Houston we have a problem

Don'r know why this one tilted but whatever!

Seger is one persistant little fellow! He normally is very laid back like his dad. Pretty calma nd cool with everything, however he has become a persistant thumb sucker despite my best efforts to deter him. I haven't exhausted all my options yet but I am gonna! i don't want a thumb sucker! You can't take a thumb away. But none the less he is still adorable! And as a side note he is really huge it is not just my imagination! He is already 17lbs and only 4 months old on christmas!! healthy Cranmer! We love it!


through a child's eyes

At church today Vienna was sitting on my lap because we were waiting our turn to go up and bear my testimony. As we are sitting there, the man behind us is teasing and smiling at Vienna. She totally was digging it and she is just giggling and being shy and flirty. She keeps hiding behind me anad then popping out to play a little bit more. After a few minutes of this she says to me in a whisper " Mom, that's Santa!" This guy was just super friendly and older and kinda "jolly" in stature, but no beard or anything! It's so fun that she sees christmas everywhere!

P.S. she was wearing this dress. My Mom made it for her for christmas! She loved it! She ia all about being a princess in what she calls her "cookie dress" ( there is gingerbread men on the fabric) Thank you Mom for making my kids always look so cute!



So last night my Mom orchastrated a fmaily home evening with gingerbread house decorating, and of course refreshments. Nicole and Bjorn brought their chocolate fountain over and pineapple and pretzles and Kiwi etc. were dipped! Sounds nice doesn't it?

The best parts though were when my Sweet Evan..... rememeber how cute he is..... Totally tipped the table off of the pedastal leg and the gingerbread house slid across the table carreening to it's DEATH, when my Mom caught it just in time while we all grabbed children, candya nd the table and tried to regroup. Again rememeber how cute he is. Luckily all was well. but of course this was the only moment the camera was not on for. Dangit we could have won America's funniest home movies!!

But now you ask, why is the title chocoalte with a pic of a fountian? Good question. Not only a half hour later Kent and Vienna are sitting around the fountain dipping away, when the fountain goes hay wire and falls apart while speading up the pump and flings chocolate in a circular motion around the room!!! Kent caught the falling parts, Vienna took the blame though innocnet and my Dad stepped over and unplugged the machine. Why we didn't stop and take pics before clean-up I don't know!? But there was choclate everywhere and all over Kent about waist hight and down. Now Evan trolls over to the scene and sees Kent covered in chocolate and asks.....

" Daddy can I lick you?" Too funny!!!! Needless to say it was an eventful FHE. I love christmas!


not to forget the former post

Not to forget the former post because that still isn't over, but a new challenge has arised in my daily life.

Keeping Seger safe! I left Seger on our ottoman which is huge on his playmat ( he can't roll off I promise) and I left the room. When i came back i found him on the floor on his playmat! Evan and or Vienna had moved him without a peep! Scary! About an hour later Evan came to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up " Mom Seger needs you he's sad" I said sure and I would be there in a minute when i heard Seger very close by, cloder then I had left him. I ran to the top of the stairs to find Evan had carried him and proped him up on the stairs. " Mom he's heavy!" He attempted to pick him up and put him in his bumbo not to long after that! Evan ahs found a new playmate and Seger doesn't know it.


blog envy

This post comes to you from a joint complaint. It seems that Daria and I both have blog envy. Dad this ones goes to you. It appears that You frequent Katie's blog, as we all do. However we know this because you comment on Katie's blog. Now is it that perhaps you don't frequent Daria and I's or just that you don't comment? Daria noticed that Katie writes alot about food " maybe we need to blog about food?" She says. I had to agree food has always been an integral cog in ways to make my Dad feel special! I have made countless lunches for my Dad and always get a fair response, but We want more! Dad, Daria and I are desperate for your blog love! Share the wealth!

(True test is to see how long it takes for Dad to comment! He He)

P.S. Just to insure the deal I thought I would add in something about meatloaf....... If you recall you had a delicious homemade meatloaf the other night served with a side of garlic mashed potatoes (similar texture of your Mom's) and a delicious sweet garden salad. Does the mouth water? Are your fingers reaching for a keyboard?


Get away!

