Excuse me please.

I know that I  have been tardy on that BIG reveal! Well bad news, the buck isn't stopping here. I have to delay the reveal as we have snow, you heard me right, snow, again! And it is really putting a damper on the photo shoot, which in my mind must be Just Right! So stick with me, even though. However here is a sneek peek of my next project......... a new pattern for Lizzy Anne and you know what that means??? There is a giveaway in your futures! So check back things are plugging away!

Oh and my little Vienna had her first soccer game! She was so cute, and so tearful! We are going to have to practice and explain better how the game works. She didn't like that the kids weren't sharing with her. If I remember correctly Evan started out the same way. I hope next week goes better.
Oh and P.S. this little guy has me wrapped around every one of his chubby fingers! Oh Seger, how you melt my little heart! Seger is growing up so fast all of the sudden and I am just not ready for it.


33+ weeks

I'm growing quickly here! I haven't done an update for awhile... thought it might be due time. I am 33 weeks and a couple days along and really foolishly hoping to only have 5 weeks left! Being pregnant with your fourth, chasing after 3 kids under the age of 5 and being 5 foot 3 inches tall while doing it, a tad challenging! 

I have found a couple of really cute outfits for Felix, and my Mom timed my nerves perfectly and gave me a bundle of adorable, sure to fit the minute he is born, clothing! It's important to me that I can show the kids that they were 'this big' when they came home from the hospital.

Other then the usual aches and pains of pregnancy, really things are going along fine. I did however get desperate for a comfy sleep yesterday and broke down and bought a body pillow. Unfortunately it's too fluffy and I felt as though I was trying to climb a mountain just to keep it positioned, so that's gotta go! Any suggestions on how to get comfy, while this big, please send them my way! ( you'd think I hadn't done this before!?)

So hope with me that this sweet little handsome handful comes soon! Not too soon of course, but just perfect health soon!

Enjoy some preg pics!

P.S. here is a sneek peek at the projects I have been putting together for the next BIG reveal! Stay tuned coming soon! This is going to be a fun one!


Better late then never!

Easter! I know this post if like a week past due, however the kids were just so darn cute about it all. The day before our actual 'hunt' I took care of my sister's 3 kids. We did a great easter craft! I of course have no pics! But it is still a great idea for anytime in the spring. We took an egg carton and cut them into individual cups. Then the kids help me paint the outside and inside. Put a hole in the bottom and feed a pipecleaner through it, and WA-LA you have a spring flower! We added a second pipe cleaner to the stem looped as leaves. You could make a whole bouquet in no time! While we painted, the kids watched the animated version of the easter story, the crucifiction and ressurection of Christ. They loved it and have been talking about it ever since. Especially Vienna.

A few days before that we did the usual egg dying with Lindsay's little guys.

And so the on Sunday morning I made scotty's nest eggs ( again no pics! Where was I this holiday??) If you don't know of these you must introduce yourself! They are simple and elegant and originally from the Best of Bridge cook books. You get some deli slice ham. Grease a muffin pan. Line each cup with a slice of ham. Crack an egg into each cup in the center of the ham. forms like a basket. Sprinkle a pinch of basil on top of each cup and then sprinkle swiss cheese on top of each one. Bake @ 350 for 15 min or so. Until eggs firm up, cheese is melted, and edges of ham look slightly crisp. They scoop right out, a tight little basket to serve! Oh Yumm!!

So we had those on special easter plates I got on sale last year. Then we did the hunt! Seger was so excited!! More then I thought that he would be. And he didn't even know there was stuff in the eggs yet! Once he did though, those cheeks were as full as he could get them!

Evan and Vienna got lots of little surprises including bells for their bikes and new note books for writing. All in all it was a blast watching them find their basket at the end of the trail. It was so nice too that they talked all day about the real meaning behind the holiday... Christ; and were grasping the fun AND the spiritual side of it all.  

That's our easter in a not so small nutshell!

P.S. more sewing pics coming very soon!

That's a lot of candy in that little mouth!


True colours!

It seems whenever I post pics on here, they seem to lose their lustre. Well I punche dup the colour on these so you could get the true colours of this gem! This is the companion quilt to Lola's quilt I did recently. This one is a throw to go on the end of Nyah's bed. The two of them are sharing a room. Their Mom and my good friend Sharla and I picked the perfect paint to go with too! Their room is painted 'Autumn Red' a Benjamin Moore paint chip. Anyways I think it is a slightly more sophisticated and still whimsical quilt. The polka dots make it for me. The coral-ish pink feathering fabric adds that unexpected punch. Of course I still used the 'Lola' flowers on the end. So this was last weeks project! Now I have to go finish off my BIG project to be revealed sooner then later!

P.S. Easter pics to come! My sweet kidlins were just to fun when the 'easter bunny' came!


Other bits and pieces.

Hey there all! Spring has finally sprung around here. I am so thrilled! We have been growing a pumpkin plant, the kids and I that is. It's flowering and they are just beyond pleased with their little green thumbs. Each day we check the progress, and I must say I find it pretty cool! They grow so quickly! I'll have to post pics soon!

Aside from that I have been having fun with scraps! I made these darling 'scripture bags' for the various kids in our lives. Evan, Vienna, their cousins, friends birthday gifts etc. They are meant for puting their scriptures in for church, but really it's a cute little tote that they can pack around treasures in too.

These little birds are just so quick and fun! I have discovered however since making them that the tails should be left UN- stuffed. But oh well. I made these violet beauties for my neice. I found the pattern for free through Knack, which linked to Design Sponge, which linked to Spool! Where you can find the full write up and pics of how gorgeous these can really look!! Just click HERE.

I just finished another quilt last night. I'm going to take some pics today and she should be ready for presenting soon!! Happy Easter weekend! I'm sure we'll have pics and such to share in the coming week. For now I'm just going to focus on keeping the kids on a low grade sugar high while I teach them more about Christ and the true meaning of Easter!


Lizzy Anne now offers!

Hi all! Over the last 2 days many of you were able to view my first Lizzy Anne tutorial. I was so excited to have it available and show it to you all. These first couple of days you got a free sneek peek! If your coming late to the game though you can still get the tutorial from my side bar. It's a flat $1.99 and the knowledge is your forever to keep! Just go through the paypal steps and the PDF file will be e-mailed to the address of your preference! 
This is just so exciting for me to bring the things I do to life. Keep watching for more tutorials and my new pattern in a couple more weeks! Of course as always www.lizzyanne.com is where you can find my 'Spring up' pattern.

A huge thank you to my SL Daria from Boutique Cafe who put together the PDF tutorial for me! You did a great job at making me look good! Thanks for your encouragement and support! Love ya!



I have had several requests on a tutorial for the "Lola" quilt flowers. Thanks for liking them so much!! I am working away on a project right now...... always really. But luckily it is a matching throw to Lola's quilt for her big sister and so it'll have the same flowers. I promise whenI get to that stage in a day or two to take pics and do up a tutorial for all of you. Stay tuned..... lots to come! I am working on some exciting projects and have some done already that I am just waiting till the right moment to reveal! If that isn't cryptic enough for you!