Guest post!!

Today, I am guest posting on a really fun and hilarious little blog called Speaking of the sweetest things Conversations with a Cupcake! Join me over there for a fun entry! I think it'll be fun and Brooke has some great entries below mine that will have you in stiches! Check it out!


Quilt Market so far!

Hi ya'll! That's how they say it down here, and I am loving it! I have been feeling so welcomed and boosted here at market. Patty's booth looks great! I am so blown away with what all these designers have pulled off with their booths and fabrics lines and products! Something to truly aspire to. I have been a bit star struck! I have met Paula Prass, Sandi Henderson, Tina Givens, and AMY BUTLER! All of these women have such grace and poise and talent!! There are so many others here too, I will post about when I am back.

I too had a moment being a celebrity. Daria (my sis in-law) of Boutique Cafe did a LIVE FEED interview from quilt market with me! You can check it out here. I have been so loved here. I feel like people here are really cheering me on. I am getting a lot of good feedback and ideas and even some people recognizing me from my giveaway! Makes me seem so special!

My mind is swirling with ideas, so I can't wait to work with these some of these designers in future projects. I feel like shouting "pick me pick me!" from the rafters. I want to work with all of these talented women.

So this is your snippet of Quilt Market until I can make it safely home to Canada, true north strong and free! Keep checking on Boutique Cafe for updates on market and more interviews with talented people. Live feed will go again Sunday @ 11 am central on ustream.tv. ENJOY!


Off and Away

I am off and away this morning to Houston Quilt Market!! I am sooo excited! I will be back Monday afternoon. So enjoy a bloggy break!

I am still taking orders on patterns, so shoot me off an e-mail elizabeth@lizzyanne.com . However you may not get a response from me until I return home ealry next week. All orders will be processed then.

Also something to look forward to! I will be guest blogging at conversations with a cupcake. It's a new blog. Brooke will be hosting several guest and we'll be talking about creative inspirations. Kinda fun! Check her out int he meantime, and we'll see you then!

Wish me luck at Market!!!


giveaway bug!

Someone else has caught the giveaway bug! This is an amazing artist that entered my recent one and I see is returning the favor! She is offering to paint a child's portrait for free! I am originally an artist and so this just sings to my heart! I want to be picked!! Seems fair i did just giveaway a quilt! Go see her HERE for your chance!


Potty training

This may seem like such a trivial thing to so many of you. But this week we have had a miracle in our home!! Vienna despite the business of doing a giveaway and getting ready for market has started and finished potty training! We're done, she's there, that was it! 1 Week! She has barely even had an accident once she got going. Vienna has been " quwean and dry" and she says clean and dry for 5 nights in cotton panties!!! We are soooo excited! Evan was a nightmare to train and took an eternity! What night a day kids can be. Now we just have to really keep the praise going to solidify the training, and finish her chart for a big prize! Which will take no time at all! My little super star Vienna!!! I am so thankful for this blessing, when everything else around me seems to be so busy and caotic.
Vienna is so proud of her panties! She will drop trow to show her princess panties to everyone. Something we do, NEED, to cure her of!
And I just love that she some how she got no bum when I clearly have lots to spare! Her cute little non - cheeks!
Quite the get up for going potty don't you think?!

P.S. I am still taking orders for my quilt pattern. The below posts have all the details. Send me and e-mail at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com with your name address and quantity.
1 for $12 or 5+ for $6 each



OH MY!! What a response! I can hardly believe how many entries we received. I am in total awe, and quite frankly feeling like a super celebrity!

This weekend my husband and I spent our evenings going through EVERY comment! We read aloud to each other the fun ones, but mostly had our noses to the grind stone. The Final tally at closing time was 2195 entries!!!
Which if your wondering with all the extra posting to earn extra entries equals to........
WOW people! That is some serious love!

For those of you that didn't win just a reminder that you can get the pattern! I am getting my website set up but it isn't ready to take orders just yet. You can however e-mail me at elizabeth@lizzyanne.com to place an order.
If you buy 5 or more they are $6
Otherwise 1 is $12
I will send you a paypal invoice so it's quick and simple for both of us.
Be sure to include your address in the email so I can calculate shipping.