This past weekend was Kent and I's 6TH anniversary! How exciting! So Kent as per tradition booked our weekend get away at the Baker Creek Chalet's just outside of Banff. We have gone almost every year for our anniversary since our first visit on our honeymoon. They are these amazing little cabins in the middle of the forest right on the bow river. No phone, no cell phone service, no TV. It is a true get AWAY from everything! We had a great time! It was amazing to rediscover our adult conversations that don't involve diapers etc. Seger was in tow, but he is such a perfect baby we almost didn't notice him!

OOOh and Earl's, when you are in Calgary next, we have already decided that a drive to banff to have dinner in the amazing Chalet bistro is in order!! Food you would appreciate!!!!! They have this amazing world class chef in this tiny little oasis. The prices are seriously reasonable and huge portions and the fancy shmancy flavours and food! i mean my steak came with a side of "pomme frite" otherwise known as the most amazing homemade fries you will ever have! The stuffed mushrooms, Kent's salmon, homemade bread, homemade icecream etc. We are doing it!

Anyways, aside from the atmosphere, I was so grateful to get away with Kent, the love of my life! I enjoy him so much and never tire of his company. Thankyou for spoiling me Babe! i love you!

whirl wind!

So lots of things have happened to bog about and now the question is just where to start!?

I just got a new calling as achievment day leader and I am really looking forward to serving inthis capacity. i think it is one of the best callings to have. i have watched my Mom and Katie ahve this calling and it seemed like fun!

Also i have been sewing up a storm, (pics will be later as we need a new camera!) But I have been making aprons and paint smocks for preK kids and tutu's the cutest ever! and blankets and baby slings etc. I am enjoying so much getting things accomplished! It has been a real boost!

Vienna, Evan and Seger have been growing like crazy!! Seger in particular is Gigantic!! My milk supply actually dropped and the chunk was almost hard done by for a day or two! I am on medication now to up things and Seger is back to eating mass amounts of food! It take s alot to sustain a body mass like that!

More to follow....


7 things about me....

Okay so everyone else that Daria tagged is doing it, so i guess i am jumping off the bridge with the rest of you!

1. I eat candy in even numbers only. I know insane, i am a little OCD about everything in my life and this is aparently no different. kent took a candy out of my hand which left me with three and I think that i yelled something like " don't i have to eat in even numbers" He looked at me with that " you freak" look and well i guess that's when I discovered that i am OCD even when i don't realize.
2. I remeber almost every Phone # I have dialed. Every now again one gets away from me, but usually you can ask me for any number I have dialed and I could tell you off the top of my head. Comes in handy!
3.I don't do My art work as often as I should because of fear. I am totally terrified that one day I will ppick up a pencila nd that i won't be able to draw anymore. Totally panics me!
4. I don't allow Kent's clothes on MY Side of the room. that's right I have a side! Crazy I know and it totally makes kent laugh when he does put something on my side becasue he knows I can't help but let him know what he has just done!!
5. i love leftovers for breakfast. Cold pizza, cream peas, mashed potatoes, are just a few things that fall into that catagory. Although i don't do it mucha nymore, becasue Kent totally thinks it is disgusting!
6. i laugh like a village idiot when i am pregnant. i totally get a different laugh when I am pregnanta nd laugh uncontrolablly for no reason, although Kent would say that i am laughing at myself laughing most of the time. it's true and wierd and it toally freaks Evan out. He tell me to stop it and gets scared! oops!
7. I love to have my ears played with. It's not a fetish or anything but I think it is because my dad use to play with our ears when we layed our heads on his lap in church. Something odd i know.

So that's me, well 7 things about me anyways, reallyt he tip of the iceberg if you know me. But hope you enjoyed the sneak a peak!


when it rains it pours

So the kids got lots of gravol after thurs/fri throwing up fest. And I am happy to report that they are back to their regular antics! However kent started to throw-up last night and now isn't feeling so good! It seems to be running it's course! I just hope that Seger and I don't get it! I mean really I don't have time to get it!

So on Sat just as we recovered from sick kids, my sister in-laws water broke! Yay! However that also meant that their little guy was joining our troops for the night and next day. he's a great little guy don't get me wrong adn in fact was very well behaved, however when the three kids are all together they are WILD!!! So I had little energy that night. By the time I was done putting The four to bed I was a bit tearful. Evan caught me and said:

Evan: Mommy you sad?
Me: yeah i'm sad kiddo
Evan: Mommy do you still love me? (ouch!)
Me: Of course I love you! I love you very much (hug)
Evan: Mommy your mine... And your Vienna's... and your Seger's.

