Taking risks

So I guess my new theme to life this past week is taking risks. I have put myself out there with my photography and went on a wedding shoot!! Such an extreme blast and totally nerve racking now that i am waiting for opinions on the pics.  i don't know if any of you have ever taken a risk that made your stomach knot up, but all i can tell you is that all day yesterday i just wanted to throw-up! I am so incredibly nervous!
i also decided yesterday that i would be taking the kids on a family vacation by MYSELF! maybe that's the true origin of my stomach knots!? Me and the kids are going to trek it to Moses Lake Washington to  have the time of our lives with some old friends for five days! I am open to any suggestions of how to travel with 3 children 4 and under, and not lose my mind!!
Despite all the nausea, I really am excited to be doing some things that stretch me and help me to improve my knowledge. I am really excited to be in a learning experience that's just for me. i have an outlet again! 
My other risk, well i did go to running group once, and i survived! Now I just need to go again and keep that ball rolling! Life is very rewarding  when i just put mysle fout there a little bit and learn what i am made of! Anyone else taking risks?


quilt giveaway

I toally wish this were my giveaway..... but it's not. Mine is still to come though i promise. And now by posting this I am totally setting the bar high. This quilt is  done by Dana the gifted lady behind Old Red Barn Co. you need to check out her blog (see link in my side bar) All you have to do is comment to enter the contest. Totally worth it. the last time she did this I won the second prize her Goat Milk soap, yummy! i so would love to win this!!! I always make quilts for other people and never myself. Well here is hoping!!!

forever and a day

So I know it has been forever!!! I will post pics late because I am limited on time today. But here's what i've been up to. I am helping a friend of my Mom's plan her son's wedding. it's a blast, but take s alot of time, some days. I 'll post pics of our center pieces later. Stampede breakfasts. We also went on a great vacation, I'll expand later. I have also been working on projects around the house like crazy! i want to have it ready for a house warming party soon. And well the everyday constants of loving my kid sand raising them into repsonsible good people and getting the daily chores done. Oh and being really really sick with the billionth cold this year! Could I just get a break!

Anywho, i'm still alive and have so much to post i just need to find more time!

P.S. Yesterday my kids (Vienna) totally spilt pop at costco twice, to the point of no possible recovery. we had to abandon the table and move it was eerywhere!! So then later on I am working on center pieces and my vase of roses toally dumps all over the floor, top heavy. And that's when my kids gave it to me.... Evan exclaims " Mommy now you have to have a time out!" Vienna says " That's not very nice Mommy" " Why'd you do that?" etc.... to funny! At least i know that they are listening when i dicipline!