More Beautiful Women - portrait promotion

When we did the first 'BeautifulWomen' shoot a couple months ago, it resulted in these gorgeous images. It also spurred on a conversation about beauty and the women behind the physical exterior (found HERE) I felt closer to each of the women and privileged to be able to capture a piece of who they are. I had a number of you approach me about the possibility of doing this again. It has been so rewarding that I want to keep this as an open project, and do another round of sessions.
9:30am - 3:30pm
45min-1hr session - 25 images on disc
for only $180
This is the perfect day for you to get your picture taken if you haven't already. An opportunity to capture you right now. To capture you how your kids and husband see you. To feel beautiful and take a moment to be pampered.  Remember you are beautiful exactly how you are! Come with a fresh face, and your make-up will be done by Artist Coby Topilko (again). You'll also have a phone consultation on styling.
This time round I am so privileged to be shooting in the Custom Built Home of Katrina Da Silva. It's Beautiful, bright, clean, light and modern. We'll have fun and be most definitely inspired by our surroundings. (click HERE to see pics of the home)

Times will be as follows
9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30
(you will need to show up 1/2 hour before your session time for make-up and any hair touch ups)

To sign up leave a comment with your preferred time.

Always remember you are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think & twice as Beautiful as you'd ever Imagine.  Author Unknown


Levi - Portraits

Little Levi was in front of my lens a year ago as a little 5lb cutie. Look how much he has grown this past year! We had some ups and downs, teething and all, but nothing a little Sugar wouldn't fix! Another cake smash success.


Typical Saturday - Lifestyle/Family

I wanted to follow a family through a daily routine with a little added fun. I feel as though the magic that is in our everyday is so fleeting. I wanted to capture those simple moments, the spirit of a family in their home. The Fairbanks' were generous enough to be my volunteers. I came over just after breakfast, Pj's still on and beds unmade, perfection! 

Yes Fairbanks' have started their own little clan of chickens! SO Adorable!
 Some time fore cuddling.
 This was priceless! Dorienne and James from everyday, to romantic and right back into the routine...
Thank you so much for doing this little project with me! If anyone of you would like to have the magic and motion in your everyday family life captured, let me know and we'll book your Lifestyle Shoot today.


Those that could - Family

Those of us that could gather did. My parents and my sister and I were in California for a wedding and really just had the best time. I gather with both often with children and husbands in tow. This although a departure, was so pleasant to be just the four of us. Sister, child, parent dynamics all in place and so much fun! The last day my Brother and his wife (lucky for us), couldn't resist coming the 6 hours to see us. I had forgotten what a 'Conor' hug felt like. It was so good to have my hands on his actual face! I missed my brother more then I realized. He means so much to me. Oh and Greta! My niece, is just beautiful!! I'm in love with her!! Holly too, but she was a moving target! This was such an amazing trip, the family time, events, banter, scenery, I loved it all. Of course we also came upon Zoltar from the movie 'Big' while we were on the Santa Monica Pier. Why wouldn't we! I couldn't resist. Zoltar fortunes all around, even for the skeptics!