I love that my Son reminds me that i have a support team, and that i belong to each of them, just like I always tell him that he's my boy when he's sad. the kids brilliant and sweet! Now if he would just go to bed!

In seperate news. Lindsay (my sister in-law) had her baby boy Tommy, ( Thomas Ephraim ) Sat night 7lbs 12 oz i think. Congratulations to them! he is very sweet and will be a special spirit in their home, as he has downsyndrome. This news came as a shock to everyone. We are thankful that he is here safely, but there is alot of adjustments as you can imagine. They are doing so well with it so far, but can use as many prayers as possible I am sure.

Cute moment with evan tonight. he has stars on the front of his pullups that tell you when he has peed. We were changing into them for bedtime tonight when he says "stop, i want to see if they match!" And then he ran to the window and opened the curtain and held them up to the sky. Too cute!


funny and not so funny moments!

So yesterday was a bang! I mean a hum dinger!! So Evan is STILL choosing wetehr or not to be potty trained. the last few days have been good however! Well yesterday Vienna decided to join the fun she stripped down ( not that uncommon these days) only this time she took off her diaper too, while I was on the phone. I knew I had a couple of minutes. i started to go on the hunt for her when I realized she was in my room. i entered just in time to catch her as she was about to fly over the side of the toilet. She had one foot in the bowl and was attempting to mount the seat for her own potty time. I helped her do it properly and then she pretended to go pee.

Then I went to help Kent out at our storage yard in the middle of nowhere with our sander for snow, when I ran out of gas. So I stayed in the creepy yard with the kids while Kent went to go get gas. The temp dropping by the minute!

Then, (yes there is more) I put the kids to bed alone while Kent goes to help his Dad build his garage. And at midnight as Kent and I are just getting to sleep We here gagging and puking! Evan is totally throwing up all over his bed! I clean up, we bathe him, get everything changed. then he come sinto our room a few minutes later, and throws up in our bed. This is no longer an isolated incident!! Kent leaves for gravol, while I clean up again!! Then I hear a familiar gagging, now from Vienna's room. She is totally throwing up all over herself and her bed! I start to clean up and get her in the bath. She stays in the bat until I get gravol in her.

BUT..... We have to get them to stop throwing up long enough for gravol to kick in!!! Vienna throws up on her new bedding, I change it again, Evan is throwing up again but at least in a bowl now. Finally gravol saves the day and at 2:30 we get back to sleep.

6 am gravol wears off and we start all over again!! Welcome to my day!

At least Seger just has a cold!



Halloween is so much fun! The kids are getting older and it's not me just dragging them to the doors and telling them what to say anymore. Evan was a speed demon going from house to house. Vienna did retty good once she got the hang of it. Her little "trick or treat" was so cute! Seger slept the whole time in his little pea pod! There were some parents going on about how cute the three of them were ( I liked it!) and they exclaimed " these ones deserve more candy then the rest of us, they are so cute!" A fun proud Mom moment! No to tame the sugar highs that wil ensue for the next few days! Vienna's a duck, Evan's a tiger, and very proud of his face paint ( not make-up, he insists) and Seger is a pea pod. Not the best photo, but our camera is dying a painful death and so we are lucky to even have the pic at this piont. Somehting we will have to remedy!

P.S. The skunk is thier cousin Talon


Seger's blessing

Okay so we did it! We blessed Seger yesterday! It was great Kent did an amazing job. I am always so impressed with how the preisthood really takes over and brings about our Heavenly fathers message for these little ones. I am so thankful that i have a husband that is worthy to have placed that blessing on Seger. I feel so blessed to have a little peek or insight into what this special spirit holds in his future, and a glimps at how my Heavenly Father sees this special spirit that I get to hold inmy arms everyday. Truly a bigger then me moment.

These pictures are far from perfect, I think we are almost all looking in the same direction. Seger all scrunched in his blanket, it was a chilly day! and then my very failed attempt at getting all three of my kids together. Oh my! Vienna actually for the first time EVER picked her nose int he only good shot! Why do they pick those moments with an audience to do soemthing so disgusting and new! Anyways a little insight into our special day!

Thanks to all those friends and family that came! it was great to have you all there!
P.S. More pics of Seger and Vienna's outfits in all their glory to come. They were made special by My MOM!)


kids say the darndest things

Evan: What happened to your tummy Mom?
Me: (while rubbing on stretch mark cream) nothing.
Evan: you have a baby in there?
Me: No, no more baby in there.
Evan: yes you do! You have a baby sister in there!

