He's arrived!

Seger James Cranmer 7lbs 8oz 19.75" long born Saturday August 25th @ 1:43 pm. I am so thrilled that he was two weeks early and totally healthy! Seger has what has got to be the most gentle newborn cry that you have ever heard!! You really can't take him seriously! He is so loved by Evan and Vienna. Vienna is still learning to be gentle. Evan however has got this major responsibility thing down! They are all so cute together. I am feeling beyond great! By far my best recovery! Seger was my longest labour and somewhat scary too, but he was my smallest baby and that i am greatful for. Heavenly Father truly loves me to have sent me three such perfect little spirits to dwell with. I am feeling so blessed and tremendously loved. Life is so good!


Get out!!

Okay so I am now 38 weeks and 2 days, but who's counting! I have decided that I am goign to be pregnant forever!! But we all know that I am secretly hoping that my water breaks in the next 5 minutes! I don't think that I was ever this overly anxious with the other two. Probably compareable but not quite matched. I want to just meet this little guy! The good thing is that with all of this false labour I have been able to crank out some sewing projects for the little guy. I did a blanket one night, a new matching body pillow for the carrier, a new hood for the carrier etc. It has been nice to get things accomplished and everything, and I have definitely been nesting, but the nest is READY!!

Even Vienna and Evan today wanted "the baby Seger out". Vienna lifts my shirt and tuggs on my bellya nd grunts trying to get him out. And then says she "can't reach!" Where as Evan thinks that since I have a "button" it must do something! So surely if we just pressed it the baby would come out! I wish!!

Anyways my family has been great to listen to me gripe and complain and waddle around! Thanks guys for hangin in there. i even swear my mom is getting sympathy pains! Thanks guys! I love you and just remember I will be much nicer in just a few hours days, please not weeks.


posting pictures!

I am hoping to post a picture just like this one in the next day or two! My actual due date isn't until Sept 4-6th ish I know..... however I started having contractions last night around 12 pm and they ahven't stopped since! I'll be it they are the easy variety, but they are consistent none the less! This of course has my hopes up that i am going to have this baby early and that his what i percieve to be gigantic little self will be here any minute! But I am trying to prepare myself for the worst. The contractions could stop. And I might have to wait yet another couple of weeks or more. But we all know that I get "excited" and therefore that is not totally registering as a reality. So pray for me please!!! I want to ahve this baby! I am so excited and happy at the thought of meeting his little smoshed face.
I am feeling so wondefully connected to this little guy and can feel such a tender spot in my heart already set aside for his wonderful spirit. I just feel as though he will be a peacemaker in our home. Or at least bring peace to me. Something that i am just realizing that I can't wait for. A third baby and a true blessing! I can't wait to introduce him to all of you!


reverse order!

The donkey's. Evan had a healthy grip! And as you can see I am very pregnant!
Vienna at the park. Evan actually took this one! Cool shot, inside a whale.
Vienna in one of the tractor wheels.
Evan playing in the pea's from the combine.

I am probably posting these in the wrong order so be sure to scroll down. But while on vacation, we went for a couple of jounts into towna nd out to the farm. We went into Med Hat. and visited Kent's Grandma Mable and took the kids to the park with her. So much fun! It was actually one of the biggest highlights of this trip was that we got to spend some real quality time with both the Grandma's. They told us so many stories and really shared so much with us about themselves! I was loving hearing about the family history and who they were once upon a time. Moments you don't get often.

Then we went out to Kent's Aunt and Uncle's farm. The kids had a blast!! Evan rode in a swather and sat in a combine and went on a quad and saw huge tractors and rode in the grain truck! And then to top it off we ate crabapples that were " delicious!!!!" As Vienna says it, and then went to see miniature donkeys at the farm next door. So cute! Again such a fun visit with family we don't see very often. Check out the pics and then I'll be done! for now. i still have to post one more exciting milestone of Evan's but maybe tommorow!

So then we went on vacation!

Vienna helping Dad wash the boat.
Yes we played that hard! Evan fell asleep mid eating after a day at the beach.
Kent fishing.
Kent and Vienna having a good relaxing snuggle.
Kent and I try to get a week alone out at the Cranmer Family Cabin. This year we were able to do 10 days! My parents came out for the long weekend and that was a blast! The kids just loved having them there, and I enjoyed seeing my Dad without his technology for a couple of days, although the trio was in tow! The environment out there is so great! I love being in nature and surrounded by tranquility. I am alwasy amazed at how much i needed to be peeled off the ceiling. I get so relaxed by the end of the visit that I really almost never want to return home. We are so blessed that we have this place to go to and that it's free!

Here are a couple of pics from the trip! my dad got some better ones, so you might want to check the photo blogs too!

This is playing catch up!

So I have been absent to my blog, however for good reason! I was making the most beautiful quilt for Daria to give to her friend as a baby gift. i decided to "teach" myself some new skills while doing so and thus the absentness from blogging. I had so much fun learning on this quilt and at the same time have never stressed so much about a project!! i just wanted it to be perfect especially since it wasn't mine! My Mom and Kent can both tell you the breakdowns that insued! All worth it though as you can see. And it didn't hurt that there were a couple of happy accidents! Here's some not so great pictures but you get the gist!
And then reason #2 why I haven't blogged next post!