Summer time!

It finally feels like summer around here. This past Sat we decided spur of the moment to go on vacation.... that day! We've been at the family cabin and loving it! We just came home for a couple of days to regroup and go to dr. appt. etc. We leave again tommorow. The quilt is done, almost. I just have to sew the binding this weekend while I laze in the sun ( or while my kids run around me on the deck). Pics to come of the beauty on Tuesday. In the meantime you'll just have to enjoy this pic of Seger's chubby hand! He loves the water and he just couldn't resist this leaking water pump on our walk. See you soon!


Set for production!

So this is going to grow up to be a very cute throw quilt. I just grabbed this from the wrong file I realized so the colours aren't as vibrant as in real life. But you get the idea. I'll do it right with the finish product. Sneek Peek anywho!


Happily Ever More....

My little guy is smiling! And not because of gas..... but because he hears a familiar goofy voice. He' seven trying to 'coo' already! He's staying small, getting long, and thinks he should be a grown up boy! Here are a few flashes of the handsome little smiles we are discovering from our little guy! Felix stay small just awhile longer. I love our naps way too much. Lovin you little bug.

P.S. I haven't forgotten that I have other children I swear. I am doing a fun shoot of the four of them very soon! 
P.P.S I do still have that sewing project to show and tell, I just need to take pics. I've been cranking out some cute baby slings for friends before I get started on this quilt. But things to look forward to for sure!


My sister and her family invited us for a family hike. So we ventured out and had a wonderful time! There was some potty drama with the kids, and cherries to slather their faces in pink juices, and most of all the most gorgeous scenery!! I couldn't get over the beautiful views and the little grove of trees. The kids love it! I loved it! Here are a few moments we captured.
Nicole (sis) and Bjorn and that sweet boy Finn
Kent and I at the top
Best pals!
I love my Man with our baby!

the 'little' boys
Vienna and I sharing a fun giggle
This is the look of sheer delight!!!

Oh and Baby Felix! He is perfection! He really is only waking up once a night..... by that I mean waking up at 6 or 7 am, virtually morning anyways. He smells so sweet and I wish you could all have a wiff! You can't help but be happy with this little guy around.


A large group!

I recently did a photoshoot of this large group. They were good sports and well here's a couple faves. I know that I haven't blogged in awhile. So this post is really just to hold off the e-mails from Daria until I can get a post up about my actual life. It's coming I promise! There is even a sewing project to blog about too!