Apparently Evan doesn't think I am done~


happy boy (post 1 of 2)

If ever you should find my little sweet boy in a not so sweet mood (it happens all the time) then there is a magical spell that snaps him out of it. It goes like this.... "where... is .. my ..happy boy?" for some reason this statement seems to snap Evan into an immediate side grin as shown above, ala lightening mcqueen. No matter how distraught Evan is he responds and thanks goodness for that!

P.S. this is the tea party that Evan set up for me in the morning. AKA tupperware on a blanket!

12.5lbs (post 2 of 2)

yes! 12.5lbs! Seger is rapidly growing! He's still small in that newborn way, but man is he filling out fast! He may look small to some of you but Seger is by far my chubbiest baby thus far. I love this little guy so much. His sly grins crack me up and he gets these worried hound dog eyes sometimes that melt you to a puddle. I am noticing how big he's getting because we are blessing him soon and that just makes me wonder if he's going to look like a toddler when kent does the 'lion king' presentation of Seger at the end. In all seriousness I am sooo happy that he's healthy and growing. I am in love with chubby babies and now I have one!



So apparently I haven't made Blogging enough of a priority lately. I recieved notices from both my momand sister to step it up. okay they said it nicer more like it would be nice to see an update but you know. Anyways i digress. i haven't been blogging because I have been to busy proving to myself that i can do three kids, and that i don't have to give up life as I knew it to do so. I am pretty tired as a result, but I also feel like i could take on the world! I mean I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago with all three and it was a successful trip including potty training staying on track, a feet that beats me most days.

I am finding being a Mom of three, three and under is really fulfilling. i don't have much idle time and I am likeing that. I am finding myslef implementing more routine. Not that I have ever digressed from that much for those that know me. But I am enjoying having goals in mind each day, a better focus.

Evan goes to a home playschool that I belong to with 4 other mom's, twice a week. i workout at an arobics class put on by a lady in our stake twice a week ( goal in mind there- get thin again!) And Fridays we take it easy at home catch up on laundry etc... Naps every afternoon of course and some sort of outside activity afterwards, dinner, bath, bedtime. Within this new found routine I have been able to make better use of my time. I am finding the time to give each of my very special children thier own time with Mommy. Vienna and I have started to have a little date while Evan is at school and Seger sleeps. Seger gets lots of time being held and nursed. and Evan and I play for a bit after the other two go to sleep.

The last week or so of doing this has made me remember in those moments when i have just yelled at them, that maybe they don't need the mad Mommy. I came to this conclusion becasue the more time I get with them that is focused the more I am discovering my kids, thier spirits. Evan has become such a tender heart. he expreses it in a whiny manner sometimes which can be wearing, but if I remember that his little spirit just has hurt feelings it is so much easier to deal with. He is so loving always giving me hugs and kisses. Vienna is still sassy which is also wearing, but then I realize she must just have this larger then life spirit in this tiny little petite body of hers just burstin out. Then I smile and just think of myself when I was little. Seger is waking up! The lights are turning on and he is recognizing us and we are getting to know him. I love his little sly grins!

So what i am saying is that I love each of them and that all this structure I am becoming a better Mom then i was. It very much reminds me of the gosple. The gosple is a very structured entity and for good reason. the Lord is making us all beter people. He loves us and he already knows or beautiful and large spirits. All this realization makes me want to goa nd sit and read the scriptures for hours. If a little is good alot must be better!


Poor guy just trying to survive!

At the end of it all back to my perfect gent!
So, I have figured out what sends Seger into painful gas fits. I eat Bananas! Who knew that such a thing could actually set off an infant in such a brutal way. the poor guy is just miserable when i indulge in anything banana. So my little Seger had to suffer for a few days while I figured all that out all because I had to stuff myself with a banana loaf made for me and a yummy salad that Katie made. i couldn't stop myself and therefore.... So no more bananas for this nursing Mom!



If you can't hear the baby crying, do you still have to get up? Seger truly has the smallest cry I have ever heard. perfect for a third baby! However i really can't hear him unless I have him in the same room as me. My baby monitor is going to be used over time with this one! Seger is such a patient baby, and actually he spends more time growling then he does crying, seriously we need to call him grizzly! All in all, Seger has been a great blessing, and now he also doubles as bribery to keep Evan in his own room at night! (they share a room). We are just loving his little self!


