Birth Story - Giveaway

This birth story like all of the ones I have done was amazing. I am passionate about capturing the story of the hours that lead up to one of the single most life changing events in a Mom and Dad's lives. I love the tenderness, the excitement, the emotions and the sense of accomplishment as each contraction passes. There is an energy in the room that is just different then anywhere else. Wether being in the hospital or at home, those things stay the same. A miracle is happening. New life. It's a privilege to capture. I think it is so important to have these pictures to recall the moments that become blurry with pain and time. My hope is that the pictures remind you of something amazing that you did, when you brought someone amazing into the world.
I stay on call leading up to a labour (like a doctor or something). And I get up at whatever time is required! I really mean that. I'm in the room as little or as much as you want. There is still lots of time to have personal moments as needed and for me to just capture a progression.
That all being said. I am doing a 
View this birth story and see the details below!!

*Note this giveaway is closed. The winner is SKYE CURTIS.
So many of you spread the word and it is the Christmas season so I'm feeling the spirit of giving. I want to give some smaller prizes to the runner ups! I am giving you $100 discount on a Birth Story.

Paper Girl, Rebecca Bultsma, and Dorienne. I believe a couple of you entered on behalf of some pregnant ladies, so I'm excited to see who you pick!!

is a full birth story, Valued at $600  
One lucky person will win! 
This includes a pre-birth consult on your plans and expectations, The capturing of your birth story, editing, online gallery, and disc!! The whole deal!!

To enter you need to be pregnant or know someone that is pregnant that you are planning to enter in behalf of.

In addition anyone else that books a birth story before JAN 1 2013 will receive a $50 discount.

How to Enter

Entry #1 - Leave a comment as your 1st entry in the comment section below and include the due date of the expected mother. {Be sure to leave a valid email address in case you are the winner}

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* You must enter by Dec 18th at midnight. The winner will be announced Dec 22nd just in time for the New Year.

To see other Birth Stories check out the 'birth stories' tab in my side bar or go HERE, HERE, HERE to see some of my favourites.

*Due to the unpredictability of labour and delivery, you do need to be within southern Alberta for the giveaway. If you are booking a labour delivery you can contact me and we can sort out the details of wether it is possible logistically.


Anderson's - Family

It is always so flattering when another photographer asks you to take their pictures. Oh and a little nerve racking. I had so much fun with your kids. Melia and Owen are darling. You three make a great set!



Miracle Michael - Birth Story

 Michael Jarom Phillips. He is a miracle. Born with only half his heart, and fighting as if he had ten. He's amazing, perfect and among the greatest things his parents have ever made!! His sister Vienna is in love! Just like the rest of his family. Keep fighting and growing little guy!

It was a blessing to be there for the labour and delivery of this amazing fellow. Thank you Phillips and Franceschi's I can't wait to see him when he's bigger.


P.S. The full story to come later............