Abigail- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little pixie just turned 6 months old. Abigail is sweet, giggly and getting ready to move on her own. I had so much fun making a bit of a fool of myself all to make her laugh! At the end of our session we did something new. Turning 6 months on the day we took pictures, also entitled her to her first solid foods! Abi's Mom and Dad let me sit in on her first few bites! We think the spoon on her teething gums, might be her very favourite part of it all! Enjoy many more firsts Abigail.


Gabriel- Calgary Baby Photographer

This little blonde mohawked, handsome baby is Gabe. Quite a fitting name don't you think? He looks so sweet, and a little tough all at once! Gabe is part of a very creative household. I couldn't help but love his Mom and Dad's taste. His Dad does incredible wood work, and his Mom is just one of those people you enjoy talking to instantly! I'm so glad I got to meet Gabe so soon. I'm sure I'll see him again!


London - Calgary Baby Photography

This tiny darling belongs to a good friend of mine, April. I was of course more then tickled to take pictures of her little beauty. London weighed just over 5lbs and is in fact the fifth baby to bless this family. Watching everyone of them pass around London and giggle with her every little movement was magical! She is loved.


James- Calgary Baby Photographer

Oh scrumptious James! This little guy is 2 months of handsome chubbins! Mommy is definitely doing something right. James was all giggles right off the bat, but then exhaustion set in and this little guy just didn't want to give in. James you gave me a run for my money, but boy are you cute!


Some Sunday Morning Fun!

We had a sick day a few weeks ago and despite Seger's case of slap cheek, we managed to have a little fun. I put the kids in the bath and after all the hooligans were clean and mostly dry, we jumped on the bed! I love you all! I love your giggles and smiles. I love your pouts too. I love how much you love each other. Seger I love that you want to do everything that your older siblings do. I love letting you be crazy and let loose and break all the rules. You are all wonderful, beautiful, and you make me so happy!