He's arrived!

Seger James Cranmer 7lbs 8oz 19.75" long born Saturday August 25th @ 1:43 pm. I am so thrilled that he was two weeks early and totally healthy! Seger has what has got to be the most gentle newborn cry that you have ever heard!! You really can't take him seriously! He is so loved by Evan and Vienna. Vienna is still learning to be gentle. Evan however has got this major responsibility thing down! They are all so cute together. I am feeling beyond great! By far my best recovery! Seger was my longest labour and somewhat scary too, but he was my smallest baby and that i am greatful for. Heavenly Father truly loves me to have sent me three such perfect little spirits to dwell with. I am feeling so blessed and tremendously loved. Life is so good!


Get out!!

Okay so I am now 38 weeks and 2 days, but who's counting! I have decided that I am goign to be pregnant forever!! But we all know that I am secretly hoping that my water breaks in the next 5 minutes! I don't think that I was ever this overly anxious with the other two. Probably compareable but not quite matched. I want to just meet this little guy! The good thing is that with all of this false labour I have been able to crank out some sewing projects for the little guy. I did a blanket one night, a new matching body pillow for the carrier, a new hood for the carrier etc. It has been nice to get things accomplished and everything, and I have definitely been nesting, but the nest is READY!!

Even Vienna and Evan today wanted "the baby Seger out". Vienna lifts my shirt and tuggs on my bellya nd grunts trying to get him out. And then says she "can't reach!" Where as Evan thinks that since I have a "button" it must do something! So surely if we just pressed it the baby would come out! I wish!!

Anyways my family has been great to listen to me gripe and complain and waddle around! Thanks guys for hangin in there. i even swear my mom is getting sympathy pains! Thanks guys! I love you and just remember I will be much nicer in just a few hours days, please not weeks.


posting pictures!

I am hoping to post a picture just like this one in the next day or two! My actual due date isn't until Sept 4-6th ish I know..... however I started having contractions last night around 12 pm and they ahven't stopped since! I'll be it they are the easy variety, but they are consistent none the less! This of course has my hopes up that i am going to have this baby early and that his what i percieve to be gigantic little self will be here any minute! But I am trying to prepare myself for the worst. The contractions could stop. And I might have to wait yet another couple of weeks or more. But we all know that I get "excited" and therefore that is not totally registering as a reality. So pray for me please!!! I want to ahve this baby! I am so excited and happy at the thought of meeting his little smoshed face.
I am feeling so wondefully connected to this little guy and can feel such a tender spot in my heart already set aside for his wonderful spirit. I just feel as though he will be a peacemaker in our home. Or at least bring peace to me. Something that i am just realizing that I can't wait for. A third baby and a true blessing! I can't wait to introduce him to all of you!


reverse order!

The donkey's. Evan had a healthy grip! And as you can see I am very pregnant!
Vienna at the park. Evan actually took this one! Cool shot, inside a whale.
Vienna in one of the tractor wheels.
Evan playing in the pea's from the combine.

I am probably posting these in the wrong order so be sure to scroll down. But while on vacation, we went for a couple of jounts into towna nd out to the farm. We went into Med Hat. and visited Kent's Grandma Mable and took the kids to the park with her. So much fun! It was actually one of the biggest highlights of this trip was that we got to spend some real quality time with both the Grandma's. They told us so many stories and really shared so much with us about themselves! I was loving hearing about the family history and who they were once upon a time. Moments you don't get often.

Then we went out to Kent's Aunt and Uncle's farm. The kids had a blast!! Evan rode in a swather and sat in a combine and went on a quad and saw huge tractors and rode in the grain truck! And then to top it off we ate crabapples that were " delicious!!!!" As Vienna says it, and then went to see miniature donkeys at the farm next door. So cute! Again such a fun visit with family we don't see very often. Check out the pics and then I'll be done! for now. i still have to post one more exciting milestone of Evan's but maybe tommorow!

So then we went on vacation!

Vienna helping Dad wash the boat.
Yes we played that hard! Evan fell asleep mid eating after a day at the beach.
Kent fishing.
Kent and Vienna having a good relaxing snuggle.
Kent and I try to get a week alone out at the Cranmer Family Cabin. This year we were able to do 10 days! My parents came out for the long weekend and that was a blast! The kids just loved having them there, and I enjoyed seeing my Dad without his technology for a couple of days, although the trio was in tow! The environment out there is so great! I love being in nature and surrounded by tranquility. I am alwasy amazed at how much i needed to be peeled off the ceiling. I get so relaxed by the end of the visit that I really almost never want to return home. We are so blessed that we have this place to go to and that it's free!