I can not tell you how exciting this all is! Oh you don't actually care about my enthusiasm anymore? You just want RESULTS!!

Okay the winner of the quilt is #

The Bennetts said....
I'm Alanna's friend who is in love with you! Ha! But I do think that you're a really cool gal and I have never even met you. i want an entry and I will post on my blog as well. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

Second and third prize goes to #
3518 and 5434

Aliene said....
WOW! Sucha  work of love. I think it is beautiful! I'm a little late but sure would love "that work of love" Just came across your blog.

The Evanson's said....
Gimme Gimme!!! That quilt is just lover-ly! I would love to snuggle up in it! And I posted about it on my blog and put up the little link on my sidebar!!

E-mail me at lizzieanne@shaw.ca to claim your prize!! You are 3 lucky ducks!!

Come visit me again, I will be having more giveaways in the future!! Well I am going to take a bit of a break, but you better believe I'll do this again in maybe a month! Just in time for christmas perhaps??

Thank you everyone for participating and I am going to be visiting a few of you each day on your blogs till I get to everyone!
Thanks for all the positivity! I couldn't have asked for more!


Almost there!

WOW!! I don't even know how to respond to all of you! I am so glad that everyone seems to like, love, adore the quilt. I originally wanted to go on each individuals blog and post a comment and keep it all very human. However the entries are coming in so fast and furious that my poor kids would be orphaned if I tried to keep up that way! So instead I have decided to feed the kids, try and be humble, and not let this go to my head, and fold a bit of laundry so I don't lose focus all together! I will visit you all slowly after the contest and get around. It matters to me! 
So a few of you have asked how I could give away that quilt, well here is your answer..... This one pictured here, all MINE! I made two and that makes this all a lot easier. I am in love with both as I see them sitting side by side though, and so luckily I have scraps and may just have to make another quilt in those yummy retro fabrics for the new baby! 

The next common question was " How do I get the pattern if I don't win?" Well since there is currently over 1700 of you entered I suspect a few may need the pattern! I would be sooo abbliged to sell you the pattern!! I have my website in the works to receive orders, but until then Please fire off an e-mail to
to place your order. I will Invoice you via paypal, it's the easiest for you and me and then once your funds are confirmed it will be mailed out to you!
The pattern is $12 retail or if you buy 3 or more $6 wholesale.
I am so excited to get this pattern out there! It has been such a labour of love, and my husbands patience! What a good man he is!
A reminder that the Contest will sadly be coming to an end Friday at 7pm Oct 17th
(I'm a little relieved, then I can start sorting through all these entries!)
This is the Andalucia fabrics by Patty Young for Micheal Miller. The line is debuting at Houston quilt market Oct 24th. Check your local quilts stores soon for her line, or even make a request!
It's amazing, the whole line all 24 fabrics! Definite must haves!

Because the volume of entries has been SO large, I am going to require some time to process them. After all I wouldn't want anyones extra entries to go unaccounted, but this is a thorough process! So if you all will kindly give me the weekend to tally our three lucky, (and with these odds I mean LUCKY, blessed, oh chosen ones) winners, that would be so great!!! And my children will thankyou.
So Winners will be announced at 10am on Mon the 20th of Oct.
I cannot wait to see who wins!!!!!!!!

REMEMBER if you are new here, to post on the GIVEAWAY post ABOVE for entry in the contest. Not on this post! Unless you just want to tell me something nice!


Quilt Giveaway


Entries are now closed! So Sorry! Check back in the future for more giveaways. Please feel free to check out the entries below. Information on how to get a pattern is included.

I am giving away a quilt! Actual this quilt! I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw a quilt giveaway on Old Red Barn Co. I was so amazed with the generosity of Dana, and it just looked like so much fun! 

So I am able to bring you my first Quilt giveaway. I hope that this is the first of many! I am especially excited about doing this because the pattern I used is mine! My very own! It's so exciting to be sharing it with all of you! The pattern is a Lizzy Anne original, and is titled "spring up" 
This is my sample quilt. Done in fall colours, however my Version going to Houston Quilt market will be in an entirely different scheme. It looks great in both... and pics will come of that.

