Bro and his family- Calgary Family Photographer

Conor and Katie, since your SO far away, I thought I would give you another sneek peek just to say your pictures are ready!!! You beautiful couple you! Missing you guys terribly as I edited these. Can't wait till christmas!! I love you guys!And Daria you too can stop stalking my blog for pics of this beauty! Here Holly is, just a teaser!


Calgary- Family photography

This many smiles in one place...... now that's fun! Richards' family your group was so well behaved! I had a great time working with you. Good things come to those that wait! Glad we did it when we did. See you with the rest of the pics soon! Enjoy your peek!


Calgary-Wedding Photography

Oh Meg and Jorge!! You had me in stiches! You two are a great couple. Thanks for hangin in there for all the parking fiasco's. I have to say though..... the pictures are proving it all worth it! So Sneek your Peek you Beautiful couple!


Calgary- Family photography

It was a chilly, very chilly morning! But we managed to steal a few smiles out of these youngsters. Meghan and Ryan you have a great bunch there, emotions and all! I really loved doing your pictures and I am so glad that you saw my vision from that location! I am still dying over that door! Here is your sneek peek, enjoy!


Calgary- Family photography

Howarth Family! Boy were you trooper's! We took pictures in gusting winds and just as we finished it started to rain and howl! I'm glad we hung in there to get these great shots. I'm still feeling pretty special that Remi warmed up to me the way she did, what a cutie!! And Caden's intense smile had me feeling happy as I edited your pics. Enjoy your peek!


There once was a tiger.....

There once was a tiger named Evan. Halloween of 2007. I was thrilled to have that little roaring machine back then. However.........
This little roar-er was not my cup a tea the other morning!
Vienna went on a bit of a black PERMANENT marker spree the other day before I even opened my eyes. She got the cushion on the couch (luckily old playroom couch), she tagged the kids table and chairs in the playroom, her PJ's, a brand new toy, her arm, and you guessed it her little brother!!
I asked her why she coloured on her little brother and she said "Seger wanted to be a tiger" I then had to ask, already knowing the answer, "Did Seger want to be a tiger? or did you decide for him?" Vienna replied "I decided for him". Lovely! She even told me how he didn't like having it done. Swell!
We did manage to get the marker off and all before Dad returned from hunting. By off I mean still there but, I had Vienna scrub the wooden chair with different remedies, some her idea, until she understood that it WOULDN'T come off. All while me and the boys had some fun making muffins (My Mom's idea. She really saved Vienna's bacon, and talked me off the ledge that day) Vienna thought we should use the industrial scrub brush to get it off Seger's face. So we tried it on her arm first. I think she got the message! Seger had some faint marks the rest of the day, but I guess now he knows what it's like to be a tiger!

Anyways the table and chair could use a coat of paint.... winter project I guess. I'm laughing about it now. But I wasn't then!


Calgary- Family photography

Rachel has been a friend of mine for awhile, and a long time lurker on my blog here. I hope this post brings out the inner- commenter in her though, because this is HER family. All that red hair! I came home with my mind still spinning with ideas for this good looking group. Had the weather been not so bitter, I think I could have gone for hours! Enjoy the sneek you guys!