Here are a couple of pics from the trip! my dad got some better ones, so you might want to check the photo blogs too!

This is playing catch up!

So I have been absent to my blog, however for good reason! I was making the most beautiful quilt for Daria to give to her friend as a baby gift. i decided to "teach" myself some new skills while doing so and thus the absentness from blogging. I had so much fun learning on this quilt and at the same time have never stressed so much about a project!! i just wanted it to be perfect especially since it wasn't mine! My Mom and Kent can both tell you the breakdowns that insued! All worth it though as you can see. And it didn't hurt that there were a couple of happy accidents! Here's some not so great pictures but you get the gist!
And then reason #2 why I haven't blogged next post!


Another fun one!

So this quilt is for a friend of mine. I thin kthat she is fabulous and fun and that her and her gorgeous daughter could pull off this baby quilt. It's totally off the wall and bright and I love it! the pics don't so it justice, but at least you get a taste. Some of the fabric is actually scraps from a twirl skirt that my Aunt Maggie did. I added some others and I htink it made a great reinvention. Anyways just a little of what i did this week!


Evan George!

Evan working with Mom and Dad on the pavers. Quite a strong little boy!

Evan has been quite a character lately. i think it's ever since he hung out with all the big kid Earl boys. He is all of the sudden Mr Independence. He was already well on his way with his "I do it myself"'s But now not only does he say that but he is doing it too! The other night he stripped down as he usually does on hot nights for bed, only this time he included his underwear. He came into our room saying" I have to go pee" we rushed him off to the potty quickly and then sent him back to bed, insisting htat he put his underwear back on. he wasn't impressed, but gave his standard response these days "alright" with great reluctance. Then inthe morning he didn't want to get out of bed (totally new) and instead stayed in bed an extra 1/2 hour while the rest of us had breakfast. When he finally emerged he had gotten his naked self dressed back into his pajamas and informed me of it and asked for his cereal. I was cracking up that he didn't want to sleep with clothes but knew that it was inappropriate for coming downstairs. Too Cute!
Evan's other thing is that i ahve noticed that he doesn't really say his "L"'s and so i thought I would test out a few words with him.
Mom- Evan can you say... Liz
Evan- iz
Mom- can you say little
Evan- widdle
Mom- can you say lemon
Evan- Moooom, I can't do this game. It's to hard!

And now when he doesn't really want to play or it starts to challenge him he lets me know just like that." I can't play this game"

Anywho, just revelling in my handsome little guy!


ever have one of those nights?

Well last night was one of, THOSE, nights! As I mentioned in my previous post our house was beyond smoking hot last night. I am prego but not even a prego version of me has ever sweat that much! And kent was suppose to goa nd get slurpees for us to relieve the discomfort and decided to get our windshield chips fixed which took forever and left me with a toally melted slurpee, not as tasty as the slushy kind! Things did look up ofr a moment, we started a movie, which was great and my slurpee recovered in the freezer for later consumption.

But then Vienna woke up with a persistent fever that she had earlier in the day and with the heat int he house was too miserable to sleep. We medicated her and let her cool down with us in the living room and with a little slurpee. But then she didn't want to go back to sleep!!!! I was up until 4:30 am trying to get her to bed, little monkey! But as I was going back and forth between the bedrooms I noticed a tiny wet spot. I thought maybe from bath time or whatever. But by 4:30 it was clear that it wqasn't my imagination and that the spot was getting bigger. i woke up Kent and then we discovered......

Our bathroom in the hall was completely flooded!! The water was about a 1/2 to 1 inch deep! It had been flowing into the hall carpet for several hours from what i can gather. The carpet was sopping wet! I used about 15 towels to soak up the water as I didn't want to wake the kids with the shop vac. What a mess! Kent emptied the tanka nd shut off whatever valvie thingy and we cleaned up as best we could and tried to get some sleep which was hard to do since it was already getting light outside.

So today Kent's Dad has coem to the rescue and is going to fix it while I try to dry out the carpet somemore! What a dissaster!

So grown up!

