McLaren's Sneak Peek- Calgary Family Photographer

Here is just the quickest sneak peek at your pics! I really enjoyed meeting Brooklyn, she is just so sweet, and I'm pretty sure keeps you running! It was fun! Lets do it again sometime! Enjoy!


Crafting a few gifts

The teacher gifts I found the idea on the internet, done a few different ways. This was mine. Ultra cheap with great impact! The frames were shadow box frames from the dollar store and the crayola crayons form the dollar store also. 1 box of crayons per frame. So are you adding that up? It cost me $2 per teacher gift!!! And they looked so great and all the teachers loved them!! Super easy to do.

You print the letters off on a scrap sheet of paper. Pick a simple lined font. Use this paper as your guide when cutting. it will make a crumbly mess of your paper. You can cut the crayons on a cutting board with a paring knife, or dull steak knife. I cut mine on an angle to show the color more predominately.
Then print off on good paper the same letter with Teachers name below in desired font. I chose a different font then for the large letter. Make sure to make your large letter a very LIGHT shade of grey so you don't see it through the crayons after glueing. I just used a hot glue gun and transferred as I went from the rough sheet.
WA-LA! Super cute teacher gift!!
For Father's day I found this idea, complete with PDF file for all the labels HERE. Kent was over the moon for it! It did take some running around to find all the pkg, but between Micheals and the Dollar store we did it. Look at the expensive Pkg and then find something cheaper! It can add up! All the labels were so cute and well thought out and clever and easy to do! She tells you how to adhere and all that too! This would be a great birthday gift for a Father type as well, or a Man in your life that really steps up!
My Man with our children on Father's Day. It doesn't get any better then this! I am always amazed that with all the demands on This husband of mine, he still finds the time to make me and our kids feel special. I love you Babe. To many more of these cute cuddled bed shots!


Femur much and such!

So a few things that I have missed blogging lately. I actually need to do a few of these little catch ups, I have lots of pictures and NEED to share!

But first, my baby turned 1!!! Felix is 1. The exclamation points are not for excitement but rather pure shock! When did this little baby grow up? I was just sitting here doing newborn pics of him. Why is it that the more babies you have the faster it goes? Incredibly unfair I think.

BUT on the bright side felix makes such a perfect 1 year old! Yes I am still in love with this little slice of heaven. Felix you are sunshine and brightness and a cuddle delight that makes my heart just melt for you! You can totally use that in your favor when your older.
Felix you are a wee little man. You've just barely in recent weeks up-ed your weight to a whopping 18 lbs. You are incredibly content playing all on your own. You will leave the group and crawl upstairs to the toy room and just go play all alone, super happy, forever! You do enjoy the thrill of being chased by your siblings, now that you know how to get away!
Felix you hair is getting lighter by the minute. Your are a charmer to boot! You give the very best bashful little sly grins, usually with a head cuddle in wards. You scrunch up your nose just like I do!
Felix your sister Vienna, well she won't leave you alone, and you tolerate it well. Evan loves to get you for me and Dad, he's such a good big brother. And Seger he loves to talk his own little baby coochie talk to you and tickle you and get you to giggle.
Felix you are a perfect little cap on our family! We love you so much and could never live without you!! Just be you bud! I love you!
( I think he enjoyed this! Funny thing, once he made the mess, he just sat there still and patient like 'what's next'?)
SEGER: My dear chubbin, sweet little buddy Seger got glasses not too long ago. He is farsighted like his Mommy. Sorry kiddo! He looks super handsome though! It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get this little guy to keep his glasses on. But he now has a great sense of pride for them. His tiny little button nose barely holds them up!
Oh and Felix is totally okay NOW, but he did have a broken femur for just a bit! Felix was being kindly carried by older sibling. Older sibling (unforseen) tripped and poor little guy ended up at the bottom of the pile. There was much more drama that ended us up at the children's hospital till 2:30 am. But the basic are. he had a distal femur fracture and a cast for 3 weeks, and now he is starting to weight bare again and hopefully he'll walk soon.
Isn't he DARN cute with this cast though? He would just drag it along crawling. The first week he couldn't do anything he liked, super sad, super clingy. But by the third week he was doing stairs with it and standing on it, super trooper!
So that's a bit. More to add about where life has had me for the last bit. Pretty pics, weddings, teacher gift craft (adorable) and some fun Father's day craft stuff I did. Till then!


More then a handful!

There was more then a handful of CUTE kids at this past Fridays Father's Day photo shoot! You all have such good looking kids! Made my job a lot easier. Thank you, all of you, for being so on time and pleasant to work with. The rest is really best said with these images. (photo overload, you were warned!)

P.S. This first go at this was amazing! Because things went so well. I'm going to make a habit of it. So look out for another event announcement in the near future! I hope everyone was happy with their pics!! :)