Come on Over!

I have looked at my life the last little while and decided that it is too full! THINGS seem to be ruling my time. So I am down sizing. This is one of the ways, I'll post about out other changes later, oh and those quilts I promised.... later.

Anyways, these bins. They are full of clothes. My children's clothing. Clothing that has been outgrown mainly by my daughter Vienna, and some by Felix. There is also what may seem like a sickening amount of shoes, but I kinda have a major shoe thing for my babies! I have outer wear, I also have a made by me cowboy crib skirt. There is a toddler bed rail, a baby monitor, a boppy nursing pillow, never used.
Well I would like to give it to anyone who needs it or wants it for FREE!!!!
If you don't know where I live already then e-mail me and I will get you my address. See sidebar for said e-mail.
Come to my house ANYTIME on Wed March 2nd from 9am - 9pm. Just drop on in! Bring a couple bags for your loot.
This is open to you, or your family and friends if you know of someone that would be interested.

I am hoping to feel many pounds lighter after this whole thing! So please help me accomplish just that! Oh and I'll remind you how cute my children are dressed......


Greta Elizabeth - Calgary Baby Photographer

Okay, so this is Greta 3 days old. This first picture is just so you can understand and appreciate how tiny Little 5lb 1oz 191/2" Greta is. That hat and those britches are what I use on my newborns. Sometimes I have to roll the waistband, but never has a baby swam in these like this! So we did some tucking and folding until it looked like it fit. Oh and are those back wrinkles not just scrumptious!? Oh you are a beautiful baby Greta!
Handsome Daddy, Conor.
Beautiful Mommy, Katie.
Adorable sister, Holly. She just lights up when Greta is around! Holding her though is serious business!
*I know this is coming across as an obsession with Greta perhaps..... and well it is. But I promise the next post is gonna be about quilts! Really cute quilts!!


Baby Greta's Arrival - Labour Delivery Photographer

This is why I have been absent to my blog among other things. I went to visit my little brothers family. Conor and Katie were expecting there second baby girl and with a touch of false labour my parents and Felix and I jumped in the car and drove through the night to get to Denver. Just 4 days after we arrived Baby Greta Elizabeth was born weighing 5lbs 1oz.
I have been longing to take labour and delivery pics. I've tried and babies keep coming too fast or ending in emergency c-sections! But not this time. This time I was there beginning, middle and end. It was beautiful. Not only was this an amazing creative opportunity for my photography, but it was also an amazing gift for Conor and Katie to allow me in the room for Greta's birth. I cannot describe how it felt to be present for a birth where I wasn't the one pushing! Katie had such strength and beauty as she brought Greta to us. Those first cries will always be one of my favourite sounds. Here is a witness of this beautiful Journey.......
And the waiting began...... Nana and Papa were so anxious to meet little Greta! This little girl is so loved!!

Being there for the birth of my niece, and now my namesake, was an important, life changing experience. Thank you Conor, and thank you more then you know Katie. I love you guys!

More of Greta to come..........