Okay so i know that it is probably lame to post a blog about my daughters hair... again! But last night it was so hot!!!!! Our house was cooking and Vienna had a fever too. We gave the kids baths to cool off before bed and then I french braided Vienna's hair. It worked! She looked sooo cute and totally sat still for it. When I was done though, i realized that she totally looked grown-up! Had to take a pic to document her first braids. I tried to call my usuals to have a moment ( Mom, Nicole, Daria) but they were all at Stampede. So here it is arriving on my Blog!



ever been inspired to the piont of overload? Well I have been and I am so pleased about it! We just got back a day or two ago from visiting friends in Moses Lake. We stayed with Ryan adn Nena earl. If you snoop around on my list of blogs I read then you already know that she is talented! I Walked in to thier home at a very late hour the first night we arrived and very much felt at home. I felt at home in a way that i don't even feel when i am home. This is such a compliment, and one that I would love to have people feel in my home. But how can they feel that when i don't even feel that i aksed myself? Well i am changing that from here on out!! We are building a house again. This time abit bigger but still close by and I am so excited about the basic structure changes let alone the decorating i get to do!! I am starting on some projects that will be permanent and move with me, but I am also squirlling in my mind as to what i can do cheaply once we move in!! It' s a ways off still so the waiting will drive me crazy i am sure of it! However Nena decorates for her and it reflects and so must I! Thankyou for awakening that part of me again. It has been something that I have itched for.


wild child!

So Vienna has some wild hair! She has some portions that still resemble her newborn locks of little tight riglets and then she has portions that could not be straighter! Vienna has a coilic (sp) and a very specific and stubborn part. In short her hair is a bit unmanagable. We have taken to doing aloooot of pigtails! Like most things though I am getting bored of the same old and so I got inventive this morning and did a weaving/ netting effect with her hair. Too much time on my hand you say. Well it probably wouldn't happen everyday. but I htink it looks kinda cute!

busy summer!

Well this summer I believe will prove to be a busy one! We are doing a paver extention on our driveway the next three nights until we leave town. We have plans to make our "garden" actually resemble a garden. We need to Get rid of our car!!!! We still have 2 years left on our lease and are looking to have someone take it over, so we can get a minivan!! the sooner the better! So if anyone knows anyone!???!!! And amongst all of that I am trying to sew more, do more art and growing this massive (in my mind anyways) baby and trying to keep the other two rascals out of trouble. Which by the way isn't working! While I was doing Vienna's hair this morning Evan spread for the millionth time crackers all over the living room!! When will he learn! He was however very helpful cleaning up and apologetic! Gotta love the sweetness they have when they get in trouble.

I'll post pics of projects later.


yummy quilt!

So this is my latest brainstorm. I made this quilt for a friend who just had a baby. i thought that Vienna's descriptions was perfect, she sat on the blanket and said " yummy, mommy". I totally agree, it is just so bubbly! So not only is this a cute quilt but I must brag a little! I finished this quilt in record time! I let my kids hold me back a little sometimes. i don't start things unless I can finish them and i just proved to myself once again that i could do more!! I started this quilt Monday night after putting the kids to bed and had it completely done and quilted except binding that night! I spent a couple hours hand sewing the binding the next day here and there and wala I was done!!! I couldn't believe that I cranked this out in my old style of when I just had one little baby and not only that but it was actually the most sane quilting project I have done. The world didn't stop and yet it was so quick to do. Now I am ready to take on a world of projects.

P.S. i was snooping around on the usual blogs and came across a friend of a friends blog. She was painting and had a couple pics. Reminded me that with this new found sense of accomplishmet I should really find the time to fit in my drawing. I miss being able to call myself an artist. Look for projects to be posted in the future.


Do you need a tetna shot for toilet water?

My dear little Vienna is so excited about Evan potty training that i think she may just do it at the same time! Bonus! However I think that i need to explain the process to her a little better. Most of the time she is fine with sitting ont he potty fully clothed, you know just getting a feel for the whole thing. She mostly sits ont he little potty next to the toilet, with the exception of the other day...... I was giving Evan a timeout and dealing with that, when i realized I ahd left the bathroom door open. I ran as fast as I could knowing that Vienna is very intrigued by toilets. IT WAS FAR TOO LATE! Vienna was using the little pot from the training tiolet to scoop water from the tiolet and then drink the water!!!! EWWWWWWWW! I had just cleaned the tiolet literally an hour ealier luckily, however I don't know if bleach cleaner residue is much better for the system?! These kids crack me up! What doesn't kill them makes them stronger right?


High Five!!

