Tenley Joy - Calgary Baby Photography

Tenley Joy, you are just that! Joy! Oh my I just didn't want to put this sweet pea down! Her little chunkiness, and delicious rolls and pouty mouth, oh she is just precious! Here's a peek! Merry Christmas!!!


Afton- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little 'Gem' was just about as close to perfect as a baby gets for me! She was so sleepy and quiet, and calm. She participated so well! I always fall in love with the babies that have all that dark hair, it reminds me of my own babies. Oh and can we talk about the chubbins! 10lbs 10oz at birth and this little darlin is now 6 days old and so extra squishy! Enjoy her to pieces Sarah. She'll sort out her nights and days eventually! In the mean time she'll butter you up with all those rolls of hers.
Oh and P.S. I got started on this sneak peek, and well.... apparently I have no self control! Your baby is too cute, and now your pictures are done! I'll be by my Mom's tomorrow, I could drop them off to you then!? Merry Christmas early!


Vienna's 5th Birthday!

My only little girl is turning 5 on Dec 20th. Her birthday is so close to Christmas that we decided to have her party earlier when friends were still available. Vienna and I talked and decided on a tea party theme. Vienna is all girl!! I love that she gets enjoys being so girly! I put on my vintage apron and played the part of the server while the girls sipped tea, sparkling juice and ate little delights! We had Precious Sadies come and teach the girls how to make genuine crystal and bead bracelets. It was so fun to see each of their personalities present themselves as they tackled their patterns and picked their beads. Every girl went home with her original design. The girls were little ladies to a 'T' each in their favorite dress. I'd do this again any day! it was so much fun! I love you Vienna! My baby girl!

I'm a giveaway!

So if your local, and you love great accessories, and you love my photography, then I have a deal for you! A wonderful talented soon to be great friend of mine, Bree Johnson of Coco Rose Couture is putting on a fun cocktail party Details HERE. She will be selling her accessories which are bright, fun, colourful, and chic! For every item you buy you get a raffle ticket to win a FREE Family Photo session with me!! Your welcome!

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Meldrum's + 1 - Calgary Family Photographer

When my life long friend asked me to do pics for her sister (also a friend) I couldn't be more excited! The more I edit these pictures the more I see you, Diana. She is just so beautiful! I love her little wild streak of hair, and Suzanne, that snow suit is very possibly one of my favorite things!! I'm so glad that I could be part of capturing your memories of this little one and your beginnings as a family. Diana and Bryce you make love seem easy. Here is your first peek.

* P.S. The pics are ready!

I'm this pretty girl's Aunt!

Lola is my sweet little niece. Although she was not in the best of moods this day, her favorite Aunt was able to bribe a smile out of her with some delicious cupcake (made by my friend Dorienne, thank you!). Lola your out of this world voluminous curls are to die for! And your perfect vintage look always melts me! I love you pretty girl!