Houston we have a problem

Don'r know why this one tilted but whatever!

Seger is one persistant little fellow! He normally is very laid back like his dad. Pretty calma nd cool with everything, however he has become a persistant thumb sucker despite my best efforts to deter him. I haven't exhausted all my options yet but I am gonna! i don't want a thumb sucker! You can't take a thumb away. But none the less he is still adorable! And as a side note he is really huge it is not just my imagination! He is already 17lbs and only 4 months old on christmas!! healthy Cranmer! We love it!


through a child's eyes

At church today Vienna was sitting on my lap because we were waiting our turn to go up and bear my testimony. As we are sitting there, the man behind us is teasing and smiling at Vienna. She totally was digging it and she is just giggling and being shy and flirty. She keeps hiding behind me anad then popping out to play a little bit more. After a few minutes of this she says to me in a whisper " Mom, that's Santa!" This guy was just super friendly and older and kinda "jolly" in stature, but no beard or anything! It's so fun that she sees christmas everywhere!

P.S. she was wearing this dress. My Mom made it for her for christmas! She loved it! She ia all about being a princess in what she calls her "cookie dress" ( there is gingerbread men on the fabric) Thank you Mom for making my kids always look so cute!



So last night my Mom orchastrated a fmaily home evening with gingerbread house decorating, and of course refreshments. Nicole and Bjorn brought their chocolate fountain over and pineapple and pretzles and Kiwi etc. were dipped! Sounds nice doesn't it?

The best parts though were when my Sweet Evan..... rememeber how cute he is..... Totally tipped the table off of the pedastal leg and the gingerbread house slid across the table carreening to it's DEATH, when my Mom caught it just in time while we all grabbed children, candya nd the table and tried to regroup. Again rememeber how cute he is. Luckily all was well. but of course this was the only moment the camera was not on for. Dangit we could have won America's funniest home movies!!

But now you ask, why is the title chocoalte with a pic of a fountian? Good question. Not only a half hour later Kent and Vienna are sitting around the fountain dipping away, when the fountain goes hay wire and falls apart while speading up the pump and flings chocolate in a circular motion around the room!!! Kent caught the falling parts, Vienna took the blame though innocnet and my Dad stepped over and unplugged the machine. Why we didn't stop and take pics before clean-up I don't know!? But there was choclate everywhere and all over Kent about waist hight and down. Now Evan trolls over to the scene and sees Kent covered in chocolate and asks.....

" Daddy can I lick you?" Too funny!!!! Needless to say it was an eventful FHE. I love christmas!