I am well beyond extactic!!! Evan has finally after much adoe, joined us in the world of potty trained! Well close enough anyways. Evan WASSSSS potty trained just after he was two, then i added child care to our mix and he changed his mind. Ever since there has been ZERO interest despite all tactics. Evan does not care to be bribed, treats not doing it, rewards shamards, and threats good luck! UNTIL yesterday! i know that i am still really early into this, but I knwo that he has the skills already and he just needs to be willing and he is! Evan went yesterday 3 times, sometimes even initiating, that's right he WANTED to go! And today he has gone 5 times, only having a slight leak in the pants and a poop accident. But you can't win them all the second day.

Now here is the funny part, most kids would like a "woohoo!" or a " you did it!" But not my kid. he tells me to " stop it Mommy!" He will only concede to a high five for congrats! This kid cracks me up. talk about preferences! Well here is hoping that it continues and that things are well established before this baby comes! I can not can not can not do 3 in diapers!!!



Laughter can be absolutely infectious! Evan and Vienna are the greatest testament of that. This is an old picture because I didn't ahve the camera with me last night, but, the same is true of them today as it was then... those two can get eachother giggling like no tommorow! We went with kent last night on one of his bobcat jobs. We don't normally make these a family affair but it was out my inlaws and their neighbours. Well i don't think we got out of there until 9pm or so and I thought that the kids would have fallen asleep on the ride home, but instead, they giggled. I mean uncontrollable fits of giggling! It was so great to listen to. I am so glad that they get along so well and are such pals! This also gives me new hope for our upcoming road trip! keep giggling!


If only!

If only Evan's monsters were this nice! Evan is absolutely terrified of the monsters under his bed. I have mentioned them in previous posts. But this little "issue" now deserves it's own entry! Evan's monsters are waking me up in the middle of the night and keeping me awake for 2 or more hours!! How rude! Every night for several night now just as Kent and I head off to bed Evan wakes upa nd it take sus that long to get him calmed down, or scared into calming down and back to sleep. I ahve tried everything I can think of!! We still have one more trick to try. My sister suggested having Kent or I dress up as a monster and stow under his bed. Then The remaining parent can take Evan on a monster hunt. He gets to kill the monster and whala! If this doesn't work I don't know what will! Evan has a very legitimate fear of having his door closed which also adds to all the trama as he is tired and irrational through all of this. I need hi to sleep through the night so that Kent and I don't go insane! PLEASE HELP!


"I do it myself!"

Evan is turning into my very big boy! Everything these days is "I do it myself" I have been enjoying this new found self assurance that he has. Evan has a very independent spirit and always has, but now he is really challenging himself. I especially love that he is trying new things, mostly because when he can't do it he admits " I can't do it myself" He says it with such optimism, like he knows that i can for sure help him if he can't succeed. There is something satisfying about knowing that your little 3 year old has the utmost faith in you. Evan is also displaying his big kid self with a very active imagination these days, such as the "big big dinosaur, with big feet" that apperently lives under his bed. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with that one! But none the less the internet assures me that it is a very good sign of his development, so i guess, bring it on!


You and me Babe!

Last night was Kent and I's weekly date night! I so look forward to these every week, and not just as a break from the kids, becasue I actually do really love to try adn spend as much time as a family as possible. kent will attest to that. But because after an hour or so into our date i start to remmeber what it was like when it was just the two of us and we start to reconnect. I love my husband soooo much and he makes me laugh, alot lately, and he always just knows what to do with me, even pregnant and a little off the wall. I guess i am just so thankful to my family that helps us witht he kids so that we can rejuvinate our relationship every week and really continue to get to know eachother. Learning about kent and what makes him him is truly the highlight of my week. i know this is all sappy but i don't say it enough.

Time to Change

Apperently it's time to change the kids schedule! Evan and especially Vienna have both been falling asleep on me before i can even get lunch into them! i almost did it today, but as you can see they fell asleep mid eating. I mean don't get me wrong it's nice to have kids that "take care" of themselves, but it messes with my schedule. So I guess since this is the like 7th time they have done this to me i should probably evaluate their nap time. Really my perfect solution would be to have them sleep in in the morning longer, thus puting their nap back on track. Fat Chance!! These two are bound and determined no matter how late they go to bed ( Vienna 2 am last night) to get up at 6 in the very way to early morning. i know I should be use to it by now but it still feels early! If someone could just explain all of that to them that would be great!