My Parents - Portrait

These are my parents. They were recently called to serve in the new Calgary Temple, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Find more information HERE. In the Temple all the workers wear white, from head to toe. It's so pure and simple. My Mom happens to think that my Dad is handsome in his white suit and likewise my Dad of my Mom in her white dress. At my Dad's request we took some pictures for my Mom. Since it was such a great idea I weedled my Mom into the same style photo shoot with the dress she has worn since they were newlyweds, without my Dad knowing. Christmas Day it was so fun to see them surprise each other with the same gift!
I love these two individuals so much. I've always loved them. I love them so much more as MY parents, now that I have children of my own. I get why they didn't parent us equally, but instead they parented us fairly, to each of our needs. They have been so wise, and continue to be. I love these faces.
I must also add, how much I love having my loved ones in front of my lens. I love to take my time, more then I usually do, and really get it right. This is why I love photography. Capturing the expressions that call back moments in time, evoke feelings of love and remembrance. I am so grateful that my family appreciates me and allows me to photograph them. It really is so selfish on my part. This is what I love. Thank you for letting me grow and learn.

Love You,


Dugdale's - Family

The Dugdale's welcomed me into their home just after New Years. A great session to start off 2013 with. Larry reminds me of members of my own family. I loved the friendly banter and genuine nature of this whole group! I was even treated to a musical number on the double base. Thank you so much for having me and I hope I see you all again in the spring when we can venture outdoors and explore your beautiful property.


Myles - Baby

 Myles is a Christmas baby. He is joining a special club of babies that have had the amazing honour of being born so close to the Holidays and reminding their parents, and others, of baby Jesus. Myles was so alert for me, those bright eyes didn't want to miss a thing. He is obviously a bright child already! Thank you for having me capture Myles.