Lily Greenwood - Baby

 Lily caught me while I was in Victoria this summer and we squeezed in a quick maternity session. It was great to see Lily and her growing family. Making babies is hard work, but so beautiful. I hope that everything goes smoothly and that your kids love up that new baby!


The Other Cranmer's - Family

 One of my greatest pleasures is photographing my family. I love to take pictures and be able to show them how I see them. I have a wonderful family. I am surrounded by loving and amazing people. Kirk and Lindsay have lived close to us all our married lives. We have watched them build their family, and vice versa. Our kids play and we help each other. Lindsay serves me so effortlessly. I appreciate Lindsay for her kindness and generosity and Kirk for his helpful nature and sense of adventure. Our kids are getting such a great experience of growing up truly together with daily carpools and play dates. I am so blessed to have all 5 of you in my family.



Summer 2013 - My Kids

This past summer has been quite simply perfect! I tried to slow life down..... that giant force that seems to propel forward no matter what. I don't know that it worked entirely, the slowing down part, but life was a focus. Life with my kids, and my husband when time allowed. We started off our summer just me and the kids and a road trip! We drove and drove and drove. We spent time with family friends and then drove and drove and drove back.

I made a goal to not yell. I admit that I am a yeller. I have always raised my voice in frustration, as long as I remember. But I think that it's time that I grow up. Time that I control my childish fits and focus on the kids. let them yell when they need to and show them how they could do something else instead. This might possibly have been the best thing I've done yet. The response and progress that was/has been made is invaluable to me.

14 hrs of driving to get back home. The kids were burnt (swimming all day for 4 days straight) and I was outnumbered. But we were gonna have fun no matter the length of time. I must say the kids were perfect!! I've never had such well behaved children. Happy siblings playing lego for hours and colouring to hearts content. All that time and we only resorted to our technology for one movie. It was the best way to start our summer. It only got better from there.

The kids have started to show an interest in photography. So an interest they will explore. We stopped whenever we saw something beautiful....... or had to take yet another pee break. I took pictures and then passed the camera over with faith. Evan is getting to be just the right height, and skill. He has a great eye actually. I was so impressed with all the pictures he took of me. I can't tell you how cool it is to see my kids discover talents. I love my children. They are beautiful little people. They teach me.