This quilt is a raw edge applique quilt. Which you can see in this pics above, means that the edges are all freyed and soft and cozy! It's already been washed twice, so it's ready to be loved!
This is a good sized quilt! It measures 70 x 100 a generous twin. or perfect for two to curl up in!

The quilting was done by a very talented lady Cathy Keevill of Black Bear Quilting and Pine Freckle Forest. See the post below for details on Cathy and her talent!

And because I know that only one person can win the quilt. Kinda sad for the rest of you. I will have a second and third place prize! I will be giving away the next best thing to a quilt for these two lucky runner ups! Their prize will be a copy of my pattern! to make their very own, or have made as the case may be!

The pattern has been tweeked a bit since I made this quilt... but only for the better. So you'll get to enjoy the very best version!
How do you enter you ask? Well all you have to do it leave a comment on this post! Easy peasy right? now that only earns you one entry. How do you get more you ask?  I will give 5 additional entries for posting about the giveaway on your own blog. I will also give another 5 entries for posting the banner below in your sidebar.

Copy & paste the code from the box below:

The contest entries will go until 7pm MST on Friday Oct 17th.
I'll tally up the entries and let the random # generator thingy decide who the winners are. So no bias' can be made.

I am sooo excited about this i can hardly contain myself! You would seriously think that this is the most excting thing I have ever done if you heard me talking about it! Who am i kidding, i am a total dork and I think that this is so cool! Well here it goes! I can't wait to see who wins! 

International entries permitted. We Canadians like everyone! 

P.S. If your comment doesn't show up right away, rest assured I did get it! I moderate my comments and so I am trying to check every couple of hours, but there are just so many of you!!! This is getting to be alot of work.... don't get me wrong, I am loving every second of it! I am also trying to get by everyones blogs to check you out and see what's out there and make sure everyone gets their entries! Thank you everyone for the response! I can't wait to see who wins!


Lovely Talent

Let me introduce you all to a very talented quilter, Cathy Keevill of Black Bear quilting. Cathy has been invaluable in making this quilt giveaway happen. I designed and made the quilt and she quilted it on her Long arm quilter. I know a few quilters that would love to have someone local. Good news Cathy is in the heart of south Calgary and does personal drop offs. What if you're not local, even better news, you can still use Cathy's talent, she does mail order! it just doesn't get more convenient then that! 

Cathy is able to do consults, and she prices from quilt to quilt with a base standard cost. I was able to compile my vision with her skill (20 years of quilting) to make a beautiful quilt! quilting is truly Cathy's passion. She does quilting for charity through piecemaker quilts guild, and victoria's quilts. in addition to her own quilts, gifts and sale. She works and instructs at My Sewing Room, and has long arm quilted over 400 quilts! Hats of to you Cathy!

Cathy also designs patterns! Does the talent ever end! Her pattern company is Pine Freckle Forest. Cathy has over 12 patterns. I have personally made the 'Neapolitan' and it turned out as yummy as it sounds!

Cathy can be reached at blackbearquilting@shaw.ca for any quilting inquiries. Or at pinefreckleforest@shaw.ca for any piecing or pattern questions. 


Emergency Room

Last night, was a long night in the Cranmer home. It was a long night for my Bro in-law and my Dad too! Thanks for the help guys!

So Kent and I are getting the house closed down for the night and Kent decides that the computer needs to be put to sleep. he does so and then exits the den int he dark. Only he totally misses the doorway and walks right into the corner of the wall. OUCH! I kinda laughed because how do you do that? We went straight up to our room and turned on the bathroom light to see blood gushing down Kent's face. He totally split his eyebrow open. We get the blood stopped and i am inspecting the damage closer when all of the sudden... Kent totally faints and drops to the ground like a sack of hammers! I tried to catch him, but didn't do a very good job and he bangs his head again on the floor, and immediately goes into a seizure. He wasn't responding, i went to grab the phone, only the phone was downstairs. I had to leave him, grab the phone and I dialed 911 while i rushed back to him. I must have screamed because I totally woke up Evan. Poor kid was scared for his daddy. By the time I got back to Kent he had stopped seizing and was stunned and then repsonded. he didn't want an ambulance (silly man) I told him he didn't get a choice, he just had a siezure and didn't know it. We thought he might be fine once the paramedics got there and took vitals and stuff... but then his vitals dropped again and he was getting faint, oh and the paramedics mentioned a possible brain bleed... So we took an ambulance ride and got checked out.

