Our busy home

So our home feels very busy these days. Seger is into trouble of every kind! He doesn't really like to play with toys, but instead everyday objects and things of the off limits sorts. We were talking on the door step with a neighbour the other day and well I let Seger come out and explore. He had grabbed Vienna's crocks to wear and then proceeded to find mud! Not hard in our yard at the moment. Well by then I just had to let him go for it. See the results for yourself!

Other then that Seger and I are sick. Seger again, or still, and me finally. I have been trying to fight off this cold, but it has finally set in. I feel a little icky! I do however get my tooth infections tuff taken care of Wed. and so that should help boost me up. My belly is G-r-o-w-i-n-g! I will post pics sometime this week when I am feeling a bit cuter about it all.

Evan is well emotional. I hear people say girls are bad, but seriously Evan is so sensitive and emotional about everything!! I'm going a little insane. I hope it is just a phase, but am franticly trying to find a way to help him. He's also been having night terror's once or twice a week. They are so intense and he just shakes like a leaf. The poor kid.

Vienna, what a girl! She is a clepto in the night! Seriously she putters after we put her to bed, much to our shagrin, and when we check on her before going to bed ourselves, we have to de-clutter her bed. She had usually pulled about 20 things into bed with her. tucked around her, inside her pillow case, whatever. This is an interesting phase that keeps us puzzled and laughing! Oh and right now everything is "awesome" in this little girl's world.

Well this is one back post up and just a couple more to go! Quilt update coming, and boy is it a Fantastic one!! And a little about my birthday this past weekend.




Late post:

Yesterday we made up some cute valentines for Evan's preschool class of #24! Man did he bring home quite the loot bag of valentines with numbers like those. Anywho, found the idea on the internet and thought we'd give it a go. I made a template out of cardboard from our box of mac and cheese we had for lunch. Traced and cut out of that craft foam. Evan was so cute "these are hard work Mommy" he seemed to appreciate the effort and have fun helping with them. We did a variation for Vienna's class and just put a Hershey kiss in the middle of the flower. More to her level and she seemed equally as impressed. Anyways they were fun to do! Happy Valentines to you all!



So sorry for the blog gap. I tried to do a valentines post a few days ago. The kids helped me make some really cute valentines for their classes. However I am having some tech difficulties with my card reader. So that'll come later.
In the meantime though I seem to be having a dental emergency! Okay that's a bit dramatic, but it hurts soooooo bad! I mentioned a little tooth movement and soreness to my big Bro who happens to be a great dentist. He wants to see me. I drive to Lethbridge because the pain is getting a little more frequent and strong. It turns out I have a huge infection above my front tooth and it needs to be pulled. I didn't want to look like a pirate and so we decided not to pull it until we had a replacement. Well, the pain keeps getting worse and I'm pregnant and paranoid about taking meds. but the risk of infection at this point outweighs the risk of the meds. So I go in soon to get that all fixed up. I won't bore you with any of the gory detials. But this is so gross and not fun! Wish me luck! In the meantime biting food seems to be a luxury I can't afford, lots of smoothies and soup!

On a cute note. My Niece Freyja a while back had to have her front tooth pulled due to an abcess. Well She is giving me all sorts of advice on how much it hurts, and about being nervous. " Are you nervous" she'll ask. " I was brave I didn't even cry when they pulled my tooth" Everytime I call over there she has a new tid bit to share with me. We're tooth buddies now!


Recent Photoshoot

P.S. These pics are so much better large scale. So double click on them if you want a better idea!

This is my brother Nathan's family. His wife Daria and my handsom as ever Nephews, Dylan, Joshua, Brigham, and Noah! I did this photoshoot recently of them and well I have narrowed it down to 191 amazing shots! Here are a few of the highlights! We had a ton of fun despite it being a bit of a blustery cold winter day. I really enjoy capturing each of their personalities. You are one gorgeous group! I'm proud to call you family!
A kids view
Good looking dentist
love birds
'the way you look tonight'
who could resist
hot shoes!
Big Bro, Little Bro
I am due to have this baby at the beginning of June. But I am planning on booking some family shoots just before and probably about a month after. If anyone is interested, contact me for details by email at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com


Project Time!

So this may be anti-climatic now that you have all waited so long. But here is one of the projects I have been working on. This is a baby quilt that I made for my good friend Sharla. They are having a little girl, of course, and her name, is Lola! Could that name be any more perfect! I think that this quilt has Lola written all over it. I made these little fabric flowers to go on top and I love their scoochie nature. I realized as I was editing the pics though that I forgot to add the cute buttons I bought for the center of each flower. I will have to go back and add those for sure!! Anways the colour is a little wonky on my monitor, So I hope it rings true for the rest of you.

The other projects I have been pulling off are: Everyday living. This has been a challenging one for me lately. I am finding the mood swings in this pregnancy to be not so kind! I feel like a bit of a wreck, with tears ready to flow at the drop of a hat, and a little bit of rage not to far behind. I know that I am being ridiculous when I am being just that. I just can't seem to do anything about it.

Oh and on Jan 23rd I pulled off (sorta) a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband Kent. It was so fun to have some friends gather, eat, play rockband, and 'the celebrity game' sooo much fun! Kent was a little suspicious, but all in all it went well. I was very tired after the whole ordeal. Surprises are a lot of work!! Thanks to all of you that helped me pull it off.

Oh and the next project in the works is a fun one!!! My Bro and Sis-inlaw are adopting the sweetest little girl!! We are calling her Little Miss for the time being. Well Little Miss needs an amazing room seeing as she will be the only girl with 4 brothers! Daria has 'hired' me to make the quilt and such in the room. I have free reign! And that leads to SO many ideas! The collection is by Tanya Whelan a friend of Daria's, and famous in her own right. It's pieces of the Darla collection. I'll try and post some 'along the way' pics of it all. So stay tuned!