come

Hi! okay so I am working like mad on some things but I promise that this break is bringing good things..... and a prize..... and a winner..... Just hang on...... i'll post soon!


breaking heart

I don't know how many of you have heard of the Nielson family (NieNie) Stephanie and Christian Nielson  were is a private plane crash. Their instructor was killed and they have both received extensive burns 30% and 80% on their bodies. Go HERE to read her sisters blog. this family is an incredible example of family strength and commitment to the gospel. I am sooo touched by these people. Myheart goes out to them in this time of need. There are links and such on her blog that will direct you towards ways to donate to their medical fund if you wish. Amazing! People from all over have put together auctions etc. to help these people. When you read their story you'll know why.

P.S. This sounds so incredibly self absorbed now. But I am still figuring on a name for my company. I am loving the suggestions and there is still a winner to be picked. There will be a quilt given away as a prize! So get thinking! And read the post below if you have no idea what i am talking about! Thanks!


feeling super blessed!

As many of you know i like to quilt. I make lots of quilts, and up until my last one I have never kept one all for myself. Well that's not changing anytime soon. My Wonderful, talented, beautiful, gracious, generous, loving sister in-law Daria has hooked me up with a very talented designer Patty Young. Who does a great many of talented things also. She is a photographer, clothing designer, graphic designer (her note cards are really stunning), and now fabric designer!!

Well the long story short. i am designing a quilt for her to help out with her fabric debut at the Portland quilt market this fall. It's an amazing opportunity! I also get to sell my pattern!!!

But I need a name! I have come up with a couple of ideas. But I got to thinking.... what says 'ME'. I think that we all view ourselves a little bit differently then others may view us. I got to wondering what do others think of when they think of Elizabeth Cranmer?? So here is a call out for suggested names. That's right I am wondering what you think is just totally me and would make a great company name. Make a comment and who knows maybe I'll even give out a prize! Did I mention I make quilts!!! Hint hint!

Okay so fill in the blank "___________________Designs"