The good news.... Kent's okay! He'll be just fine. he should have gotten stiches like i suggested. but I had 2 male doctors talking to him and it was like watching the epitamy of 'dumb boys talking' guys don't need stiches seems to be fine to me! Well it sweeled over night and once it was actually clean instead of dry blood everywhere, it totally needs stiches! To late now. he'll just have to live with the scar. Really relatively trivial given what could have happened.

I don't like being scared like that! I just cannot lose that Man! I love him way to much. Your my rock Babe! I love you!

So we were at the hospital until 4 am and we have early risers... you do the math. Needless to say I am exhausted! But on the sunny side........ Quilt giveaway will begin friday!!!! Stay tuned! 


I'm so crafty!

You heard it here first! I am in deed pregnant with my FOURTH baby! My due date is June 10th. Yes I know that means that I am just barely pregnant..... but I have never been able to hold these things in! I love to tell people early, I'm having a baby so I might as well include everyone in the fun!

I want a girl SO bad! Am I allowed to say that?Wouldn't it be horrible if this is now in public forum and it turns out to be a boy. Hopefully the siblings would forget instead of taunting the child when he's older " Mom wanted you to be a girl". But really, then I would have my two of each and life would be swell! Oh and I have a girls name picked... boys names are incredibly hard for Kent and I to agree on.
I'll probably be feeling the sickness soon so wish me luck! And here is to getting a big baby belly!

P.S. for those of you doing the math, Seger and this lovely will be 21 & 1/2 mth appart. That means that in the span of 5 years and 2 weeks i will have birthed 4 children!! I may be crazy! But I love my sweet little infants!

P.P.S. The symbol above was found at mutha crafters shop on Etsy. You can get the t-shirt and or magnet, bag, etc. and some other fun stuff.


keeps getting better!

I have just made a very rash decision ( and some how know that i probably spelt that wrong... I'm not infectious!) Anyways... My wonderful Sister In-law Daria was looking for a photographer for Houston Quilt Market, and since I do have a camera and some skills..... i am now flying to Texas with her! Yay, i never do things like this and I am so excited to meet all the people that i have been discovering and working with via e-mail. I am going to meet the most talented people, i get to bond with Daria and be a 'member of the press' (sounds so official I love it!), see people buy my pattern (fingers crossed) and see my quilt on display making it's big debut, in the most talented booth in the place (Patty Young's). This just keeps getting better!! 

Oh and my wonderfully supportive husband has totally been there for me while I work like mad sewing, and is going to take wonderful care of the children while I am gone! I am such a lucky girl!! EEEK!


Pkgs Delivered!!

Well I have 2 pkgs delivered. First my test quilt for my first to be published pattern, is on the loom at the quilters as we speak! Here's the proof! I have seen the intended design, and you are all going to fall over, it's so spectacular! As soon as I get it back and bound..... it's up for grabs in my first ever Quilt Giveaway!! So hang in there it's on it's way!

Second pkg:
I have literally been foggin up my front window waiting for this to get here. My fabric arrived!!!!!!!!! This is a portion of the Andalucia line by Patty Young for Michael Miller. Aren't the colours amazing?! I think i might just be the luckiest girl right now! I am making a quilt for Houston Market from it, and will get to sell my pattern as well!! As soon as it's done you better believe that i will post pictures like mad!

Now I better get to work! I have a ton of sewing to do. I couldn't be more excited about this!!

P.S. The fall special below for family portraits is still on. Don't forget to book your date. I have Tues, and Thurs nights left and a couple Sat.