Put on your gloves!

Get your gloves on and put em up! We are going for round three!! We are sick AGAIN!!!!! how does this happen? honestly? I am disinfecting all the time!! We are selling the house and there for the place is very clean and yet here we are infested with germies again. this time we have bronchitis. Evan started, within a couple of days Seger and then Vienna and now me.. However when we were at the doctors yesterday they would only give me a prescription for the boys because Vienna wasn't bad enough. Well guess who had a 102.5 temp all night with caughing, The lovely Vienna who now I have to take back to get her the exact same prescription!!!! I am so mad! I don't want to go back a day later for what i knew i needed and I don't want to be sick!!! Anywho at least it isn't something worse i guess. They aren't throwing up. However they have started getting the runs. happy happy joy joy! So here's wishing me some luck!

I have been really brought down by being so sick this winter. It has sucked the life out of me and I have been super super stressed about the houses. I think those around me have even made it clear that the stress is VERY evident. I am feeling just a little beat right now. i have so many projects and things that I want to do but just don't know when or how. I am so frustrated by that because I always find a way and that just isn't happening right now.

On the upside i have amazing fabrics for Vienna's bed set and I have my pattern all figured out. I also Got the most perfect collection of fabric for Seger's vintage cowboy room and I can not wait to sew it up. not to mention just a darling and totally perfect little quilt planned and ready to sew for my soon to be nephew!! I will have to at least post the fabrics to tie over my ambitions. They really are gorgeous. Somehting I CAN get to! anyways prayers are always welcome. Seger is especially sad with his non cry little wimpers just constantly begging you to be cuddled. The cuddling is the fun part of them being sick!


The new digs!

So the house is coming along brilliantly! I am so excited they are going to be dry walling today!!! YAY! It's going to start looking like a house! I just can hardly wait for this place to be done. here is a couple of pics of the so far's.
1. is the exterior, siding almost done.

2. This is the living room, i love our square windows. And the fireplace is going to be really incredible when it's done! Kent designed it.

3. This is where the kitchen is going to be on the right and the nook is off to the left there. the pipe coming up will be the island.


This many!

Today's my birthday!!!! Yeah! i am 26 and thrilled to be. i feel very blessed to have my life, faults in all. My three gorgeous ( If I do say so myself) children and an amazing husband that made me eggs benedict for breakfast (muirhead tradition), and bought me shoes as an early present! I am still waiting to hear from a couple important people (yes this is a solicitation) But my kids just woke up and so now it's time for me to go back to that happy , sometimes very un-perfect, but wonderful to me life!


It's official!

So it's official our house is up for sale!! I have never sold a house before, just given notice. I am so excited to move into our next house. However the other day it hit me that we then have to leave this house! With the htings I don't like about this house that should be okay but, then i realized that this is the house we have brought each of our babies home to. This is where all of their memories are. This is where we built our lives up for the last 4 years. I am going to miss it. So I guess i will have to take lots of documenting pics to savour the home that i want to tell my kids about one day. Our first house up for sale, yikes! So hopefully it doesn't take long to sell, and hopefully i don't become "Nazi Mommy" with cleaning demands. I have been nervous for months about showing a house and still having 3 children! But I have the placec spotless at the moment and it looks great! Wehave worked so hard to make improvements around here. Wish us luck!!

our posting is at........


Valentine be mine!

Happy Valentines day! Evan and I made some valentines for his class. i love that we did it. i am officially a "mom type". So evan wrote "notes" to each person and was quite proud of himself! here's what we made. the caption says "I've got my Eye on you". Evan was so thrilled to get valentines form the other kids and we made valentine cookies yesterday afternoon with Freyja and Cora, the kids loved it!!

As for my valentine... well Kent and I aren't all that big with our celebration of this holiday. we both have birthday's book-ending this occasion and so really we enjoy the day, a good excuse to " celebrate" but really I am pretty lucky that Kent tries to spoil me all year round and as those who know me can attest that he does a good job!! I love Kent, he's amazing! He really cares about me in such a uniquely genuine way. he puts in so much work to make our marriage better all the time. He's a perfect match for me! So i guess I am one happy gal this valentines day! hope it's a great day for all!!!


Fave pics of late!

These are the faces I am so blessed to see each and every day! Sweet, chubby, beaming, little faces and little moments. I love you each!


I matey!

Evan and I made a "pirate wheel" for his room this past week. Evan is so proud that he painted this himself (with Mommy's help at the end) It started out just an unfinished wood wheel from micheals. We love how it turned out! Evan is so excited to be part of the decision making in his room. My Mom just found ship wheel sheets in blue as well to match. Evan is stoked. Thanks for the find Mom.


baby Jesus

Vienna has become quite attached to my Mom's porcelain doll of Jesus that she keeps in a manger at christmas time. The baby Jesus due to great attchments has not been put away yet until today! Vienna and I stopped at my Mom's to get some gorgeous dresses my Mom bought for the girls (I'll post pics after church) and Vienna had carted along her own baby doll today. She kept asking my Mom and I where the baby was. so the hunt started for her baby doll. We found it and pionted it out to her. she walked over to the baby doll and booted it across the room with one swell kick! A little disturbing of a sight! I couldn't believe it, but had to laugh. Then she asked where the baby was again. we pionted out baby doll. She yells at us saying " no, baby JESUS!". I burst out laughing. she totally kicked this baby doll just because it wasn't Jesus. We need to work on our Christ like behavior skills!


A touch of personality

This is a dresser in Evan and Seger's room. I have been wanting to add some personality to it for a long time now and i finally did it! It was originally a $24 dresser plain white from wal-mart, nothin special. i recovered the drawers with some of kent'sold dress shirts, a pair of jeans and the plaid is something I had kicking around to tie the blue and yellow on the room together. i am so pleased with it. i know it's not everyones taste but i think that it is cute! of Course evan is not liking any kind of change these days and hates it!! the kid wil just have to get use to it i guess! cause I love it!