Insight into my life - Personal

I've been tagged along with 3 other great women, to find out what is essential to my purse...................

This is my Purse. I have two Beautiful classic shaped leather purses of good quality now. This is a brand name, however not 'designer label'. It's soft rich leather, will hopefully see me through a decade timelessly and maybe longer. My other purse is a shoulder strap and I chose this one because I wanted a satchel style. Something I could chuck across my body armed with everything I needed for an outing with the kids, still be stylish and not dig into my shoulder doing so. I love this purse! 
Truly a mess of things shoved into all the right places to find while digging without looking. I organized it a bit as I do that best. These are the essentials for me. Things I carry all the time!
Lotion - perhaps I could get a smaller tube?!
Wallet, kleenex, lulu lemon zipper pouch with gift cards, little fun lenses for my iPhone, movie passes for date night, cheque book, a bright zippered change purse.........
My Prada Wallet, gifted to me by an amazing client!! Still in shock over it! Love it and use it everyday!
My mass collection of gloss and more lipgloss. It makes me feel pulled together and cute to throw some on before I get out of the car. The colourful zig zag is super cute Kleenex pouch! I always have firstaid with me. Cute and handy bandaid holder, advil and I mix in tylenol too. My kids get injured a lot! and that gives me a headache!
I keep 2 card holders. One with my family health cards. I'm telling you they get hurt a lot! And the other with paint chips from my home to match with anything when I'm out and about. And I sometimes take my polaroid with me so there is usually a few fun pics collecting in my purse. I love my Polaroids!
Now you can make fun or laugh at me, but socks are a must!!! Do you get cold in the movie theatre? Ever go bowling on a whim? Visit a friends in flip flops and wish you had socks? I do! These come in handy more then you would think!
This is my current favourite bag. It holds everything I need to be in the car and going, going, going, for most of my day. I believe in classic and not too trendy. Not too big, but big enough. Deceivingly big is the best! I've got the perfect balance down now. I don't keep old receipts or odds and ends in this purse, just what I need and nothing more.

If you want to tour a few other purses try out these......
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P.S. Somehow I didn't photograph my phone.... I love my phone case too! It fits in that front bottom zipper pocket for super easy access. An absolute must!! Especially in the summer when I don't wear a jacket with pockets.


A Perfect Day - Family

Kent and I had the pleasure of visiting my brother Conor and his wife Katie and my two nieces Holly and Greta. We had a lovely Sunday lunch, went to the beach and finished with an amazing dinner and games. It truly love to see this  family in their element. They have made such selective choices on how they want to live and it's wonderful! They have the cutest home, with just the best taste! They are frugal  but you'd never know! They have such a lovely home! Well and these girls are just sunshine and light!! Katie and Conor are amazing parents raising amazing children. We were so glad to come visit and get another dose of the Conor Muirhead family!

SanFrancisco Love - Part b

Kent and I decided to tour SanFrancisco on bikes. We stayed in Fisherman's Warf. Kent has always had a love for the water, and I have always wanted to see/be on the Golden Gate Bridge. We fulfilled dreams together! Biking to the bridge and across it was amazing! I was so thrilled and loved the scenery on the way to and back. We stopped whenever we wanted, took a million pictures and explored. It lived up to all the hype. I truly love to do new things with Kent. He is the perfect person to share all my moments with. I'm so thankful to be an 'US'. I love Kent Cranmer!


Audrey - Baby

 Oh this sweet little girl is absolutely a treat in this family. 2 delightful boys and now the softness of pink to sweeten it all. There is something special about little girls. In my experience little girls bring out the tender side of boys. Our little girl is so adventurous, but she is a mini Mom too. She cares for others in a very special way. I'm sure this little girl will be a bright spot in the Fisher family too!


Archer - Baby

Little guy Archer, was delivered to his family while I was out of town. My heart sank s I saw the announcement and realized I missed being there for the big arrival. His family is just thrilled to have him here and I was so happy to play with him at only a week old. Archer you are so handsome and chill. I just love this whole family!