Christmas Crafting

It feels so wrong not to have a picture to go with this post, but everything I am working on is so top secret I can't share! I am having so much fun doing it though. So much fun in fact that I couldn't bring myself to go to sleep until 4 am.... a couple of times. Kent does snow removal and therefore is gone for large amounts of hours at a time, and usually in the middle of the night. I don't like to sleep without him right beside me, so I sew. I have to tell you I have been getting so much done!! However my body gave last night. It made it very clear that I was not to take another snip, stitch or anything of the sort! It was time to sleep. SO I did and now I'll have to pace myself. I hope that all of you are having fun with your christmas projects. I love this time of year. Using both my skills and creativity in marriage to make things for the ones I love. There is just something so sweet about the anticipation of giving that can't be described fully. But I'm sure you know what I mean. I'll let you in on our plans for teaching the kids about such feelings in another post. For now I am enjoying seeing others projects pop up in blogging and I can't wait to share mine after Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!


Clara Blessing - Baby

Clara was just blessed this past Sunday. It was such a great opportunity to see family and celebrate this perfect little girl. Lindsay it has been so fun to spend these sessions with you. I have really enjoyed being in the warmth of your home and seeing your beautiful family a little more then usual.


Isaac - Baby

Baby Isaac is this families greatest miracle. Despite this being their first time as parents, these two ooze nothing but experience. You are both so calm and loving and you can just feel how at ease you are being home with baby Isaac. Just as it should be.


Christmas Bunting

This was my very first Christmas project this year. I saw one in Anthropology that was similar and I couldn't stand to be without it! But at $180 cnd I thought I could make my own. This is my version and I am so happy with all the colour and vibrance. This is now hanging at my front entry and I think I can tackle anything Christmas now! One of the other plus' is sharing this project. Evan and Vienna both were eager to learn how to blanket stitch with me. Well learn they did! They helped do the stitching on all the circle and are now working on buntings for their teachers for Christmas. In total this project only cost me around $10 in used materials. SO FUN!!!


Photo Album Offer- Client Product

I have been busy 'making' albums for christmas gifts and I found myself wishing that my clients could do the same with their images. It is such a great way to get your pictures off your computer and in a place where they will be seen! The albums are so clean and fresh and professionally bound. Hard bound or Soft cover. Can't you just see your families beautiful faces all over these books!!!???
Now for the good part.... I am offering to do up an album for my clients, with the images from your session. The albums are 11X8.5 and the perfect coffee table book to brag with. You can either do it as a gift for the in-laws or just to have yourself! The books will have my personal touch to ensure a good flow. I'm only doing a limited number as we are getting close to christmas!! orders must be in to me by Dec 1st. Contact me with the info on my side bar and have a merry Christmas!
Hard cover is $80 or Soft cover for $75
The back of the book


Doug - Portrait

Doug is an old friend, and does some neat things in motivational speaking. Check out his work HERE. This was a lot of fun! You look great Doug. I hope these work for you.


First Things First

Before I can start posting about christmas projects and my beauty of a tree (yes it's up already), I really need to post about the kids Halloween. I am not the hugest Halloween person. i think it's fun and all of that and I s=certainly eat enough of the candy to appreciate it, but I hardly decorate. This year though the kids were desperate for something more then pumkins. SO I got caution tape and spiders and webs etc... well guess what the tape didn't come off! Dollar store stuff just peeled leaving behind the color allover my front entry outside!! Never again!! But on a happy note, my kids were super pleased. Evan insisted on being a Zombie, I think I delivered. I refused to buy something cheap for not cheap at all. Vienna was a snow princess, Seger an Astronaut, and Felix a cute Elephant!! Glad I got that out there. Now onto Christmas!!


Harding's - Family

These boys are truly sweet brothers. I loved seeing you guys again and swooning in their smiles! Thank you for your patience. I hope you love your images.