I think that it is only fair to dedicate a whole post to Seger's 'fluffy' feet. All summer he has been confined to a single pair of sandals. His feet are so tight and thick that we cannot find shoes that fit his sausage like feet! Today I put on a pair of running shoes that did fit him a month ago, but today... the feet were to Fat! They aren't too long, but some how they got fatter!! I love his little 'snap on feet', those chubby cankles. and all the fluffy glory! However now he refuses to wear any socks or leave any shoes on. With how uncomfortable they must be for him I don't blame him. But winter is coming!! What am I going to do with this child? That's if I can even find boots to fit his feet! He has troubles making that corner in the boot, unless they are 2 sizes to big! In which case the 'waddle' becomes almost dangerous! We often refer to him as a little penguin, boy wouldn't it be easy if he really were!

I found 'Champion' runners at payless in Wide. Their velcro so they don't close to the tightest but they stay on, and his chubby foot gets into them at least. The 'Airwalks' we tried and now way! But that put us on the right track so thanks Jenny!



So things have been interesting around here! I don't have pics, so sorry! But I'll tell you all about it!

Vienna fell flat on her face and her glasses broke open her eyebrow AND somehow caught the bottom of her gash in between the glass and her frame. We pried that open to release the skin and got her eyebrow glues. It's about 3/4 inch long right in the middle of her eyebrow. The doctor though was not that great, and accidentally glued the corner of her eye as well, and then pried it apart. Can we say OUCH!! The glasses are a little warped now too!

Then Vienna cut her own hair!! Lovely! I took her to school that morning. I was so busy getting her hair into pigtails that i hadn't noticed. Well when she was at school I found a clump of hair, and another clump, and another clump, and one more clump ( luckily this last one belong to the cabbage patch doll) Well she did one chop above her chin, another below her chin on the opposite side and another random chunk in the back about shoulder length. So we got Layers!! It really could have been much much worse!! What if she tried to give herself bangs!?? Well her reasoning for this little haircut was that she wanted to have hair like her cousin Cora, who by the way has a chin length Bob, very cute on her! But I love Vienna with Long hair! It'll grow right?.

Seger has had a series of little ouchies and well Evan is just growing up way too fast!! Felix too for that matter! He started to squeel with delight just the other day, and may I say it is adorable!! This baby is just too perfect!

That's us! Oh and me, I survived it all and cleaned my house too! It may have been under duress but I did it and I'm glad I did. Thanks for listening! Pics from more recent shoots to come!! Baby Holly in all of her very own glory and more!


My Neice, and the quilt!

Holly-Bo- Bolly! I love this little girl! She has the cutest upturned nose, and is so petite! Conor and Katie are in town with this little bundle and so we had to get some pics of them as a 'family'. Apperently this location is a family favorite, so I hope your not sick of it yet! Enjoy your sneek peek you guys!

Oh, and this is the quilt I made for Holly that I've been promising pics of. It's all fishy and fun! I even did some hand applique for the first time. It's not perfect but it's a start! (Those purple fishies are stuffed and hand done).


Calgary- family photography

Prepare yourselves! This is going to be a lot of pictures!!

Cranmer family your first up! Kirk and Lindsay you guys were great to work with. There are SO many good shots to choose from. Here is your sneek peek and the rest will come soon!

Christy if you see this keep scrolling for yours!

Christy, gorgeous pregnant Christy! No one would believe that you are just weeks from delivering your fourth baby!! But the evidence is there with those handsome boys you have! You too have SO many amazing shots to choose from, here is a sneek at the first few.


When the cat's away....

Those mice they will surely play!! You know your 4 kids had fun with their Daddy, when this is what you drive up to. I can't even begin to tell you how all that colour and 'fun' hit me when I came driving around the corner and saw this spectacle. I had to laugh. At least I know that Dad was taking good care of thema nd letting them indulge in a little fun. And I came to know that those HUGE buckets were full of water at one point. They washed the truck and had a blast! The best part..... Kent even had them cleaned up and bathed by the time I got home.

It made me smile!


Felix Blessing

Felix, Felix, Felix! This boy has been the light of our home. A lot of very good things centre around this little guy.On Aug 16th it was no different. We were so lucky to have Kent give him a name and a blessing that day at church. We had a lovely brunch before hand and even some of the great grandparents were able to travel and attend. Kent and I felt so good to be surrounded with close friends and family that we loved that day. We got this handsome heirloom outfit for Felix and it arrived just in time. It suited the occasion perfectly! Here he is the hamming it up for the camera.
Oh and we just weighed him, he's 3 months now and weighs 13lbs. He just keeps getting taller. I don't think he'll be quite the chunk Seger was/is. But something about those skinny legs just looks right to me! Felix, little fellow, I love you to bits!


Catching up with the bunch!

So yeah, sorry for the absence! We have been up to first days of school for Evan (kindergarten) and Vienna (preschool) And I have been busy on that quilt and doing some photography. Made a batch of homemade SPICY salsa,
OH and I had a little more oral surgery done. I now have an implant ( that isn't a tooth I discovered, it's metal put into your bone... fun.) and will get my tooth in, in three months of healing. So all I want for christmas is One Front Tooth!
The day after my procedure Seger had a day operation on his "boys" he needed them brought down due to a double hernia. So rough day yesterday, but he's almost back to normal aside from the surgery sight.
Oh and in there we went camping as a family for the first time with a bunch of really great friends and some family. It was so great!! We had fun and went through a corn maze and had a blast! SO here are a splatter of pictures to document the various above mentioned. Their not all stunning, but at least we know it happened! ENJOY!


Calgary- family photography

This shoot on THE hottest day of the year, was perfect in this shady alley of trees. This is in fact my Sisters family. Good lookin bunch hey! I had a blast playing with these kiddo's. I already love them and after this I think I may have edged in to front line for best Auntie!! Enjoy! I'm still booking into end of October. Call or contact me.